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Home Mushoku Tensei: That one Forgotten Mob E Chapter 139: Punishment and Questions

E Chapter 139: Punishment and Questions

[N POV/ 3rd point of view won’t have notice anymore]


The collaborative lesson that was supposed to start today was put back because there were jittery people standing in front of the arena appearing afraid and collected in the centre.

It was only this morning that the pupils and even others in the surrounding area were taken aback, a strong recommendation for even those who failed the class, what does this mean?

At least a B rank Magic Guild member is already within their grasp, something that can only be obtained by university graduates. This year’s change is something unexpected, a shocking event that no one could have predicted.

When Claude entered the arena, the anxious students became even more terrified.

A high mana pressure surrounded his body and attacked the students as he casually glanced at them.

“Now, what can you do when this happens to you unexpectedly?”

None of them can even respond to him since the sudden rise in gravity isn’t the only thing they’re feeling. The mana around them pricked them.

“Do you see this?  Not many are safe. As one of the people who has the luxury of learning and protecting your surroundings, not only are these people fleeing, but they are also stupid enough to rely on other people!”

“Every one of your buddies was kidnapped for money, even though the catcher knew I wouldn’t kill them.  They will not escape this location unscathed. This shows you, what can’t a person do for profit?”

With a smile, Claude turned to face the teacher and the other catcher. While the punished student groans on the floor and crawls towards Claude.

It took a long time for even one of them to approach Claude and grab his leg, pleading for forgiveness.

Claude kicked them aside and cleared his surroundings without even looking at the person who was clutching his leg.

He began chatting again as he looked down at them.

“In this world, no evil cares if you’re male or female.  Whatever trash you did, as long as you didn’t beat the shit of those blasted villains. You’ll never be at ease…”

“Obviously, the country’s security and troops will save you IF THEY CAN, but this is a question of life and death.” “Will you even be able to keep up till they arrive to help you?”

“The metastatic crisis occurred only a few years ago, and the majority of those who were affected by it were already declared dead. We have no idea where they are or what happened to them. Some may have been whisked to who knows where and remain slaves to this day…”

“What can you do in situations like this?”

“Are you capable of protecting those you care about?

Can you even attempt to defend yourself?”

“Arbalest is a gang of illegal slaves I helped at start; now, they’ve developed into a big organization that governments still fear.”

“As some of you may already know, I am Claude, the current commander of Arbalest.

I’m here in collaboration with the Magic Triumvirate to teach you sissies how to withstand the impending calamity. I won’t get into specifics about the future, but it’s dreadful…”

Claude paused his mana pressure and let the punishment to cease there.

He took a leisurely step away from his current place and used earth magic to construct an arena. A throne appeared in the center of the arena, and Claude sat on it.

He crosses his leg and looks towards the area where the first, second, and third year students are standing. The majority of them glance fearfully at the sitting Claude.

“If anyone has any questions, please ask. I’m here to give an answer to them, and the teacher can wait for the chastised pupil. I’ll give you some time to rest before I tell you what your punishment is…”

The penalized pupil groaning, unable to believe that what they felt earlier was not their penalty.

After waiting for quite a while. An inquiry was asked to Claude by Princess Ariel from the sitting area.

“What is your motivation for undertaking any of this? Is this type of lesson truly necessary?”

Claude transmitted his deadly intent before there was a ruckus caused by that query. Silencing any commotion before it begins.

“Easy, because the prophecy says that I died at that vision, and the Swords’ Sanctuary has become nothing more than an empty husk… Who knows what will happen to the citizens if we don’t train the ‘elites.'”

“The Swords Sanctuary is…”

The news astounded the princess; she never imagined that a gathering of sword experts would be decimated.

“Not only that, but the Dragon God, one of the existing seven powers, went missing in that disaster… well, should I call it a cataclysm? I’m not entirely sure. But you know what I mean…”

“If that’s the case, wouldn’t expanding Ranoa University’s power not help much?”

“Who says we just taught it at the university?”

“Do you not?”

“Obviously. To begin with, Arbalest is an organization formed to combat the predicted disaster. This one, like the Metastasis, is the same. The first disaster was questioned, and Fittoa vanished like dust. So, Arbalest devises the identical countermeasure this time, and the other countries believe us…” “With some force,” Claude adds in hushed tones.

“As a result, my other members have already taught folks in the basics.  Some, like me, are integrating our teaching with an institution or school. Others developed their own and taught them the essential skills to deal with the circumstance.”

After offering her thanks, Ariel took a seat, influenced with the information.

Looking at her childhood friend, Sylphy, or the present Fitts, she couldn’t help but feel sad. She can’t imagine the amount of stress he was under…


“Alright, yeah… so it’s you…”

Claude remarked as he looked towards the person asking the question, Nanahoshi Shizuka, who was walking with Orsted that day and was actually inside the gallery. As a spectator, I am receiving the information.

“I don’t expect to see a student who should be taking a lesson sitting in the crowd…”

“Leave that aside for now, and let’s pick up where we left off.”

“Okay, shoot it.”

“Thank you so much. Then what was the point of telling us this?”

“Well, I was just sick of seeing anything like that, and I wanted to make them aware of why this course was created in the first place… Aside from that, you should hear the incentive for people who attended my classes. This is, in some ways, a threat. Those who refuse to learn this lesson should recognize that they must not damage those who wish to learn…”

“I see”

When Shizuka took a seat, he stopped talking and waited for 5 minutes to ensure that no one wanted to question him.

Seeing no more question came, he shows the people his finds.

The secret to Cloud God’s power.


A red light appeared in his surroundings.

A different type of energy than mana that people were ignorant of suddenly appeared before them.

“All right, before I explain what kind of energy this is. Your penalty is to become a Beginner grade weapon expert before the next class, now scram…”

They heard what Claude said, and the red flare makes them fearful of Claude as they flee.

Because there was no one in the area, Claude strengthened the Arena, and it is clear that the Earth arena Claude created became stronger. As a result, many began to question what he meant.

The flame that surrounded his body abruptly shrank and gathered around his fist.

His palm glows crimson, and with a simple tap to the ground, a fracture appears.

Then he threw a punch below him and.





The ground was trembling, the earth was shifting, and the people were terrified by the event.

Clouds of dust obscured Claude’s form within the space, but the veil of dust gradually dissipated. Claude stated in an enhanced voice.

“This is Aura… a sort of energy that most people are unaware they have”



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