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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 112: Requip

E Chapter 112: Requip


[Claude POV]



Taking care of a wyvern is way easier than a ground king.

The Wyvern will follow the one giving them food while the Ground King is needy. This monster that’s a fusion between wolf and mole had a cat-like trait.

If you’re being nice to them, they will think of you as their servant. However, be strict with them; you’re an enemy.

Although after being tamed they won’t kill you on sight, they have a tendency to make you stressed by their retaliation.

pooped or peed on, thrown away while they’re running, or buried alive as you sleep.

Thankfully, as the king of the horde, my ground king doesn’t do something like that, and it’s quite calm with me.

“Leader, don’t bite my head. It’s not tasty at all! ” I said to my Ground King, as the leader of the pack he won’t follow those weaker than him, and choose me as his trainer.

I don’t know what’s his reason to follow me, but I called him “Leader.”

“Grau, rau, rau”

“I don’t know what you’re saying, man… I’m just the odd job guy. Can’t you just bother D or Kuro over there? ”

Sniffing, the Ground King dug the ground and buried me in it.

I’m kind of annoyed by their erratic behavior, but it’s still cute whenever I see them whimpering after a beating.

Because I’m annoyed right now, I beat the hell out of the wolfy.

“Leader, what do bad kids get again?”

“Wruuu, wruuu!”

He’s shaking in fear and trying to run away. Sadly, you’re not faster than me.

“Wruuuu! Wrrruuu ”

After dealing with the noisy pet, I returned to my work. Developing the idea and implanting it

Right now, I have plenty of battle styles.

Based on the teaching Alex gave me, my myriad of battle styles isn’t the same as the North God style, which focuses on their main weapon and sub-weapon. While my Cloud Style mainly deals with versatility,

We used all the weapons as our main weapons, which is why the style didn’t have a specific form for any of their techniques. It depends on the mana and aura flow, and each weapon only helps us as a vessel to direct the flow.

Just imagine a bullet that can be shot by any kind of gun. The bigger the gun, the stronger the power will be. The same also works in reverse.

This means that cloud style can be applied to any situation.

But it doesn’t mean anyone can do them.

A legit cloud style can only be called so when it’s reached the standard of advanced at the minimum. Because that’s the only time people can start to develop their aura.

Before one can fuse the usage of mana and aura at the same time, they are only mixing up magic and swordsmanship, which will make them called as Magic Swordsman.

So, since cloud style depends on versatility, My space magic and the other members’ space items usually held all kinds of weapons.

Having a space item is already helping enough. Even so, we need to change our weapons faster in case of an emergency.

At that moment, Kuro suddenly gave me an idea.

“What about making requip magic like Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail?”

which is deemed as impossible as of now, since not everyone can do a unique magic that even I had trouble with.

Yes, I succeeded in creating the magic.

It’s great and cool magic, BUT it uses mana.

There is too much mana used on equipping and unequipping the magic. I might have made some mistakes in the development of the magic, but that’s my limit as of now.

So, since it’s not really possible,

We are attempting to use various approaches for the aforementioned magic and create an enchantment item to create a suit similar to those used by Kamen Rider and Power Rangers!

That’s right!

Currently, I’m developing an instant wardrobe!

It might sound funny, but it’s plausible.

What will be worn can be diversified according to the clothes placed on the item. from armor to undies, though using this for undies might be too much.

With this, Cloud Style’s versatility will increase by a notch!

Bringing my spear card out, I let the magic into the card and it allowed me to install the set of clothes on me.

As the card shines, my body shines, and the clothes appear on my body. I squashed my current clothes below the armor, and the spear appeared on my hand.

“3 seconds. It can be faster, but the research money used will put a dent in us. It should be enough for now, “Fred said, as he counted the time it took for the armor to appear.

“Magic can help you do almost everything, huh?” Alex muttered as he squinted closely at my attire.

“I’m smart and I know it. Now praise me for the great idea!” You don’t need to know who said this; it’s not really important as of now.

“Now, should we finalize the magic circle used on the equipment card and create the machine to macro it?”

“We’ll leave them to the support team for now, you need to prepare for the sea serpent taming. It’s not like we can delay it further, since the nobles on the main continent have become stupid enough to deploy their insidious plan to Under A. ”

“oh well, creating 200 equip cards will be in a jiffy with you and me working together. Even so, we still need to deal with some situations. ”

“Don’t worry, I’ll teach the kid another formation they can do while swimming. They should be done with their training within a week. Don’t tell me you can’t clear the task within a week. ”

“Okay, I’ll do my best to finish them with Fred while you do your job, Alex”

Using that as the basis of our experiment, I also asked several people from the R division to help. We tried all the possible scenarios and found the best way to create the item.

Using that magic circle as the base, and create the macro for automatically writing them and machine to create the card was a job for the R division to do. I’ve given them the blueprint though. It shouldn’t be too hard to create it based on the blueprint, right?

It’s only later that I found out that the R division cursed at me for giving them short notice on the said work.



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