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Home Mushoku Tensei: That one Forgotten Mob Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 125: For that Slice of Pie (3)

Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 125: For that Slice of Pie (3)

E Chapter 125: For that Slice of Pie (3)



“To achieve a greater population, a higher amount of study and evolution is necessary. to rise and destroy this kind of conduct. A better understanding of such a situation is important. Arbalest can definitely conquer the land and show the people how to live a better life.”

“And what made you not do that?”

Hearing what Clara said, even Luke and Fitts couldn’t help but shudder.

Clara’s eyes filled with devoutness, a belief that she held wholeheartedly.

“In the end, to conquer means to be a tyrant. For our purposes, we can’t destroy people’s lives and fill them with sadness and grievance. In the past, Arbalest has done their best to alleviate the pressure by becoming an economic tyrant. But we realize that when greater powers come, we will definitely be defeated, and our ideals will get scrapped…”

Clara remembered the day that Arbalest chose to hide after their leader was almost killed by the current North God; at that point, they realized…

“If we could be defeated and our ideals would end at that time, what’s the meaning? To raise people’s consciousness about how bad slavery is, we need to slowly educate them. This is something that Arbalest don’t have…”

“I see the citizen’s trust.” “Unlike Arbalest, a lord has the citizen’s trust, and as the regent of a country, we will have better success in increasing people’s awareness about this than outsiders…”

Clara smiled at Ariel’s understanding.

“That’s right, this is what we wanted but couldn’t achieve. Furthermore, as you may be aware, aside from being a genius, Master Claude is also a Miko. He can foresee future…”


“Is that true?”

“Definitely, the reason why Arbalest can deal with the situation about the metastasis swiftly is because of that…”

“Why don’t you let the people know about that then?… ah, right… the letter…”

“Indeed, we never meant to call the letter a lie and a way to save the regent of Fittoa. It’s our heartfelt wish…”

“But people don’t believe them, so what future does he see this time?”

“This is a secret, but… this time, the inflicted places aren’t just a region, but the whole world. We still need to summarize what happened and can’t tell you. but the day will soon come. Which is why we asked for your cooperation…”

“I see, then, let’s start our negotiation.”

Offering Clara a handshake, Ariel decisively asked her to continue the deal.

Meanwhile, leaving aside the matter about the idiotic king and his prime minister and the treasonous deal Clara and Ariel wanted to make,

The Undertaker squeezes Garren, his body smeared with blood, and all of his soldiers are injured from head to toe. leaving them fearing the enemy in front of them.

It’s unknown whether it’s luck or not that they’ve gathered in a spot and are protecting each other’s backs. But all they can do is just pray for the allies to come and help them.

When he saw the shadow on the horizon, Garren couldn’t help but shout.

“They’re here! They’re here, and the backup is here! Hahaha, you’re so dead now, bastards!”


“What the hell is that dead meat waving at us for?”

Kuro said as he flew around Claude.

“Did he get crazy because he was beaten by D49?”

Douglas answered while looking at Lucas.

“I think he thought that we were his accomplices and expected us to back him up.”

Claude said, rubbing his chin and adding.

“Oh well, he’s not wrong though…”

Said the leader, as he pushed the encircled people behind him.

“Ugh… release us, pardon us…”

“Save us…”

“Can I get some rest?”

“I’ll die…”

The prisoners said this in pain, muttering words of helplessness as they feared the man in front of them.

They never imagined the Cloud King would…

No, the Cloud Emperor could easily wipe out their 3000 elite soldiers at the intermediate and higher levels.

Yes, you are reading it correctly.

Claude suddenly appeared from above using one of his wyverns; the sight of a wyvern made those elite soldiers scared.

And a huge ass bat that enlarged before them made them want to run away.

When you say “elite soldier,” these guys are actually just a phony elite that only had strength but no courage.

Stuck in intermediate ranks, they choose to be dogs under the nobles and sign a death contract for a lavish life.

In a world where knighthood can only be owned by the strong, there’s no way the people sending them will allow a higher-ranked practitioner, be it mage or warrior, to clash with an emperor of the Asura royals.

This bunch of elites is only some way up; for them to get that piece of pie, even a crumble from a rising merchant association is plenty enough for them.

“Hahaha! Haha… ha…”

As the backup approached, Garren realized something was wrong with them.

The closer they got, the better his vision of them became.

At this point, he can see that his backups were all captured.

At that sight, not only he, but also the other survivor behind him, kneeled in despair.

People from the I and U divisions quickly chained them and used enchantment to keep the enemy alive.

In this incident, no one died.

All of the robbers were apprehended safely…


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