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E Chapter 138: Lucrative gift


“This type of instruction is too much for the pupils; we need to halt this nonsense right away!”

In their meeting room, an instructor said.

Because of the rapid flood of escaping pupils, the teacher convened the meeting during the break period before the cooperation lesson.

Whatever their point of view, breaking kids’ legs in front of the gallery was not something a person should do.

Most of the students who were beaten severely fled the hospital, terrified of the new teacher; they are currently being searched, and some would rather be in jail than attend the lesson.

Some of the teachers were aware of Claude’s terrifying abilities, and knowing his age didn’t help matters.

“At this point, we should already know who’s behind him…”

A teacher suddenly said as he eyed the current principal, Jinas.

However, the one answered wasn’t him but the person beside him.

The current vice-principal Clara dropped a document in front of them and said,

“This is the notice given by the regent of the Magic Triumvate, and the other surrounding countries”

She casually displays collections of royal seals in front of them as she stops their unexpected allegation of Jinas.

The royalty’ hiring notice, as well as the Magic Guild’s application.

Out of surprise, an instructor exclaimed.

“What exactly is this?”

“What the f*ck! How can someone be approved as a member of the royal guard as soon as they graduate?”

“This is totally absurd! You want a recent graduate to become an A-rank Magic guild member?!”

“Are you going to enlist the students as an army force?”

“What type of lunatic would do this?”

Clara merely grinned when she heard their response.

“We, Arbalest, had decided to intervene and prepare for the impending disaster…”

Clara thus began her narration regarding Claude’s future vision. They merely share the main idea because Claude has been unable to share his sight without suffering harm. People will undoubtedly be dubious after hearing the information.

They are, indeed, skeptical of the information.

Clara interrupted their questions by telling them to trust the seals in front of them.

Not only the royals, but also the neighboring upper nobles, were interested in recruiting them.

Nobody would turn down a student who was being taught by the youngest Sword God. Bringing them into the fray is a fantastic idea; even if they gain the job, it’s not like they can’t be downgraded later.

As a result, this type of invitation isn’t a huge deal.

Despite the fact that it is plainly absurd.

“With such a valuable gift, you wouldn’t think they’d deny it, would you?”

Another one suddenly denies the claim.

“Not everyone wants to fight in a combat. This type of thing can only benefit the combatant, don’t you think?”

“Unquestionably, but. Do you believe they can have a safe haven in the event of a disaster?”

“A little degree of combat expertise is required; there are numerous ways to deal with various situations, and this type of lesson is beneficial to them. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that they would no longer have after the disaster struck. Whether the disaster occurred or not isn’t our primary issue. Do you realize there is still a stronger being out there capable of simply decimating a nation?”

Clara’s message was clear to the teachers, especially those with prior adventure experience.

In any case, some level of experience is required.

Although Claude’s teaching style is ruthless, it is far removed from a life-or-death situation.

“Is our school the only one with this privilege?”

“We had the honor of being taught by Master Claude, but another member from another Division from Arbalest teaches the other school from another continent…”

“I see…”

It took them a while to process the rapid onslaught of information, which is understandable.

They were provided additional information, which made them, the teachers, happy.

“Not only are the pupils given presents, but the professors are as well.  Read the notice carefully and select the best option. I’m going to depart now because I have other things to do. Have a nice day, instructors…”

Cheers of pleasure erupted from the room not long after Clara had left.


“Get those brats!  Each of them will increase our budget!”

The running away student feels the pressure as the teachers get into a frenzy to catch them. A warning has been issued that anyone caught will undoubtedly face penalty. Because standard lessons are so painful, kids are terrified of the punishment that awaits them.

“No! Please, professor! Don’t make me go through that terrible training again!”

“Shut up, brat, I need more money for my research. Be gracious and donate your body to my research!”

“Please don’t! Teach!”

“No, I believe in you!”

“How could you have sold me for your research?”

The professor they trust, as well as the individuals who earlier shielded them, now openly expose them. Knowing that if the kid graduated, they would not only receive more money, but also a title, provided them even more motivation to keep their pupil in misery.

An honorary noble title, one that granted them no-strings-attached privileges within the Magic Triumvate.

Who wouldn’t want something like that?

Knowing this, they began to use the student underneath them to obtain glory.

After fighting Claude and receiving feedback on what they needed to correct and develop. They are already aware of the advantages of attending his class.

Nonetheless, their pride refused to recognize him. As a result, they assist the pupil in fleeing him and accommodating them in their mansion.

However, after reading the document they had received after the student beneath them had completed the lesson provided by Claude. They had a change of heart.

To put it simply, the status they will receive will increase if more students under them finish with honors from Claude’s class.

No, even if they barely graduate, the teacher will be rewarded.

It’s not unfair to claim that the teachers sold them, but in the end, it’s all for their own good.

A decision was made, and this is what they select.

The teacher will not know what punishment they will receive. However, they will endure the hatred of the student they betray…

Even if they were aware of it, they would scoff at them. Because their research funding is more important to them…


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