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Stranded World Chapter 39: Route Reader

“Route Reader… R.R… indeed, a nostalgic name huh” Flynn said

“You know about it?” Hotaru astonished

“Of course, I know about it… though not as much as you do”

“Never heard of it, tell me more about it”

The sudden voice astonished Hotaru, while glaringly looking at Flynn, Izana threw flags towards the surrounding area and the thrown flags draw a formation within the area.

Light can be seen from the formation created by the flags, at the same time.

Times seems like stopped, no, the time in their surrounding seems like slowing down. So slow that it seems like the world stop moving.

“Route reader is an ability that enable the user to see the path he treads, and learn from the path then go back to the save point he makes before the path he’s taken” Flynn explain

“Continue” Izana said, moving his gazes towards Hotaru.

“it’s an ability like Flynn-san summarized. to be more precise, it’s something that the future me, show to me. At first, I only feel it vaguely, like a dream but the experience I had on the dream became mine once I woke up, however, I won’t remember much of the dream… just the skill and experience”

“Then, after the ‘gift’ I give you, the ability leveled up…”

“Yes, just now I spent years in my dream. The day after today, will be the day I only seek revenge towards Orochimaru, I hunger for the madness hiding behind me, and only realize the mistake I choose in my path once I die, and resurrected from the ‘Edo Tensei’ Jutsu.”

“I die in the Invasion of Akatsuki 3 year from now, while resurrected in the 3rd day of the 5th Shinobi wars against Obito”

“Ah, it’s your grandma’s resurrection war, Izana” Flynn said

“My Grandma’s resurrection huh…”

Shock and disbelief filled his expression, Hotaru then said “Grandma?” while pointing his index finger towards Izana.

“Oh, I didn’t say it? He’s Ootsusuki Izana, Indra’s and Asura’s big brother…” Flynn said

“But… wait a minute… doesn’t that mean, you’re Naruto and Sasuke’s ancestor?”

“Well, he did… but, not anymore…” Flynn said.

As if answering the question in Hotaru’s mouth, Izana said “It’s too early for you to know the reason, let’s go back to the topic and tell us more about the ‘dream’ you’ve seen”

“What’s about the situation outside?”

“Bzz, leave them alone… we can also walk outside while seeing the situation if you want to, not like they can see us…” Flynn said

“No, we can’t, this formation is immovable”

“Okay, we stay here… make a sofa or two at least, O great ruler of Nature world…”

With a swish of his hand, a hard and sturdy rock chair created out of thin air, inside the wooden room.

“what a cheapskate” Flynn grumble while move his ass to the chair.

“For thousands of years I’m sealed by the order protector. My existence is the same as the dumbass sat there…”

“Hey! Watch it!”

“the same as him, I’m someone born from earth, however, unlike him I have no idea about this world all about.”

“What a great explanation…” Flynn sarcasm

“Well, anyhow, it’s something like that. That’s why, the person which called Order protector is someone that will never allow the change of story.”

‘Story?’ Hotaru’s mind jumbled.

“Yes, in Earth, this place is called… wait, what is this place called again? I only know the part of 5 elemental nation… but, anyway, this time line had the story which being told with Naruto as the main character. Started from the time he’s in the academy, until the end of 5th Ninja war, later continued in a sequel where his son became the main character, but leaving the sequel aside, our existence in this world greatly impacting the story line…”

By the ‘our’ in Flynn’s explanation is him, and Izana. Drawing a conclusion from the explanation before, Hotaru can deduce that…

“Which means, the Order protector is… destroying the world and let them start over again?”

“Whoa, whoa… too exaggerating… there’s no way he can do that, since if he’s doing that then”

“I’d not be here” Izana continued.

“Then, is it time reversal? But, how can Flynn-san know about the future?”

“you’ve got the nice point there, even I’m not aware of that” Izana said while leering at Flynn

“Do you know the meaning of reincarnation is?”

Seeing no answer given to him, Flynn continued

“A reincarnation is something that happened to a person, while the person itself do/do not know the future while slowly growing up and learn about the world surrounding them, in either his home world or unknown world in a brand new body or even his body while he’s either in his teens or even a baby. And that is what Izana is…”

“Meanwhile, I am a Transmigrator. A person that have his body brought to another world, it’s simple. Then, what’s the difference to either of them? While the latter have a steady foundation on their growth, a Transmigrator is not, while a new body have a higher ability to adapt in this new world, old body need slower time to adapting. Then, what’s the plus for a Transmigrator? It’s the ability they receive after being transmigrated…”

Which means, Flynn have an ability. Different from Izana which is a Reincarnator, he had his own ability that can help him to live in a new world, by himself…

“Ah… so you’re the so called regressor huh…” Izana suddenly spoke

“you know that word? I thought you don’t read any novel…”

“I’m japs but not really a fan of manga and anime, I prefer novel after all… that’s why I have way better imagination that you”

“But, Naruto have several Gaiden version in novel you see…”

“Let me rephrase that, I’m a free reader”

“Oh… okay, I’ll ignore you from now on…”

“Er… can we continue the conversation?”

