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Home Mushoku Tensei: That one Forgotten Mob E Chapter 141: Lesson to be learned

E Chapter 141: Lesson to be learned

[Rudeus POV]



That’s all I can say as I watch the upper years students pounded on the stage.

It’s not a very gruesome sight to behold, but the pride engraved on their faces before and after the instruction is palpable.

They are afraid of feeling helpless, and the idea that they can do nothing to a person younger than them hurts their pride so much that some of them sought to flee.

I can’t say I don’t feel the same way as the individual who, after being educated by me, can achieve so much more than me.

This kind of sensation.


I’m not sure how I should feel about this.

“Rudeus! When are you going to finish the casting?”

“Just 5 seconds!”

“All right, please continue with your chantless spell after this; we need to bound his hands so we can deal with him with Zanoba Canon!”


Plan after plan was devised using all of the knowledge that we combined.

I was expecting obvious underestimation from the upper years’ pupils, but they don’t.

I’m surprised by their trust, but I suppose they’re all afraid of the harm Claude would cause them in the event of a devastating defeat.

We’ve seen how many people have been wounded because they irritated Claude, and the fact that it’s a justified terrible act is something we can’t even object about.

It would be silly not to accept his gift.

Even if it isn’t a particularly excellent deal for me, it is a tempting offer to accept.

I can use the words “helpful” to describe the gift he offered us.

Even with my present adventurer status, it had taken me years to advance to A rank. Not to mention a higher rank after only joining the magician guild.

My party, Dead End, with Eris and Ruijerd, can easily earn A rank since we have Ruijerd, who can cope with grave situations alone and teach us while doing so.

Even yet, I’m a B-ranked adventurer, and even in Ranoa, I seldom see an A-ranked party.

Despite the fact that my parents’ old party was S rank, I question their individual capacity to make up for the grade.

Claude’s understanding and maneuvering skills to avoid and divert a spell is something I’ve never seen before.

I don’t think that even Ruijerd can do as fluid as him.

How long have we been apart?

How can he progress so quickly…

“Beware of the deflected cannon, B group!”

“Keep a look out for the thwarted spell!”

“Rudeus, strengthen the castle wall!”

As the combat began, the leader continued with their instructions.

This ten-minute struggle feels exhaustingly lengthy.

We don’t even see him break a sweat as the lesson progresses.

People who were depressed couldn’t help but lose focus and grow tired of the long and tedious instruction.

Finally, Claude has time to respond to the situation.

Even so, he took his time to demonstrate his newest gadget, which may be used in conjunction with the new sort of energy.


That’s what he murmured as he activated the card artifact in his hand.

As the card gradually dissolved into thin air, equipment appeared from it.

Claude appears, armed with a blade in each hand and completely armored.

As the appearance of a fully armored warrior appeared in only seconds, my comrades and spectators gasped in surprise.

This is a groundbreaking discovery that will give individuals less time to outfit their armor during a conflict or fight.

I can’t help but notice the shivering of my teammates, including the courageous Zanoba.

However, I can see he was having more fun than I expected.

As he pointed the blade towards us, I expect him to start taking us down one by one, just like he did to the upperclassmen.

But I am mistaken, he muttered as he flung the sword at Zanoba.

“Pick it up; it should be able to withstand your strength even if you grab it tightly.”


Zanoba responded by picking up the sword and swinging it furiously.

“I’ll give you guys a 5-minute respite while I teach Zanoba how to handle a sword; now block my blade…”

Claude said as he appeared in front of Zanoba.

As expected, the prince was unable to respond and stood dazedly as the sword approached his neck.

“OK, you’re dead.”

Zanoba gasped and took a step back as he felt the blade creep up on his neck.

He utilized his might to wave his blade and assault Claude; the sound the sword made as Zanoba swung the blade astonished us, and we expect Claude to be the same.

However, unfortunately.

We were sorely mistaken.

Claude redirected the pure power blow with the body of the sword, and let the back of the blade attack the one wielding it.

From his former position, Zanoba is tossed across the ground.

Zanoba, bleeding from his mouth, is truly taken aback by the simple redirection that has resulted in his injuries.

“Now, try not to be killed by this blade play.”

As Claude stated, we will witness how the formerly amateur gains his gait in dealing with the sword over the next 5 minutes.

With each passing minute, Zanoba learned how to hold the sword and perform a simple thrust, slash, and stab using all of the examples Claude provided throughout their spar.

I can’t help but be impressed by Zanoba’s ability to learn the swords in 5 minutes. Is it Zanoba’s talent or Claude’s excellent instruction?

I’m not sure, but I’m confident that after this class, Zanoba will be a weapon master like no other on the continent…

After 5 minutes, the sword in Zanoba’s grasp has lost its red hue…

As a result of the sheer strength of Zanoba’s grip, the sword was broken.

“Reinforcing the weapon is one of the greatest Qi abilities; it can transform a plain steel blade into a sword with the same durability as higher grade ore.  Okay, you may rest…”

Claude remarked this as he kicked Zanoba in the solar plexus, knocking him out.

“Then let us resume our lesson.”

We cringe at the looming threat, he added with a smile…

The lecture has barely been going for 30 minutes…

How long will this hell continue?



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