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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 128: Ranoa Academy

E Chapter 128: Ranoa Academy


[Rudeus POV]


It’s been some time since I received the recommendation letter from Vice Principal Jinas of the Ranoa magic academy, and it’s been several days since a member from Arbalest and a former member of my father’s squad arrived to inform me that they’ve located my mother.

It’s not that I don’t want to go help my mother; it’s just that the road conditions are too perilous.

It is currently winter, and Elinalize has teamed up with a member of Arbalest. She can appear instantly using their tamed beast as a vehicle, but they cannot and will not allow me to accompany them because their destination is different from mine.

While I desired to travel to Begaritt, they chose to travel to Millis.

If I want to go to Begaritt fast, I must brave dangerous weather that could kill me on the journey.

Not to mention the distance I had to travel to reach Begaritt from where I was.

So, to be on the safe side, I’ll head to Ranoa first to learn something new while I wait for the winter season to pass, and then I’ll head towards the other continent.

Before departing for my destination, I must first acquire the relevant information.

My previous vacation experience without a travel guide like Ruijerd was already horrible, therefore I will learn everything I can about the destination and route.

Although I can wait for someone from Arbalest to take me up, I cannot rely on them at the moment.

My father had to travel to Begaritt alone in this hazardous weather because, according to what I’ve heard, they have an important business to attend to.

He is closer to the destination than I am and has more expertise and versatility than I do. So, I’ll allow my father to take the lead.

“Nevertheless, as expected of a town named Academy What an insane place…”

I could not help but be amazed by the raucous atmosphere.

It reminds me of Japan, but I did not enjoy my previous experiences there.


Since I’m accompanied by Elinalize, the elf’s promiscuous companion, I’ll continue. I can’t help but be envious of the other men she occasionally brought with her; they truly had a *rgy and banged her alone, but she still won against the males.

Thankfully, Paul is not sufficiently deranged to make her his girlfriend.

Alternatively, was he vanquished by Elinalize?

Alright, I’m leaving that side. I am relieved that they have discovered Zenith’s whereabouts, and I hope she will be okay.

Since Claude’s Arbalest also assist Paul in investigating Zenith’s whereabouts, and they may have already saved her before I arrived, there should be no difficulty whatsoever.

Nonetheless, I do not wish to live without a purpose.

So, let’s establish a milestone for the time being.

Until I can travel to Begaritt, I shall become a magician of King Class, consolidate my knowledge of that region, and at the very least improve my swordsmanship.

It took me several days to travel to Ranoa Academy from my previous location. I’ve bid farewell to the guild members and counter arrow members.

Some bid farewell with tears, but the majority act calmly and give me their contact information.

While telling me to send them a few letters, they gave me parting gifts.

I notified the Academy’s counter of my arrival upon my arrival. I requested that the personnel handle matters related to my admission and other necessities for me to study at this institution.

It just took me a few hours to complete everything, and I was informed that Principal Jinas wanted to meet with me tomorrow.

Correct, Jinas is currently the principal, not the vice principal.

Something occurred, and the prior principle abruptly retired; the resulting vacancy was filled by vice principal Jinas.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Quagmire!”

As I entered the principal’s office, Principal Jinas opened his arm to embrace me. It is quite strange to accept an unexpected hug from an older man.

Rather than thinking of him as a jovial Oldman, it is more appropriate to visualize him with an image. Principal Jinas is a serious individual who resembles Harry Potter’s Severus Snape rather than Hagrid.

After meeting with his new Vice Principal, it’s a little strange to see someone of such nature giving a nice embrace, but I can see his reasoning.

“We are grateful that the youngest Saint-ranked magician has accepted our invitation; normally, you would be hired as a teacher, but we don’t need a new one at the moment. We would be delighted to award you a scholarship and learn more about your interests at our university.”

“I am grateful for the opportunity and would be delighted to serve as a teacher for you after I graduate. Principal Jinas”

“That’s fantastic, but I had another meeting following this. So, my Vice Principal will show you to your dormitory and introduce you to the other personnel who will cater to your needs.”

“I appreciate that, Mr. Principal. Then, excuse me”

I stated this as I exited the room.

This meeting is brief, yet it required a great deal of mental effort.

As I exited the door, a shorter girl was already waiting outside.

“It’s been a while, Rudeus…”

Oh, this should be the new Vice Principlal right?

“uh… wait a minute… What are you doing here, Clara?”



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