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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 111: Taming [2]

E Chapter 111: Taming [2]


[Claude POV]

The depth of the Emperor’s rank is deep.

Unlike when I was a saint or king, the Emperor seems to not have any real rank beyond the limit.

From this point on, my progress will be as slow as a snail. Each development might be small, but every time I do have one, it won’t be smaller than God’s achievements though.

I took a different path from a normal expert, so I can do well in both mana and aura arts. Things like magic and aura imbued techniques can be done by me. There’s also the fusion between both of the energies, which I wanted to understand more.

Although my progress will be slower, the depth I will get will be better than before. With the addition of my other 3 incarnations, I would have made faster progress, but in the end, they can only help me study the material. It’s my job to understand and stabilize them as my own experience.

From this point on, there’s no need for me to run anymore. I will develop myself steadily.

Although the dungeon manifestation might be a danger never seen before, at this point, it’s still a long way off for me to deal with it alone.

Unlike the time of the metastasis incident, when my life was on the line.In this event, there’s no need for me to feel danger. In the end, there are plenty of ways to deal with the situation.

Without my 4th incarnation souls resurrected in my soul space, there’s no way we can get a definite answer towards this point. Well, his knowledge of cooking, information networking, and the future are dependable. But aside from that, he’s weaker than even me from metastasis.

With Fred and Alex at my side, it’d be easy to think of any countermeasure when the push comes to shove.

Grabbing Isolte’s hand, I continued to lead her on our second date in Begaritt.

“Travelling using a wyvern is way better than a drake.”

“Won’t you hurt Charizard’s feeling if you say that to it?”

“Naw, that charred lizard is a battle crazed maniac. Ash and him have a tendency to prefer fighting over another thing, when they knew we succeed in taming bunch of Wyvern and Ground King they will be asking for a match, rather than getting depressed”

“Is that it? We still need to take care of the last sea monster to tame. Unlike the wyvern that we can deal with easily, and the troublesome Ground King that can run away by hiding in the ground. The sea serpent we will target will seriously be a monster different than those two…”

“Right, babe. They even said that the evolution of the said sea serpent would either be a flood dragon or leviathan? Won’t that be cool!”

“Don’t use babe on me, Claude. I hate the way Kuro uses those to woo other people other than Bloody. ”

“Well, sorry for that darling. I don’t really understand their way of thinking to get bamboozled by that Kuro out of all? Don’t they all know how pathetic Kuro is?”

“It’s not something you can decide. A woman’s mind is the world’s mystery… I even question myself in accepting you as my boyfriend right now. ”

“Aw… my hypnotize magic seems to be working really well on the matter. ”

“What? No wonder I’m smitten by you. So you used mind-control magic on me? ”

“Pfft, hahaha”


As Isolte and I continue our sky date, we joke with each other.

Well, Kuro’s popularity is still a question. However, I won’t really care about it. It’s not like he can impregnate my division members, and as a person in charge of human psychology. Kuro seems to act as a matchmaker for the hardboiled D division and nerdy support division to woo the adventurer in town.

In a way, he’s more popular than I am.

I don’t really know his way of befriending people, but Kuro had the charisma to be liked by another.

different from their loyalty towards me, their savior. Kuro held their loyalty as their bosom buddies. It’s not like this kind of loyalty is dependable for other people that can easily backstab you. However, for the people of Arbalest, that accentuates bonds in their daily life. This is a precious thing.

“I see, Bond huh…” I mutter as I see the sunset. Beside me, Isolte takes a closer seat to me and stares at the sunset with her lovely eyes.

Focusing on the beauty of the orange sky, I was enraptured by her.

I took no time, kissing her in the cheek and astonishing her.

while she stared at me in shock and looked at me. I once again moved my head forward and slowly took her lips.

It’s a small step, different from the already non-virgin Rudeus. It’s our first time kissing. It might be a bit clumsy, but I can feel the feeling it holds.

Our lips parted, and we looked at each other with drowsy eyes.

Kissing isn’t that special when you do it without any feelings, but seeing her and spending time with her like this makes the kiss more memorable.

“Isolte, you know that I love you.”

“Yeah Claude, I too am. Although you’re a bit too annoying and narcistic…”

“Can’t deny that, but you still love me, right?”

Without answering my question, she took my lips again.

Oh well, I take that as a yes.

Sweet, sweet kiss…

They said, to make your target obedient, you need to have a whip and a carrot. While, in some ways or another, we can deal with the situation better after we have more money in our stash. We can definitely tame the beast better with some reward and punishment.

Recently, because of her training with Alex and the others from D’s division, I feel like Isolte has been ignoring me before I asked her for a date.

If her ignorance is a punishment for me, and the kiss is her reward… won’t that mean…

Crap, am I being tamed right now?



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