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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 109: Counter measure

E Chapter 109: Counter measure



“So, basically, the troubadour association might be an enormous organization that puts us in trouble?” Kuro said this while moving exaggeratedly.

In the room, Claude already told the team the story about the situation he just discovered. Fred, D, U, Alex, and Isolte are also in the meeting room.

They are troubled by the trouble Claude just showed them; it’s not something weird for a traveling troubadour to have more information. However, the fact he can understand about Claude more than they show is definitely not something amusing.

“Would this mean there’s a hidden organization in the shadows?” D inquired, his gaze fixed on the recently promoted U.

“I’ve checked on him and his room. But there’s nothing noteworthy that I could found…” U said as he reported the task Claude gave him in the night.

Fred: Then, what’s his purpose in letting us know about this?

Alex: I don’t know about this, but sometimes people just want to share what they know.

Kuro: You mean, boasting, right? People like those didn’t really have any real capability in the first place.

Fred: yup, I agree with him on this. People have the capability to understand their kind, and no one likes to boast more than Kuro did.

Kuro: Whaddya say, you bastard!

Claude: I see. It can also mean that he only tried to provoke us. Is he some kind of spy or information dealer?

D: I don’t think so. It’s my first meeting with him; I don’t have any friends who work in his industry.

U: What’s about R01? She should know about the world situation better than us; she’s a popular author, and even the Water King Roxy is her disciple.

Isolte: That’s right, Miss Roxy is also here. She might know someone with the same occupation as her on the matter, which can also help us know from where Lynn receives the story about One Piece.

Kuro: Everyone should know about the masterpiece! It’s the best manga I’ve followed since I was young!

Fred: I don’t care about your preference; just shut it for now, Kuro.

Alex: Yeah, just stand down. You make the conversation stagnant.

Tapping on the table, Claude tried to think about the countermeasure for this problem. It would be preferable if Lynn the minstrel knew nothing about the truth and was simply a passerby who knew him.

however, even if he doesn’t know anything. He could also be a transmigrator like Nanahoshi Shizuka and her fellow

Even if the world is still unknown to him because of the lack of information, he can’t have another person like him that can jeopardize the world again.

This was a difficult situation that needed to be handled with caution.

Claude: Do you have any way to deal with this situation?

Seeing there was no response, Claude sighed and heard Fred’s statement.

“For now, we can just leave it be. But put him under surveillance as long as he stays in this city. We can’t have someone suddenly barge in and bring Hitogami’s underling to the Guild house after all.”

“Noted, I’ll keep tailing him and report any anomalies I find,” U said, as he disappeared into the shadow.

“Damn, that’s a cool way to go out,” Kuro said, trying to imitate U.

“Leaving that aside, we also need to deal with the matter regarding our mounts, right? Has anyone found the best one to tame?” Claude asked as he focused his attention on D.

“There are several beasts meeting our criteria, but are you sure we need to have that many?”

“Definitely, 3 for each! We already have the beast bag!” Kuro suddenly yelled, cutting D’s question off.

“It’s good if it’s only 3 for each person; Master Claude asked us to have at least 2 of each ground, fly, and sea monster so that everyone will have a backup in some cases.”

“Woah…” Kuro can’t say anything, as he also thinks that’s being too exaggerated. He even knew that having one of each was a joke, but now Claude wanted at least six?

“Seriously? You do know there are over 10 thousand people that need to be accommodated, right?” Fred questioned Claude’s choice.

Chuckling, Claude didn’t really care about their doubts and allowed D to continue his report.

“Right… So, based on what Master Claude wanted, we’ve found several lists. Of course, it’s already picked, and we can breed them. once we succeed, not to mention 10 thousand. We can even achieve a million with enough time”

“Approximately, how long would it take?”

“It will take about 2-5 years to reach a million monster population, and 5 months before we can accommodate the members.”

“Is there a problem then?”

“Yes… We need to subjugate the Lord of their colony, and with what we have before, we are lacking in both people and capability”

“It should be possible now, right?”

“Yes, with your help, we can deal with the situation easier.”

In the paper, listed the monster that D and the other Support division has noted.

They are all B-class beasts and above.

While the main continent might be lacking in those, this continent had more than enough B-rank and above to be a snack for the behemoth.

On the list, Claude had no problem with them.

However, he had a thing that he intrigued the most about.

“Aren’t you interested in subjugating them?” Claude asked, his smile wide.

“Oh no, please… we’ll die,” D said exasperatedly, moaning while hiding his face with his palm.

“No way, we’ll survive,” Kuro said with patriotism.

“Hahaha! This will be amusing!” Alex laughed amusingly, while Fred tried to judge the situation.

“Defeating one will be easy, but subjugating them is another matter.”

“Well, anyhow. Let’s start our plan to subjugate the Dragon”



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