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Home Mushoku Tensei: That one Forgotten Mob E Chapter 142: No strings attached

E Chapter 142: No strings attached

Claude deactivated the card and placed it back in his pocket, just as he had done when he fought Zanoba and taught him how to wield the weapon.

He continues to beat the pupils in their own game, regardless his belief that it is useless.

Claude is clearly doing things meeker than in the prior lesson, despite the fact that this batch can last longer.

He didn’t beat up the youngsters as coldly as he did in the last lesson, however he was still as studious as usual. It had a shocking development with his presentation of Qi, therefore he used the youngsters as his example material to explain the better usage on how people should utilize Qi, as well as a Qi demonstration.

An undiscovered resource that the main plot never even mentioned.

Why do you believe this?

The plot is so Rudeus-centered that they don’t even need to be in it.

But that’s what makes it interesting.

The major goal of a novel is the progression and evolution of the main character; you don’t want to read a time-skip event all the time.

It is so valuable because it occurs so infrequently.

However, this cannot be true in the real world.

Every piece of information that passes is significant and may be useful for future development.

As a result, Claude would rather expose his armament to the worlds than die along with it.

As stupid as it may seem, if it can help him live somewhat extended time . He’d rather be a fool who is duped than a fool who allows himself and those dear to him to perish alongside the rest of the world.

We can always get revenge if there is still a place to exact it on, but if the place is vanished, even being backstabbed is impossible.

Corrupted as it might, he’s well aware of what’s could possibly happen in the future. He doesn’t want to feel the same way he did when he realized that his small error had caused his parents and other people’s parents and children to die from metastasis.

Even though he knew it wasn’t his fault, the guilt plagued him on the inside.

His reckless method of gaining strength allows him to forget about his guilt and fear of the mysterious being.

Hitogami may be a sword pointing at him, but it’s not something he needs to be concerned about right now.

In addition, there is Leviathan, who is most likely a Hitogami collaborator.


Because it’s unusual for a dragon to remain concealed from the Dragon God Orsted, even though Perugius Dola is someone Orsted knew well.

There’s no way the great and mighty Dragon realm could fall without a traitor in their midst.

Returning to the main issue, it has been one hour since the lesson.

Even with over a hundred students fighting him and working to lighten each other’s load, it was difficult for them to deal with Claude’s quick strike and reflected spell.

The individual did not even break a sweat.

This demonstrates how vast and bizarre the world is.

A bizarrely scary world was opened on their mind.

If they can’t beat him when handicapped, who can?

Then, in the next apocalypse, even this person will perish.

How would they then survive?

“It took a long time. However, congratulations on failing the lesson…”

Claude says as he surveys his surroundings.

The students are all taken outside of the stadium, leaving only Rudeus standing pitifully with the cane in his hand. Trying not to tumble to the ground, he gripped the magic wand strongly.

“Do you still want to play?”

Claude inquired, a sneer on his face.


Rudeus responded while gasping.

He is not persuaded.

Rudeus feels that it’s somewhat wrong.

How can someone he has easily beaten in the past be this strong after only a few years apart?

How could his student outperform him in every subject he studied?

Rudeus is unable to accept it.

He was continuously training and focusing on getting better every day. While traveling the world, I am studying and acquiring experience.

Not only had he reached a level never before seen at his age, but he had also accomplished something he had never dreamed of: recreating the Dragon God’s spell.

Claude handed Rudeus two vials and described their purpose.

“the blue one is a mana potion, and the orange one is a stamina potion. Drink it, and we will commence the closing lesson. I want to try beating you up like I always do in the past”

Claude smirked, making fun of Rudeus.

Rudeus swallowed the drink without hesitation.

While there is commotion on the sidelines, none of them are concerned.

Locking each other’s eyes, Claude haughtily looking down on Rudeus. He lifts his face slightly, looking down on the reincarnator, and taps the back of his blade on his shoulder. Prompting the mage to strike first.

Rudeus bit the provocation and tapped the cane three times on the ground, activating King-level magic without chanting.


King ranked Quagmire materialized on the ground, and the terrain around him changed to a mud-like substance.

Claude steps on the spell and breaks it apart with a Qi-infused stomp without even looking at the ground.


Neither side did anything that the observer might criticize, as the King-ranked magic materialized in the flash of an eye, astonishing everyone in the surroundings.

Even Clara is aware that the spell invocation Rudeus did has never been performed within Arbalest.

Despite the fact that there are more than a dozen King-ranked mage and dual, none of them can cast the spell as quickly as Rudeus.

Not to mention the following spell Rudeus evoke an instant The spell was broken by Claude.

Below the ground, earth, fire, and ice spears appeared.

Even Claude couldn’t break the spell like he used to and avoid the spell’s rapid attack.

Spears from below and Wind scythe from above, the continual quick attack made many gulp their spit.

This type of conflict isn’t something they see every day, assuming they ever see anything like it. They have doubts about their ability to live after witnessing such a thing.

Rudeus didn’t say anything and concentrated on casting spell after spell, while Claude smirked and evaded the spell as if dancing.

Seeing a safe space on the ground or in the air that is constantly opening while Rudeus tries to cover them.

Even so, his concentration can only be sustained for so long.

It’s not like he can always keep the spell active while summoning another, leaving a gap in his onslaught.

“Don’t rush, there’s a gap in your attack, attempt to pinpoint the attack more precisely.”

Claude can still advise Rudeus while avoiding the onslaught.

Although irritated by the casual attitude, Rudeus followed the advice and recreated the spell on a single target while still focused his attack on Claude.

The potion’s Mana and Vitality regeneration is still ongoing, and it’s not going away anytime soon.

To continue or to stop, Rudeus chose to continue his attack and did his best to take down the guy in front of him.

Despite the fact that a lot transpired at the time.

It hasn’t even been 10 minutes since he drank the potion.

Tired of receiving the same onslaught, Claude imbued the mana in his right hand and Qi on his left blade.

A simple chantless Rock bullet was fired at Rudeus, followed by a sword slash behind those.

Instead of evading the simple attack, Rudeus employed Ran Ma, a magic disruption spell, to destroy the spell.

He had forgotten that Claude is a dual.

The following slice struck Rudeus square in the chest, leaving him gasping for breaths.

Fortunately, Claude didn’t put much strength into that slash, but it’s more than enough to stop Rudeus’ barrage of attacks.

“Should we continue our little game now?”






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