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E Chapter 140: Aura and Qi

Unlike Rudeus, Claude got off to a late start. As a result, he was unable to grow the amount of mana he possessed to the limit of his body…

That’s what Claude had always assumed.

But the truth is that he is incorrect.

Is factually wrong.

He made two blunders in his life.

The first is that he still believes Mana is solely utilized for magic, and the second is that he can grow his Mana endlessly alongside his aura.

The fact that he used Aura instead of Mana is his fault on his teachers parts; in this scenario, Paul is to blame. Because the man himself never employed Aura properly…

In this world, aura is another way for non-mages to use Mana.

Magic and Aura are two roads that lead to different destinations.

However, since our Miko had memories from different world that has knowledge on other fictional power beside Mana, he grasped a different meaning on the technique and touch the unknown that even the dragons never realize.

Aura, a red substance that eats on inborn Mana.

Aura is what caused one person to have less Mana than another despite having the same capacity.

“As you may have guessed, a person is born with a capped mana capacity; yet, a friend of mine taught me that mana can expand… now that I think about it, how can a person born with a capped mana be grown?”

People on the podium looked at Claude with suspicion when he said this.

Is this person insane?

Is what he said accurate?

“I see doubt, and you can doubt all you wish… but this lesson should be an answer of your doubt. Let us now begin our lesson…”


As pupils from the first to third grades approached the arena, they noticed the people’s eyes on them.

Most were curious to see how they’d be beaten, while others were curious to see what kind of plan they devised.

Anyway, when they approached the arena. As Claude moved to another portion of the arena, the once-debris-filled area was cleaned without a trace of dust.




The sound of their heartbeat flooded their ears, since they had never heard Claude’s previous announcement. As a result, they know exactly how and what kind of object they will battle with, and something that they earlier made was significantly different.

Even Rudeus, who has known Claude since he was a child, was unaware of this information.

Seeing is believing, as is the title of Cloud Emperor. The strongest Emperors are more than simply legends.

“Would that strategy actually work?”

Questioned one of the leaders from the 3rd year.

“I’m not sure, but let’s just try our best for now…”

“Yeah, such kind of announcement is a thunderclap… I never imagined something like this could happen in the future…”

“For the time being, it should be a distant future… let us do our best to survive.”

“Alright… Rudeus, Zanoba! I’m relying on you!”

Zanoba nodded, and Rudeus replied, “Alright, please take care of me.”

They prepared themselves by nodding to one another.

Claude couldn’t help but smile as he looked at them.

“I see you’ve prepared yourself; as always, I’ll give you some time as a handicap. Now, be ready… I’ll wait.”

However, instead of constructing a save heaven to protect themselves from the invasion. From below, shackles, restraints, and even the Iron Maiden were built.

Another approach that no one had considered.

Rather than devising a method to block and survive longer, they attacked.

Before they could be happy, the iron maiden shattered and was destroyed before she could even last a second. Seeing their onslaught has no effect on them, and their expression has become paler.

“You must understand that the best defense is offense is only applicable to persons who have the same battle prowess as you…”

Claude remarked, dusting himself off.

“3 more minutes, give it your all”

They couldn’t stop gagging at their scumbag mentor, let alone the bonds he’d made his combination magic. Even the Iron Maiden should not be able to be destroyed without the use of magic.

Claude explained, seeing their bewildered expression.

“Body fortification is one of Aura’s applications. Mine are passive, as opposed to active Body reinforcement magic. Once you train the Aura within your body, it will always be active. Skin, flesh, and even bones will be strengthened if you achieve a specific level of Aura mastery.”

Claude abruptly said while tapping his chin.

“The phrase Aura may conjure up images of mana manipulation techniques. As a result, I’ll refer to this form of energy as Qi.”

“Because it’s a special class, I’m only going to employ Qi as a new limitation.  Thus, while demonstrating the benefits and drawbacks of Qi, reveal them utilizing your own approach. Make me use them more for you to learn about it, 2 more minutes. Rudeus, you can use Saint-level magic, or even King-level magic. My worker’s barrier is sturdy enough to keep the spectators safe.”

People are already afraid of him, no matter how unimpressive what he accomplished. The collaborative team began to fear for their lives now that they knew he was the founder and the best at using the new sort of energy.

Nonetheless, they steel their resolve and do everything in their power to vanquish the person in front of them.

Claude is an adversary, a bombardment of spells directed at them, each one annihilated by Claude’s Qi-imbued fist.

Their attacks are like a joke to him, as it is spatted with a mere slap.


Rudeus embed his cane on the ground as he finished chanting his spell, and the people that defend him scattering away.


The space in front of him quickly turned into a quagmire, preventing Claude from advancing from his current location.

Whistling at Saint rated magic, which Rudeus improved, astounded Claude.

Claude never imagined a Quagmire-like sand dune to be able to form below his feet, so he imbued Qi beneath his feet to save himself from being swallowed by the quicksand-like Quagmire.

Meanwhile, Zanoba retrieved a boulder manufactured by the other kids and hurled the giant compacted stone, which might be as hard as steel, at Claude.

The pebble, which flew like a bullet, injured Claude.

With the quagmire immobilizing him and a canon attacking him from afar. Even once the handicap timer ran out, it took Claude a bit to counterattack them.

No, he’s appreciating their inventiveness.

Feeling in control of the situation, and no pranks that made him angry with them. He let the collaborative years to attack him.

They will never be able to harm him in the end.

While the audience is attracted by their strategy, the failures are taken aback by the innovation. Some of the strategists even made a mental note to remember it the next time they took their course.

“Wonderful, each of you had a role to play, and you all did fantastic! I am amazed,” Claude murmured as he avoided the spell cast on him.

Rudeus’ advanced grade missile was intercepted by a sword, and they were barely able to summon 3rd year combination magic.

“I’ll allow outside interference for this lesson only, for the next lesson. I won’t allow anyone that’s taking the lesson to sit together with spectators. Do you understand this, miss silent sevenstar?”

Claude said, as he sent his electric shock towards the person.

Surprised, she can only receive the brunt as she’s currently immobile.

Her role in this lesson is to let the students combine their spells with each other, at least make it easier for them to.

It’s difficult to keep control of the magic circle on each student’s palm, and even the slightest distraction can cause the control to break.

“Arg!!” Shizuka groaned and fell unconscious.

Which is why she positioned herself in the safest location, but the closest ones within the periphery. As a result, they select the spectators’ seat.

While this is a wise decision, it may also be interpreted as cheating.

“Now that the cheaters have been dealt with, let me to show you Arbalest’s upgraded magical item.”

Claude laughed and sang as he took a card from his pocket.





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