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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 126: What a joke

E Chapter 126: What a joke


[Clara POV]

“Nooo! Father, I beg you, don’t put me up for sale.”

He keeps walking down the dry road without saying a word. When I was a kid, my dad brought me to a bandit hideout and wouldn’t even look into my eyes. He also had a death grip on my arm. Many people, it was said, aspire to make their home in Asura due to the city’s thriving economy. If you’re a poor farmer with a daughter who can only eat and is no use to the family, selling her to the bandits is one of the best options open to you. Of course, younger me didn’t grasp any of that. I beg my dad not to sell me, and I cry as I do so.

What I saw when I entered the bandit lair was not a horrible, filthy shack.

However, a superior location to that of the village chief.

We are greeted by a worker there with a smile, as he glances at me and understands that I am a merchandise. He erased the smile and just pointed to another counter where people lined up with their crying children in tow. human trafficking.

“See Clara, this place isn’t such a bad place. You can eat your fill everyday without working, and wait for another family to kept you.”

“But, I want to live with father and mother, and my siblings. I don’t want to part with you. hic…”

He stopped talking altogether, but he still stood in line for me to be evaluated.

As it turned out, I only went for two silver dollars.

A sum of money, barely enough to support a family of four for one year. Even that my dad had to get down and dirty with the vendor.

Despite boys’ inherent abilities, girls fetched a higher price at auction. Female workers are in high demand because they are flexible enough to work either during the day or at night.

What this means for shifts in the middle of the night goes without saying, right?

Nevertheless, I’m not sure if I’d be up for night shifts at that point.

In point of fact, no gang of robbers will ever target a business.

In the end, you’re right. Here, the fief lord pretended to run a bandit hideout so he could engage in human trafficking.

We pay taxes to a lord who is openly taking advantage of the famine to increase his wealth.

Because of that, I absolutely despise him.

In this kingdom, slavery was never illegal, but it was practiced secretly by some to avoid taxation.

To see the other person be denied food is painful.

I was aware of their treatment of slaves even at the age I was sold.

After a few days, we began to feel extremely hungry.

They will always see us as cheap slaves they bought and will never respect us as human beings. We’re given treatment that’s worse than that given to a horse, and we’re essentially considered to be dead meat by them.

As our hopelessness grew, all we could think about was being buried as soon as we died. No one wanted to act as a snack for monsters.

In the first place, we’re unfortunate enough to be bought as bait.

For this reason, they don’t give a damn about our lives.

I’ve personally witnessed hardened bandits rape older children without remorse, even stabbing a girl in the process.

To them, we’re just a bunch of dead meat, and they don’t even care that we’re being eaten. What they wanted, they did.

I despise them.

All those risk-takers and slavers.

If I make it out of here alive, I will kill everyone.

Yes, I despise them that much.

Additionally, I despise my dad and the rest of my unsupportive relatives.

As I was sinking beneath the waves of hopelessness, a ray of light appeared.

A dwarf dressed as a bandit attacked our carriage. This dwarf is on a murderous rampage, slaying everyone in his path, including arrogant B-ranked adventurer teams.

We learned later that the dwarf is actually a human kid not much older than ourselves.

Since we were in a tight spot, he took us in and tutored us extensively.

from general knowledge to information essential for survival.

Even if we’re being trained in a hellish fashion, we know it’s for our own good. Therefore, we didn’t dislike it and made an effort to understand it.

Every night, we were given permission by master Claude to act out our resentment toward the garbage. We used what we’ve learned to our advantage and killed every last one of them.

Our hatred is communicated via sarcastic grins.

Of course, at first, we targeted only those unfortunate enough to be caught in our web. However, the ruse has become less effective over time.

Our number began to grow, and we eventually split off from our master Claude in order to hunt down the slavers and eliminate them one by one.

And so, after Boss Mike assumed control of a business conglomerate, things progressed as follows. We infiltrated the business network and began the takeover, eventually growing into a sizable entity.

After successfully implementing one scheme after another, we began to feel confident in our ability to conquer the world and make things right.

Of course, this is just one isolated case.

Our plan is extremely straightforward and should in no way put us in danger.

It’s a total farce that you consider yourselves to be the strongest.

You’re just a gang of kids pretending to be soldiers in a small area.

The accident that befell Master Claude brought home how insignificant we truly are.

For this reason, we abandoned our scheme to establish a personal kingdom and consolidate our power. In our pursuit of greater heights, we shall destroy any obstacles in our path.



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