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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 108: Mysterious Minstrel

E Chapter 108: Mysterious Minstrel



As he already knew how the story went, Claude patiently waited until the minstrel completed his tales.

He didn’t interrupt as he compared what he knew to the story the minstrel told.

One of the benefits of soul power is that he can still communicate with his incarnation.Using that, he made a report to Kuro.

“I’ve just met an interesting troubadour that tells the story of One Piece here. Do you have any feedback for me, Kuro?”

“What?! Where were you? I’ll head there immediately”

“What for? Just unsummon yourself and return to your soul space. You’d know about the situation from my recent memory”

“Oh, right! I’m here”

As Kuro is already going back to Claude’s soul space and reading his memory, he couldn’t help but complain.

“Man, your date is so bad, I’m actually proud of my love life.”

“You’re getting sidetracked here, old man.”

“I’m getting there, just be patient,”

As they continue to have a conversation on their own, the minstrel is still maintaining the pace of his story.

“Using his rubber-like body, he defeated a navy after another in their own HQ. Luffy continues to wreak havoc along with the bounty hunter, Roronoa Zoro, cooperating with each other. They defeated the navy leader, and a navy with Axe as his hand!”

“Definitely the early chapter of the book; how could he know about this? If only you have appraisal skill, or any kind of investigation skill, we can definitely have an easier life” Kuro grumbled as he understood that the story was the same as what he knew, though a bit boring for him without the picture or animation.

“This place doesn’t have a level system or things that can make my life easier, I also wish the same. But why are you whining about something we don’t have?”

“What? Is it a crime to complain nowadays?”

“It’s annoying though. Let’s just maintain a good conversation without talking about what we don’t have.”

“Young man, your life is too bland. We must achieve something we don’t have and keep complaining every day to keep moving forward.”

“Yeah, it’s not like your life gets better with every complaint.”

“Let’s just leave my previous life aside. I know it’s not perfect. But at least, this man has a family already!”

“Yep, a family you dispose of along the way. Well, I won’t talk about this matter anymore; let’s continue our investigation about this minstrel”

“I’ll keep an eye on him while you concentrate on your date with Isolte.”

Gripping the hand on his palm, Claude asked, “Do you want to continue our date?”

“I’m staying here; his story is interesting. There might be some insight hidden in his story that we can deploy in our technique. The way that Roronoa Zoro used in the story is kind of interesting too…”

“Okay, I’ll keep you in company.” Claude said as he kissed Isolte’s knuckles.

As the minstrel picked the guitar, an episode after another was told by him. using his great intonation, vocals, and voice acting. The imagination he conveyed became more vibrant and created a thrilling moment for the listener.

Luffy’s meeting with Coby and parting.

His first journey with Zoro, and his meeting with Nami. By the time the learnt the situation on what happened to Usop’s crush, the audience start to sob.

Usop jokes like existence create raucous laughter, and the battle between Luffy and Kuro to save the village makes the audience cheer.

Although the battle seems too bland since there are no monsters as strong as Behemoth there, the adventure still leaves a long-lasting taste in the audience’s mouth. For the land dwellers, the world of One Piece is full of adventure and novelty, as they soon part with the villager in Usop’s hometown using Going Merry, their first pirate ship.

They met with their cooks in Baratie, the restaurant on the middle of the sea.

The audience was moved to tears by Sanji’s kind past with the head chef, and when the conclusion came.Sanji’s perverted behavior makes them smile again, as the parting of Sanji and the head chef made them sniffle again.

However, Nami’s betrayal occurred.Ending the story as the sun had fallen, the minstrel greeted them with thanks and an apology.

“They don’t know why Nami would suddenly betray them and take their treasure with her; however, they don’t give up and go to search for Nami in her village! Sadly, the time is up, and the story will be continued at another opportunity! I thank you all for patiently listening to my story!”

As he said so, the gallery filled with sadness and wished to know more about the story.

Even so, they know that it’s late already.

After giving the minstrel their money, they promised to comeback again tomorrow and asked him to tell the continuation.

Of course, the minstrel agreed as he prepared to leave.

As the audience claps at his great performance, Claude stays until the minstrel is done with his clean-up.

After counting the profit he received, the minstrel comes to Claude.

“I’m sorry, but if you want to hear more about the story, You need to wait until tomorrow, Cloud King,” the minstrel said with a smile on his face.

Claude is taken aback when he hears his title called.

“Wow, you seem to be a way bigger person than what I expected!”

“No, no, no. I’m not important; I just know more than normal.”

“Don’t you know that the Cloud King has been crippled? How could you meet him on the most dangerous continent?”

“Surely you’re kidding, I had the opportunity to meet you the other day when you fought against the Sword Emperor Eugene, and it left a long-lasting impression that etched your face into my brain! There’s no way I can forget someone as great as you!”

“You’re exaggerating, minstrel,” Claude said as he put a heavy emphasis on his last word. remembering the troubadour who had yet to introduce himself.

“Ah, right. Sorry for the delay. My name is Lynn. A traveling troubadour! This humble one feel respected to have you as my audience,” the minstrel said in courtesy.

From that simple conversation alone, Claude already understands that this man has a high level of intelligence in this world.

Lynn is lying when he said that he’s there for the ceremony. Why? Because the ceremony was for nobles only, which means that is impossible.

“I’ve memorized every Noble’s name and face in Asura, and as far as I know, there’s none with your face and name; I guess there’s some with the name Lynn, but your face? Especially those who came to Mike’s inauguration, I have no memory of it.”

Claude smiles toward Lynn. The other didn’t reply to his statement, and I ignored it. Sparks can be seen flying from them, but no one makes the first move.



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