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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 110: Taming

E Chapter 110: Taming






“Keep your heads away from the beast!” Claude yelled as he commanded them, and currently they circled the king of the horde.

Different from the beasts of the main continent, the monsters of Begaritt tend to move in hordes, and what their leader commands them to is final.

A pure monarchy where the leader reigns

This is the best system a leader would love to have and wouldn’t be able to do without absolute trust or a lack of intelligence.

Currently, they’re subjugating the Ground king, the beast that can fight toes to toes against a behemoth. Although it is said to be as strong as behemoth, it only so in a pack. Individually, Ground King isn’t that strong.

A ground king is at most an A-ranked quad-pedal beast. It had the body of a wolf and a hand of moles. It’s a beast that can control earth magic naturally, an origin beast that is said to have a mastery of peak advanced earth magic.

People only know that it’s rumored that the Ground King is an advanced-ranked mage on its own and to subjugate them. You need to have at least 5 advanced ranked mages on your team. Meanwhile, Crossbow had 50 saint grade and above mages. It’s already overpowering with this composition.

However, killing them and subjugating them is a different matter altogether.


Without the formation they used, the team might already be decimated.

Claude needs to keep the subjugated beast in check while always keeping his eyes on the attacking one. Not to mention having to deal with 200 at the same time, even facing them one on one is hard enough already.

“Who’s the smartass that thought of using this as a form of training?” Claude said as he created another imprisoning magic circle.

“I did!” Alex proudly said while in his sword form, used by D while commanding the other 49 D members.

This is a test at the same time. a way to stabilize their understanding of their new realm.

While having a horde of Ground Kings might be hard for them to deal with without Claude.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to help?” Claude shouted.

“Stay back, suckers!” Alex replied, followed by D and Isolte.

“Yeah, stay back, boomer!”

“What they said!”

Claude clutched his chest. He felt something was wrong with these guys. Why’d Isolte shout at him in the first place?

Not like it’s the first time, but ever since they had their dates, she got meeker.

Feeling hurt, Claude just shuts up and creates more imprisoning magic circles.

“Hahaha! Someone’s heart got hurt! It’s a good thing to see, right babe?” Using his clock form, Kuro said while having his body hugged by R01.

“Ugh, I don’t really think it’s good to beat people when they are down.”

“What, that’s the best time to beat a person! I’m a victim and I know it was at this time they won’t reply to you. ”

“Hey, I heard that!”

“Stay back, Claude!”


As he couldn’t counter them, Claude just stared at his new platonic lover. He doesn’t know when the hell are they became a couple, but that’s sure is weird to see a bombshell like R01 to hug the clock like a teddy bear.

As the true love faction, he won’t see anyone but Isolte as a love interest. Claude can still see that R01 is better than average in terms of both appearance and body.I never expected her to fall for Kuro.

“A queer sight to see,” Claude muttered as he captured another Ground King and sent a new batch towards Fred.

“Definitely something’s wrong with her. I can’t even see a shred of attractiveness towards that damn clock.”

“Right, I agree with you on this, Fred.”

“Have you ever disagreed with me?”

“I disagree with the fact that I need to NTRed Rudeus and take Eris, Sylphy, or Roxy as my harem members. I believe in true love, and definitely won’t have other women beside Isolte. ”

“What’s wrong with that? As a person that seeks the highest, a concubine or two is necessary. ”

“Say that to Mike, I have no interest in being a royal or something along with that.”

Fred didn’t reply to Claude’s remark, but he knew better than the person that the path which Claude took would definitely result in the founding of a kingdom.

Sooner or later, Claude couldn’t help but make a kingdom for himself. At that time, a woman or two won’t matter since there’d be a political marriage that needs to be arranged.

“Even if I wanted to be, or needed to be a king in the future, I can just leave the political marriage hassle to my children; it’s not like I can’t have them marry girls in the future. ”

“Right, there’s also that way.” Fred nodded as he continued to plan for the future.

Different from the others, Fred is the brain, the thinker.

As they are 4 souls in a body, although they can move independently and think for themselves. Claude is primarily responsible for decision making; Fred serves as the brain, considering all possibilities; Alex serves as the muscle; and Kuro serves as the emotion.

Each of them is progressing steadily in their respective fields.

different people for various subjects

In fact, the way Claude handles things is more like a parallel thought. Each person had their own task to do, while in the past, Claude did all the things by himself. with Fred, Claude, and Kuro by his side. He can fully focus on developing his mana and aura.

A steady progress to reach the pinnacle is what he wanted to achieve right now, since entering the emperor’s expertise made him realize that the endpoint of the said rank is nowhere he could see.

different from the previous rank, which had a ceiling point. The rank of an emperor sees no wall he can break; aimlessly wandering in the darkness isn’t something he is fond of. However, he can expect to achieve something on this journey.

“The pinnacle…” As Claude muttered, he could see the shadow of Orsted.

Disregarding the unknown Hitogami, what Claude wishes to achieve right now is to defeat the Dragon, as he sees the pinnacle.





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