Only me chapter 33

Chapter 33: Unity (2) It unexpectedly went smoothly. Without even Ridwan to meddle in the discussion, they all, all the representative of the surviving nation gladly took part in the discussion and talk about many possibilities, even that Grim also included as an aide of Queen Elizabeth, representing England. Each and every one of the […]

Only me Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Unity (1)   Like horror movies, those that act by their selves will be the first causality… and those that gathering will either depleted one by one and get annihilated, or win against the consumer… Likewise, in a war, those who act independently will be consumed by the union, and theirs will be […]

Only me Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Slaughter [9] “Run! Faster! Use all you can to run!” “Increase the pace of evacuation! We need to increase it; the guardians will be decimated if you’re moving so slow!” “Leave those which can’t be saved anymore! We need to increase the pace of ours now!” “But… but!” “No buts! Hurry up and […]