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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 115: Docile

E Chapter 115: Docile



While the others work to subjugate and tame the beast, Lucas Lumiere, the current leader of the newly established Division U, the former D49, is doing his best to track down the mysterious minstrel, Lynn.

As he followed the minstrel, he found the story he told intriguing.

Unlike what Claude expected, there are several differences between his story and the one Kuro told him about.

“Then, the great Lynn comes to the rescue! Because even the great White Beard and the other marines are afraid of him, they put a stop to transgression in his wake,” the minstrel proudly continued his story about the war to execute the former Pirate King’s child.

From what U understand, the minstrel might only be a nutjob. It can’t be denied that he’s someone who might come from the same world as Kuro. However, it’s undeniable that this guy might not know anything else other than this.

“His self-insert is cringey.” murmured the undertaker.

Even if he wanted to believe the story, he knew it was all a figment of Kuro’s imagination. The power level of One Piece, on the other hand, is absurd for him.

There’s no real power difference, and someone that looks weak can suddenly become strong. Heck, not even a 10-meter giant can defeat a 50-centimeter midget?

Are you seriously following the same law as this world?

Even though he thought so, U don’t remember the fact that his leader is the most bizarre within the realm.

A child under the age of 20 who has already reached the world’s limit

Claude, like the main characters in shounen manga, uses plot armor to overcome challenge after challenge.

Even so, U diligently keep the minstrel on track.

He hid in the audience at times, and in the shadows the majority of the time.

As he continued to follow the minstrel, his darkness attribute gave him an advantage over this type of matter. The target actually started to have a conversation with someone he knew; Lucas is astonished at this sudden event.

“Oh my, if it isn’t the beautiful elf, the stalwart dwarf, and the genius mage! It’s an honor for me to meet you guys here!”

Lynn said as he approached Talhand, Roxy, and Elinalize.

“Oh! Minstrel! Do we know each other?” Talhand was quite puzzled by the sudden greetings; he never knew he had a relationship with this minstrel. even though he does occasionally have dealings with people in the said profession.

While Elinalize just smiles lecherously at the kid, Roxy is confused because she didn’t know that someone would know her.

“Of course, you won’t know me. How could this humble minstrel be someone that will be remembered by the Water King mage and former S-Class adventurer’s group?”

“I see. That means you know us from the rumor, huh. Quite a sight you had there, Minstrel,”

“You jest, master Talhand. Please, just call me Lynn. Although this is our first meeting, word of your great exploit has spread among my people.You know how we minstrels love to hear people’s adventures?”

“Hahaha! Indeed, indeed! However, coming here again makes me realize how small our exploit was in the past, unlike the current Mapan. In my day, the place was more dangerous than now.”

“I can agree with what he said, from what I see. It seems it’s your first time coming here, Lynn? What makes you come to this barren and dangerous place?” Elinalize said as she eyed the young minstrel.

“There lies more adventure in a danger-filled place! People from my occupation rarely go to places where there’s danger, but I can’t help but find novelty in such places! I once visited the Demon continent, and a troubadour friend with a massive rack told me the story of the young mage’s adventure to find her teacher!And I believe it’s the story of the great king-ranked water mage we have here”

Lynn replied with a smile after hearing what he said.Roxy couldn’t help but be surprised and inquired.

“You’ve met with Troubador?”

“Our kind of people have a great network, you see. We will sometimes exchange information to satisfy our curiosity.”

“I see, is she well?”

“Definitely, that one won’t croak until she has a life filled with satisfaction!”

“Huhu, that’s right. She’s such a person, not that you mention it. Doesn’t that mean you already know about our background? That seems very suspicious for me…” Roxy said, as she warily eyed Lynn.

She’d never expected to be investigated; moreover, the person doing so is someone that she’s never met before.

“Before that, do you know about the current situation of your beloved disciples?” Lynn said, changing the topic.

“Disciples?” Roxy was quite puzzled by the plural, until she remembered that she did have more than one disciple. The fact that she once taught the prince of Shirone fly over her head since that one is so bad, she would never want to remember him again.

“Haha! The poor prince started to learn better after being dealt by his brother, several years before he actually kidnapped your other disciple’s little sister and maid. You might not know this, but after your departure. There’s a bit of adultery within the house, and now, former adventurer Paul is troubled with his infidelity!”

“Hah! I knew it!” Elinalize snorted.

While Talhand just laughed while he mumbled. “Very typical of Paul,”

Seeing Roxy’s frown, Lynn smiled and continued, “Fret now, Water King. The situation has been dealt by the Quagmire, oh its Rudeus’ current adventurer’s title named after his favorite spell…”

“I don’t really understand your reason on saying it to me now, although I am interested on Rudeus’s whereabout, our current goal is to search for Zenith’s whereabout…” Roxy said, cutting Lynn’s story.

“I see.” With a smile, Lynn stopped his chatter. He ordered a glass of ale, leaving Roxy aside as he questioned Elinalize “Don’t you want to know about your granddaughter’s whereabouts, though?”

“You know about it?”

“Well, I’ve heard about your son, Law. Despite the fact that this half-elf was one of the deceased and the whereabouts of his daughter remain unknown, I am aware of something strange while traveling along the way.”

Lynn said with a smile as he sipped the ale.

“What do you want for that information?” Elinalize asked, intrigued by him.

“Yuck, never though anyone would like to drink this thing…” Lynn said as he threw the ale away and ignored Elinalize.

“You want a one-night stand or money?”

“You’re looking down on me too much, lady. How about a good trade? A story for another…” Lynn said while smiling widely at them.

Lucas couldn’t help but sweat at the venomous snake that covered himself cleverly, playing the party using the information he held.






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