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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 117: Mike’s misery

E Chapter 117: Mike’s misery



Boreas Estate, Central Continent

“Hey, Sauros, do you really think it’s alright to leave Rudeus be like that?”

“What’s wrong with the kid again?”


“Pfft, how is that even possible? He’s like 13, right? ”

“I know shi* about psychological matters, but the brat seems to get really hurt because of the ranaway Eris. I think he thought that he was dumped after having intercourse because of his lack of I don’t know the word for this situation. ”

“Mike, Mike, Mike, this is why I told you to have a night maid or two. You’re already a noble, and all you do is sit in the office and deal with that annoying paper work. ”


Mike suddenly got angry and stopped reading the paper in his hand, glaring at the tea-sipping Sauros.

“Then do your goddamn work! Fucking geezer plowing maid while a child does his work… fuck, Sauros, this is child abuse!”

“Look, you’re the one who got mad at me after I raised the tax and approved several unwarranted paper? Do you still see me as your lord? ”

“Are you an idiot? How can you raise a tax in this disaster? Do you want to have a riot? Not to mention the paper about giving the merchant land and title using a small amount of money, you, how can you be a lord with that kind of brain?”

“That’s rude. What’s worth in that wasteland in the first place? It’s not like the merchant will get anything because of the wasteland and useless title like a baronet…”


Mike wanted to say more and explain the dirty mind of the merchant to Sauros. However, it appears to be useless.

The old man has lost his mind already because of the grief. He lost all his family members aside from Eris in a night, not to mention his treasure, which was ransacked by the king to keep his head on his neck.

Feeling disappointed by the kingdom, Sauros can act with nonchalance and forget his citizens, thus leaving all the important matters for Mike to deal with.

The current situation is pretty dire. As the world continues to revolve, the lord of Fittoa just does nothing to heal his own region.

As of now, he’s nothing but a burden to Mike.

It’s indeed not an easy thing to resurrect the dying region. However, that doesn’t mean he can nonchalantly throw it away.

Arbalest had used almost all their finances to leverage the region and even disbanded because of it. They already knew how corrupted the current reign of the royalty within the Central continent is, as most of them is drunk in peace.

The disaster should have been a slap to wake them up, but no.

Those sharks see it as an opportunity to ransack the region’s lord.

If this continues, it’d only take several decades for Asura to fall from its reign. Hopefully, the next king will do better and remove the darkness from the kingdom, or else a revolution will occur.

At this point, Arbalest can’t do anything to fix this corrupted country.

Rather than a broken country, they had a bigger goal to achieve.

All the preparations to deal with the Dungeon manifestation have been made. They also need to counter the situation on the Millis continent and create the necessary point.

The spy has been planted. There’s no place where Arbalest won’t plant their spy. Each town within a kingdom had at least one spy from Division I and C. Even though the heavenly continent had one, they lacked access to the sea area.

None of the slaves they saved came from the seas, as the seafolk slaves were top-notch slaves that had never once been sold illegally. Even if they do, most will choose to return to the sea without thinking about anything else, refusing to enter Arbalest.

Currently, the only group that works above ground is the Under A led by Somar. The other was hidden from the people, and he acted under another name. which is more like the Adventurers team in Begaritt, and Mike.

Mike’s territory is the only one that the people know, while others stay outside of the enemies’ radar.

“Anyway, have you heard about Paul’s son’s situation? Is he a simp for my Eris or what? ” Sauros suddenly said, questioning his grandson-in-law’s EQ.

“Huh? Based on what Claude said, the boy seems to have been struck with mental damage. The cause is definitely your granddaughter…

“How so? He’s a man. He can just get another woman if a woman leaves him. Why act so wishy-washy over a girl? How unmanly”

“Bah, how would I know? I don’t even have time to go and pick girls because of all this work… Though, I really am questioning your mindset…”

“What? Do you think my mindset is wrong? “Youngster, mental damage occurs when a loved one dies and you will never see them again.”

Hearing that, Mike shrugged his shoulders and continued with his work.


“Master Mike, another paper is here for you…”

said the Boreas family’s butler, bringing the mountain of documents in his arms, hiding his face from the people in the room.

Seeing that amount of paper, Sauros stood up and made an excuse to get out of the room.

“Well, I don’t seem to be needed here, and I’d feel guilty disturbing you. See you later, Mike. ”

He said as he exited the room, bumping into another maid who had another mountain of paper in her hand.

“Dang, hey! Sauros! Come back, and help me! ”





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