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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 113: Sea Serpent

E Chapter 113: Sea Serpent




After they’ve dealt with the necessary preparation and obtained the card, the members of Crossbows +2 start their journey towards the den of the Sea Serpent. the one that was said to be Hydra’s kin.

Different from the ground king, which moves in packs, sea serpents tend to move individually.

Individually, they are as strong as a wyvern at sea. Not even Behemoth can defeat them once the sea serpent latches its poisoned fangs onto its body.

The planet is round, and the Begaritt continent, based on the map, should be closer to the Demon continent than the Central continent. However, the sea that divided the continent is filled with danger. One of the reasons why people stay away from the sea is because of the sea serpent.

Similar to Behemoth, the sea serpent tends to stay within its territory. But they’re unforgiving to those who trespass on their territory, sentient as it may be. The sea serpent is the monarch of the sea.

To tame one, it’d take more preparation than the Wyvern and the Ground King.

“Have the antidotes been prepared?”

“We’ve had the anti-venom ready. We’ve also been vaccinated already, so there should be no problem dealing with a lone sea serpent”

“Remember our plan. Run if there are more than two sea serpents in a territory.”

“Ugh… I don’t even want to imagine them…”

As the member of Crossbow spoke, Claude couldn’t help but grumble on the side.

“They talk as if it’s the only problem we had. Did they think it was easy to contain a Behemoth-class beast and tame them?”

“Now, now, don’t talk like that, darling. You know, you’re the best in this place, right? There’s no way you can’t do something Ash can.”

“Huh, now that you’re saying it, Isolte. I don’t think even Ash could tame an S-class beast”

“Are you sure? It’s already been a year since we met them; don’t you think Ash and Charizard should improve already?”

“Nah, I doubt it. I know how hectic it’d be in the kingdom, which is why I leave the place. Now that the wall has become higher, without a guide. The bastard will take a long time to reach King-ranked expertise.”

When we talked about growth, the person who actually had the most growth was Isolte. When they started their journey, Isolte was just an advanced-rank Water God.

But, with the guidance of Alex and having a member of Crossbow as her sparring partner, She has actually entered the King realm already, and within several months at the earliest, she should have a comprehension high enough to reach the Emperor realm.

a feat that should scare those at Water Dojo.

Well, currently, if Claude fought against Emporio again, He should be able to defeat the god-title candidate with ease, since the experience Claude had accumulated has entered a new front.

Within a year, he has not only honed his enchantment and critical thinking skills.Even if he fought against Kalman III again, Claude shouldn’t lose as fast as in the past. In addition, Alex can control the body longer than in the past.

“We’ve arrived on the location. Scout, go, and search for any possible intervention!”

“On it!”

Douglas led the team and asked the scouts to search for any possible trouble.

preparing for any unknown entity that could disturb their hunt, and if it’s necessary, the scout might need to dispose of the surrounding nuisance.

“Area clear!”

“Area clear. Ready your formation!”

A simple order, and the group lined up nicely in perfect lines. Holding a card in their hand, they chanted.


The magic particle appeared surrounding their bodies; armor made of silver appeared on their bodies with swords in their right hands and shields on their left. They began to lower their bodies into a stance in preparation for any sudden assault or venomous bile from the sea.

“Throw the bomb!”


A dynamite was dropped into the calm water to attract the monster that was expected to appear there.

But nothing can be seen.

“Is there something wrong with this place?”

“Were we wrong in getting the information, or were we lost somewhere and arrived at the wrong section?”


stopping the other members’ whispers, D can hear the vibration.

D, the team leader of Division D, Douglas is different from the other division leader. As the most resourceful, D is actually a former adventurer party member.

Betrayed by his colleagues, he was drugged and sold to the slave merchant. As a crippled mage, he’s thrown away here and there. Until Claude saved him from another of those night jobs, exterminating the surrounding bandits and slavers.

At first, he believed the drug was the one responsible for crippling his mage constitution. But Claude can see through the bull*hit, and beat the crap out of Douglas.

In a fit of fury, he unleashed his magic and realized that he had never been a cripple. He’s always afraid of his own competence and refuses to work with people that could betray him at any time, even stopping caring about things altogether.

However, his hand was itching to start his adventure. Thus, the day metastasis happened and he was engulfed within the magic, Douglas stopped his whining and started acting like a man.

In the end, he once again met with Claude and was tasked to head towards Begaritt. because his experience as a former adventurer is required on the division

One of the things he relied on the most was his sense of danger ability, which is actually needed right now.

Not long after, a ripple comes out of the surface.

At the same time, blood appeared from below the still water.

“Is that the Serpent’s blood?”

They asked as they saw the colored water crunching his face. D then shouted, “Retreat!” without delay.

Being trained, they followed the order and ran 100 meters backward in a matter of seconds.

And soon, what appears from below the water surface is the chopped head of a sea serpent. Having its neck on the mouth of a dragon.





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