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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 114: Unexpected event

E Chapter 114: Unexpected event




That’s the only feeling they had as they laid their eyes on the perpetrator of the bloodied sea in front of them.

“A dragon…”

As soon as they see this, they unactivate the balance card and activate the agility card. Soon, a leather garment glowing with defensive enchantment and a pair of swords appeared in the hands of the melee, and a crossbow with bolts and a staff appeared in the hands of the rear.

Preparing for a sudden attack, they are excited about fighting against the strongest SS-ranked monster. A monster that’s stronger than a Behemoth and can be said to have the same strength as a god-ranked

“Stay in your position! Activate the barrier!”

As soon as D said so, the rear chant barrier spell and activated the said spell. Not long later, a blue light appeared in their surroundings.

“Can I enter the fray?” Claude asked as he eyed the dragon.

Although he can feel the pressure, rather than dread, he feels excitement as soon as it appears. However, he held himself. They already created a plan to subjugate this dragon, and having to deal with it now will bring casualties he didn’t wish for.

After considering profit and loss, Claude decides to stop himself and allow the dragon to leave if it wants to. Since they already know its nest, it wouldn’t be hard to find it again.

Scoffing at the midget, the dragon leaves the area.

Although it’s annoying to be belittled by the dragon, they didn’t really feel ashamed or something. Rather, they are glad that they don’t need to risk something unplanned.

“The dragon has left; unequip the agility set and use the balance set again when we approach the second site!” Douglas ordered as he store the armor and weapon within the card.

Looking at the submerging dragon, they deactivate the card and break the formation.

Being wary of the said dragon, they moved slowly. Different from another monster, this dragon is smart enough to understand that humans aren’t weaklings and defeating them might be dangerous.

Not to mention the aura and mana Claude unleashed when the dragon appeared, which already shows that the midget’s might isn’t something it can scoff at. Although it was bigger, its age shows the wisdom it had.

Humans are despicable living beings, and they have numerous ways to deal with it even if they are weaker. However, there’s no need for the dragon to attack them and have a massacre over suicidal beings like the humans.

They will kill each other soon enough and leave the world for later generation to genocide each other once more.

That’s how foolish humans are in the dragon’s eyes.

Meanwhile, after leaving the hot spot The people of Crossbow succeeded in subjugating and taming the sea serpent. They used the wyvern and ground king to bait the serpent towards the land, steadily conquering one after another.

In the end, they caught 20 sea serpents with both equal gender count on the day.

Scratching his chin, Claude can’t help but think about the thing they’ve all forgotten: “We still need to create an ecosystem to rear these monsters, right?”

“Indeed… not to mention an ecosystem, how would we be able to create a safe space for the pets to live in the first place? Although the beast bag can be used to store them, it’s not a place for the beast to frolick.” D said as he followed behind Claude.

“Sigh… They’re too big to be let out of the bag. How can we deal with this situation now? We can’t just release them back into the wild.”

Thinking for a while, D couldn’t help but utter something great.

“How about we create living space in a labyrinth?”

“Hmmm, that’s a good idea, actually. But, had the research on them produced results?”

“As of now, we can’t conclude anything. Though it may be presumptuous of me to say so, the labyrinth appeared to be designed with humans in mind.The structure and living organisms, there would at some point be a community.”

“I see. I’d read the report about the occasional appearance of the goblin and orc villages within the labyrinth. But, shouldn’t the monsters inside the labyrinth be generated automatically? Unlike in a dungeon, where the monsters were limited to its confines, the labyrinth shouldn’t have that kind of limitation, right?”

“Which is why it’d be the best place to rear an S-class beast. They can eat an unlimited supply of food. The trouble will be how we can create a city within the labyrinth.”

With Douglas’ question, Kuro suddenly appeared.

“It’s pretty easy! Just migrate the people inside the labyrinth!”

“And how could we do that?”

“Did you forget about human greed already, Claude?”

“… I see.”

Epiphany suddenly filled Claude’s brain at Kuro’s remark.

Crossbow already had enough fame within the maze city of Rapan; even within the Begaritt continent, almost everyone already understood how amazing Crossbow is, and using the fame to construct a city within the labyrinth isn’t that hard.

Not to mention that they have more than 30 King experts; just one is enough to bring fear to the people of Rapan. Because Cloud Style can battle against monsters of a higher rank, displaying 20 saint ranks should be enough to boost people’s confidence in Crossbow’s ability to defend the city in the event of a monster rush in the labyrinth.

Knowing that if they live within the labyrinth, they will save time by easily traveling between their hunting and resting spots.

“We also had the guardian deity; those tamed beasts can’t defeat Behemoth alone, but they can work together. They can fight each other equally, let alone the weakling on the upper labyrinth’s floor. They would only be the tamed beast’s excrement if they dared to act like a boss near our city!”

Kuro said zealously that his reason for uttering this idea was because he had the mind to create a city like those in anime, like Danmachi. The novelty of creating a community within the labyrinth makes Kuro feel excited.

As odd as he may be as an ardent anime fan, or otaku,

Kuro, being one of the first Kuro, has a stronger attachment to adventure and exploration than Claude. which hasn’t been traumatized by the murder of the monster within the nightmare dungeon, he can act nonchalant about things.

D simply nodded to an excited Kuro and looked at Claude.

“Oh well, let’s accept this idea first and have a meeting about it. We need the others’ opinion on this matter, and it’s not like we are in a hurry.” Claude clapped his hands and moved towards the tent as he saw the approaching person, signaling the time to change.

It’s already night, and they choose to be on standby several kilometers from the sea. Taking turn on night watch, now is the schedule of another team to watch the surrounding. Since the situation seems safe, Claude chooses to take a nap.

Forgetting about any bothersome things, such as Hitogami and the Troubador, who had knowledge from another world.



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