“Sure, leaving aside Izana’s explanation. You see, a Transmigrator have an advantages and disadvantages, the advantages are those above, while the disadvantages is… we can’t change the time line in the story. Which means, ever changes a Transmigrator create can be nullified” Flynn describe, while draw something from a           whiteboard that suddenly appeared.

“A Reincarnator have an advantages that they can change a certain part of story without being reset, however a Transmigrator that change the story will get jeopardized… I’ve seen several Transmigrator that disintegrated because they change the storyline by too much, became a harem king, ruling the world and changing the Jinchuriki…”

“So, that means there’s more than 1 Transmigrator in this world?” Izana ask

“Yes, and I believe the world already been reset by more than once”

“but you said that the Order protector can’t reverse the time?” Hotaru puzzled

“let’s say that the order protector is a disciplinary committee to the Reincarnator, but what about Transmigrator? For the Transmigrator, they’re the grim reaper…” Flynn suddenly whispers

“Even I have become a regressor, is it so weird that the Order protector can regress the time and kill the Transmigrator before they act? In a court, Order protector will become the Judge while me as the regressor will be the witness. Well, I don’t want to prolong our conversation, so, I’d stop the explanation about Reincarnator and Transmigrator, and start to talk about our main problem.” Taking a break and erasing the drawing in the whiteboard, Flynn make a big question mark in it.

“The question is, what are you, Hotaru is?” Flynn said while pointing the marker to Hotaru’s face.

“Indeed, he isn’t a Reincarnator, neither he’s a Transmigrator… or is he both?” Izana said

“I doubt it, because both of it have a memory that can be the evidence… but, the ability of his ‘Route Reader’ is it? Is something even regressor like me envied…”

“I can poach on that… even I have several times I want the ability of his, and it’s definitely useful for me…” Izana add

“I… I don’t know…” Hotaru fidgeting

“Okay let’s take a break, and I will once again tell you the real main story line of the story called Naruto is…”

With that, Flynn start the story telling session…

Meanwhile, in the evacuation center.

“What did the Lord of scent do here?” Zabuza asks

“Lord of scent? What? Is that the Kirigakure call me all this time?” Ichiya asks

“Of course, it is, your existence is a secret only a selected few know…”

Ignoring the starry eyed Zabuza, Ichiya start to spinning around the area and spread a relaxing perfume of his to the surrounding area.

“This is aromatherapy perfume from my store, it smelled good and enable the inhaler to relax. This place is too tense, please believe the ninjas outside and pray for their safety Ladies and gentlemannn”

The stern complexion on the other villager diminish, and the crying children start to smile again breathing the nice scent scattered in their surroundings. While so, more adult start to move and create a better environment in the place, their reaction astonish many.

Teuchi which inside the place slap his cheek, and said “That’s right, there’s no use to mope around! Ayame, Hotaru’s amazing kid, that’s why we need to help out in this place!”

“Yes, father!” Ayame said

“Alright, let’s make some noodles! Zabuza-san, Haku-chan! Please do help us, and Ichiya-san… Thank you…”

“Your welcome, Teuchi-san! I’ll bring the supply here, and brought some emergency stove over! Mann!” Ichiya answer while whirling with his index finger pointing upwards.

With that, the quiet and gloomy area filled with laughter of children that help making the dough and the adults which helping the noodle, there’s also bread old ladies making some bread in the side, and donuts old man creating donuts.



“What can you do now, Snakey”

“Fufufu… an old douche like you learn to make a joke? The notion itself funnier than your joke, Danzo”

“Indeed… the notion is funnier than the joke…”

“Damn it Monkey, who’s side you’re on!”

Enma suddenly yell “Hey, the monkey’s here!”

Orochimaru that being ganged up by the monkey-monkey-cyclops formation, eh, sorry, it’s Enma-Hokage-Danzo formation is in a pinch.

However, 4 young ninjas suddenly appeared in their surrounding area and activating a fuinjutsu that lessen the trio ability inside the barrier.

“Meet my Sound 4, they’re my research fruit of labor… well, this fuinjutsu also something I acquire along my research, isn’t it awesome? The formation fuinjutsu where the enemies’ ability weakened…”

Being suppressed, the trio paled.

“while my sound 4 might be useless to battle against the elderly they can help more than enough to suppress you inside the formation, while… seems that my ‘plucking’ ended already, I wonder how many ‘balls’ I get? I’m excited to have some experiment with them…”

Realizing what he meant, Sarutobi eyes widen and stared at Orochimaru bloodthirstily “You…”

“Well, leaving that aside for later… now… how should I dealt with you, elderly?” Orochimaru smiles mockingly