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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 116: Dragon

E Chapter 116: Dragon



“That dragon is something we can’t attack…”

Kuro said, while hovering atop R01.

“It’s scary. How can some monster have that much intelligence shown in their eyes? It’s almost like Trolly…” he adds with a quivering tone.

“Indeed, that troll is a crazy one. However, do you really think there’s something like that in this world again?” Claude asked, without caring about the fact that Kuro knows about Trolly.

Alex “I’ve never met that individual, so I’m not sure what kind of being you’re referring to. However, the fact that something intelligence appeared in this magical world isn’t that intriguing. I’m more intrigued by the lack of intelligence being in the first place.

Fred “I agree with Alex; it’s not weird for intellectual beings aside from the humanoid one to appear, not to mention a prehistoric monster like a dragon.”

Claude “Now that we’ve actually seen each other, I get cold feet. Is this something normal? ”

D “I’m still scared of what I saw that day, not to mention cold feet. Its scoff filled my nightmare. What if it’s suddenly attacking me? What’s wrong when that dragon suddenly comes and chomps me? I don’t want to die. ”

D said hysterically, as a chuckle suddenly filled the room.

“Hahaha, aren’t you guys dramatizing the situation too much?” R01 said as she laughed out loud, slapping her palm on her thigh. She laughed, while controlling her voice.

“Tsk, you’re exaggerating things too much D!” Kuro yelled, while running away from the frenzied R01.

“Pfft, nightmare, he said,” Claude chuckled on the side, while repeating what D said.

Fred “Hmm, I see your talent, Douglas. Let’s have some skit outside. We’ll be rich then.”

Alex “Don’t you see how cringy he acted?”

Fred “That’s what a skit seeks! A cringy act. People will laugh when I point it out.”

D hid his face because he was embarrassed when they pointed it out. He thought that he had a talent for acting; he never expected that he was actually not talented at acting.

R01 stopped her, laughed, and asked, “Hah… now, remind me why we created this play again?”

“Weren’t we just bored?”

“That’s wrong, Kuro. We need to train for the stage in Millis, remember? ” Claude explained.

“What kind of drama will we start in the first place? It’s not like Douglas will be coming with us. ”


Claude glanced at D when Kuro said that, stopping himself from breaking the heart of the delicate king-ranked martial artist.

“Anyhow, that minstrel suddenly goes missing. Lucas can’t find his whereabouts even after 2 weeks of searching, so he’s already gone to Millis. Our preparation should already be finished by now, and the tamed beast will be sent to their owner as Lucas is heading towards the Lumiere house. Based on the report from Division C, the story is already spreading within the Central continent. Not like it’s popular, but, it already had its fare share of fans…” Fred said, as the ember continued to flare.

“I don’t really understand his reasoning, but, is he a reincarnator, transmigrator, or a Miko just like you, Claude?” Alex questions the purpose of the minstrel.

“I’ve received a message from Mike that he’s already received his ride. But, you never reported back since he went to the mission. I guess he’s currently recruiting talented people for his Undertaker Division. However, we need to stay cautious about what the one above has planned. I can’t believe he will stop attacking me. Not to mention Orsted’s standing towards our organization; will he be our ally or enemy? Those things are more important than the play we planned on Milshion. ” Claude explained.

“Now that you mention Orsted, do you believe the Dragon on the Sea and the Dragon God were related?” Kuro suddenly asked.

Dragon race, as far as Claude knows, there are 2 people that are within the category: the Dragon God Orsted and the Armored Dragon King Perugius Dola.

While he’d already had contact with Orsted, he never once had a discussion with the Armored Dragon King.

“Rather than the dragon outside, I believe the Armored Dragon King had more relations with the Dragon God. However, it’s weird that they never once have contact with each other…”

Fulfilling his thirst for information right now is impossible, since not even Kuro knows the situation surrounding this unfinished world.

If it’s like Naruto, who had already finished their 1st generation, and Dragon Ball, who had a steady amount of information, Kuro might have a successful roadmap to deal with all kinds of situations. However, this world, which was called ‘Mushoku Tensei,” wasn’t finished yet. There’s still more mystery to uncover.

“We need to be thankful for our current information. Rather than being confused by unknown things, how about we create plans to deal with the Dragon outside? I want to test my strength by defeating the dragon! ”

Claude said hypedly, forsaking his careful nature, he’d started to be a reckless Kuro within the Nightmare Dungeon.

Within 4 of his incarnations, the weakest will be his 4th followed by Kuro. However, having a different power himself, Kuro can deal with the situation all by having himself killed. At a certain point in the past, Kuro even killed himself several times to run away from the nightmare dungeon.

At the end of the incarnation, Kuro became a reckless, suicidal person who tried all while forsaking his safety. This kind of personality heavily impacted the young Claude, making the carefulness that Alex and Fred nurtured him jeopardized.

“Be sane, Claude,” Alex said with a strict tone, trying to calm the teen.

“We need to investigate first, probe the enemy. We know that the dragon is way stronger than we previously expected. With the addition of high-level intelligence, it’s not a bad idea to think that we can tame it.” Fred explained.

Nodding at his teachers’ statement, Claude calmed down and started to think of any possible way to beat the dragon.

Unlike Kuro, Claude has only one life.

There’s no way he can be resurrected after being murdered by the Dragon. Moreover, unlike Kalman, who uses swordsmanship, the dragon might be a nuke that can explode to kill him along with it.

Magic, that mysterious ability, wasn’t only owned by humans.

Every living being in this world can use them. The bigger their bodies are, the stronger their magic will be. Because a larger body means a larger vessel, their approaches to magic differed.

For example, the Ground King used magic to enhance their strength, senses, and claws to have better survival ability in the area.

The Sea Serpent increases the amount of toxic bile produced and uses the magic to armor its body from any impact.

The wyvern used magic to create fire and faster agility while in the air.

Every living being had a different way of using magic, using mana as their fuel, the body as the fuel tank, and their instincts as their spell casting. There are a myriad of spells Claude can create using different monsters as his spell models.

Leaving the mystery of the magic aside, all the necessary steps have been taken. Claude has completed all the necessary procedures required to complete the preparatory plan that he needs to deal with the situation on the central and millis continents.

“All right, since it appears that dragon taming isn’t necessary at this point, we can abandon that plan and move on to the second step of the plan. Once everyone is ready, we can deal with the hassle once and for all. ”

Claude said as he sighed, not long after R01 gave her report.

“Undertaker has sent the tamed beast pouch to Boss Mike, and Division C has started their movement. Soon, every core member of Arbalest will have their own tamed beast in their grasp. Should we tell the inner and outer members of Arbalest to prepare?”

“No, let’s just take it easy and hope for the plan to be unnecessary. I don’t really want to start a massacre over nothing…”

“But, it’s a matter of course that the hyena will flock to the carcass…”

“Then, we can deal with the hyena when the situation occurs. After all, a hungry camel is still bigger than a horse.”





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