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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 127: That Dread

E Chapter 127: That Dread



There was a strange presence in the manor house as the lord of the manor entered.

A week after he dispatched some of his elites to assist Prime Minister Silvertoad, they still hadn’t reported back.

Even the people who are supposed to be on Princess Ariel’s side have started acting suspiciously.

“What do you think of our situation, Butler?”

“It appears that you have lost the wager, my lord..”

“Pfft, hahahaha!”

“What makes you laugh, my lord?”

“I never anticipated such a fall, but it’s not so bad… Please convey my retirement announcement, Butler.”


“BUTLER! Just do what I say…”

“I will obey your command, my lord…”

As the butler exited the room, the manor’s lord, Marquis Whitespider, sighed.

“I’ve completed your request; could you at least show your face before departing??”

He said this to no apparent reason.

In the empty room with no other beings in sight, he spoke to himself.

He abruptly ended his conversation with his butler, ordered him outside, and was about to announce his retirement.

Undertaker appeared from the shadows behind the marquis, gripping and sheathing his blade.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you. Asuran Nobles…”

“Hahaha, no wonder we fail… to think that you’d have something this scary under your banner, is this our mistake?”

“No, you made a mistake by closing your eyes to evil. Noble Asurans, we of Arbalest abhor evil. Thus, we will eventually track you down.”

“Are you a type of hero? From your appearance, you must be quite young. To think that, despite all my altruism, I will be judged to be evil”

With a faint smile, the undertaker took a step back and walked to the sofa on the side of the room, where he sat down.

He sat there patiently, with his legs crossed and his hand resting on his knee.

“This gesture, are you attempting to tease me? Even though I am not a practitioner, I have knowledge of the rankings… This pressure should be indicative of the power of a King; are you the renowned Cloud King?”

Undertaker scoffed at his statement.

“What do you, as an Asuran nobleman, know about our master? Well, you’re not wrong about the Cloud King moniker, but that is the official name for Cloud style users. I’d rather not have this conversation, but Clara advised me to show respect for those who choose to step down with dignity, so feel free to ask your question. I’ll be here for only one hour.”

“I see, you’re not the Cloud King, but you are a Cloud King. Sigh, how many King ranked were there in Arbalest?”

Lucas raised his hand, three fingers on his palm.

The marquis initially believed he had anointed three persons with his hand. However, his next sentence fills him with fear.

“Over three hundred…”

“Is that true? Are you not kidding me?”

“Why’d I do so? though most of them just entered the rank, it’s a normal number though, nothing praiseworthy”

He doesn’t know what to say at this point; only now does the marquis see how ridiculous his arrogance was, and how suicidal the prime minister and king’s actions were.

“If you have any further questions, please continue. I still had work to do after this.…”

“I… Um…”

“So, you’re flabbergasted?”

“I… Yes, pardon me”

“Based on your reaction, you must think that the number is too much. But, do you really think so?”

“Of course! That’s already Kingdom-grade troops, the quantity the kingdom can only send by force in an emergency; is that not sufficient for you? not to mention the fact that Cloud’s style is dual-type, employing both Aura and Mana!”

“That’s already the number that can razed my territory to the ground!”

Lucas did not respond to the exclamation since he was aware that the true force behind Arbalest is greater.

Although he was surprised to learn that there are more King-ranked individuals dispersed around the hexahedral world, he understood their motivation to get stronger.

In the end, the entire Arbalest is shocked by this tragedy because of Claude’s near death.

As brief as it was, the revelation that a God-ranked master had nearly succeeded in slaying their savior caused their stomach to churn with hatred.

Within months of Claude’s war against life and death, it becomes clear that sooner or later, more formidable foes will emerge. Not to mention with their master Claude’s might.

There will undoubtedly be an event that occurs in the future, but even if there isn’t. There is no way they would choose to retreat and return to servitude under a superior force.

Experience forbids them from being weak, and rage drives them to either become stronger or perish attempting to do so.

Claude had previously instructed them on the fundamentals, and Mike had prepared the necessary equipment. Consequently, they train all over the world, encountering all types of creatures, scouring the planet, and gaining experience as they complete their objective.

After conducting an audit, the C division discovers that their group has grown stronger.

Over 300 King-class, 20 Emperor-class, and 400 S-class domesticated beasts.

It is a sum that will shake the planet and instill dread in the nations.



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