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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 118: Rudeus’ Misery

E Chapter 118: Rudeus’ Misery


[Rudeus POV]

Hey there, it’s Rudeus here.

It’s been a while since I’ve talked to myself like this, but it’s actually not weird, you know. Since Eris left me, I have continuously thought of a way to deal with my situation.

You know…

My impotence…

It’s just yesterday that my party mate from counter arrow, female, obviously. Tried to have a ‘real’ relationship with me, but got mad because of my not working body parts…

Is it really my fault that my body didn’t work?

Damn, she just left after slapping me. Since then, she has refused to make eye contact with me.

Sara is the ranged attacker of the Counter-Arrow party.

We’ve had some relationship issues after I saved her in the past. She had some trust issues in the past. As we cooperated with each other, a bond was made. Although we never became a couple, this should be called a fling, right?

Anyway, unknowingly, to fix my ED, I tried to have a fling with a girl I knew well. Aren’t I the worst?

The guilt I felt prevented me from having an affair with Sara. Although it can also be said that I don’t see her attractive at all, since she doesn’t know that I have ED,

It was at that time, when I was sulking within the room, that a girl suddenly appeared before me, inside the room.

“What a pathetic sight…”

Astonished by the sudden remark, I flinched and took a step back.

“Who are you?”

“Me? I’m C triple 0 5, C5, Carla. Nice to meet you, Rudeus Notos Greyrat. ”

She said, with a huge smile plastered on her face, under the hood.

“C… wait, are you a person from Arbalest?”

But weren’t they already disbanded?

How could they still use the codename based on her code name? She should be in the same division as Charles from Milshion. What is her purpose in coming here?

“Exactly. I know what you’re thinking. It’s true Arbalest had disbanded, but it’s only The Arbalest above ground. We remained in the shadows, commanding the people from the darkness. is what I want to say, but we actually did disperse… well, I’m here for some business, though.”

“And what makes you suddenly barge into my room again?”

“Oh, right. Rudeus Greyrat. You’re definitely wrong in your approach to seeking your mother by increasing your fame, especially if you’re thinking of doing that while working on the Central continent.”

Carla said abruptly as she removed her hood and pointed at me.

A pretty girl with golden blond hair was hidden beneath the hood, walking slowly as her long and silky hair waved beside me in the bed.

I keep my eyes on her, but as beautiful as she was, my son stopped working, so I don’t really feel the lust like before.

“What’s your reasoning?”

I questioned her statement while ignoring her.

“As a reincarnated individual, you sure are stupid, huh?”

She said this as she looked down at me.

Wait a minute…


How did she know that I’m a reincarnated person?

She squinted her eye and smiled at me.

“Hmm, well, since master Claude already gave us the green signal, It should be okay to tell you what we know about you. Just so you know, you’re not the only reincarnated individual in this world, as the word reincarnation isn’t really a great thing in the first place. However, the one that can reincarnate are mostly the demons after all…”

Thus, she started her explanation of Claude and his Miko power.

“Well, unlike you, Master Claude always lives in fear of tomorrow. At the age of 6, he started training as if his life depended on it, slaughtering monsters and people alike under the banner of training. Neither talent nor blessing “With hard work, he’d done everything to save people!”

She started with the awakening of Claude’s power; it all started with the water ball I shot at him. That day, memories that did not belong to him flooded in on the youngster.

So that’s why he suddenly became a different person…

What’s terrifying isn’t the fact that his Miko power allowed him to read other people’s memories. But the fact that his Miko power had a ‘Divination’ inclination is what is frightening about it.

One thing that I need to take note of is the fact that he feared the Human God, who had yet to make contact with me that day.

He should know that I’ve been reincarnated in the past because he already knew I’d be contacted by the gods, but he refuses to tell me.

Then, from Carla, she said that one of his incarnations had already told him that. But he didn’t trust the incarnation. In addition to trust issues, Rudeus of the incarnation’s world has become a shut-in once more. stopping the story from even progressing.

“Wait! “I refuse to believe that!”

I’m not going to be a shut-in again with Sylphy and Roxy’s instruction!

“Well, leave that matter aside. We also doubted that part of memory after all, the enemy is a god…”

I don’t see the reasoning; what the hell?

In summary, since the god had already attacked Claude using one of his apostles, It’s easy to assume that the God is unable to come and destroy Claude alone; it’s unclear why the Human God is unable to attack himself.

“So, because of that, master Claude, stop the barricade on your information.”

“Why thought?”

“One of master Claude’s incarnations came from the same world but a different universe from yours. In addition, our world is a fiction from his world. We don’t know about the other incarnation though, so they still processing the memory lane, but they should all come from the same place.”

A fiction…

“Do you mean this world is a person’s imagination?”




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