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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 119: Imagination

E Chapter 119: Imagination



“Do you mean this world is a person’s imagination?”

Rudeus looked at Carla blankly, as if he had just heard something ridiculous.


Carla said as she gave Rudeus a thumb while laying on the bed and looking at the roof of the room.

“Wait, wait, wait… does that mean this world is merely a fiction?”

“Nah, you’re wrong about that. We are real and living beings. You can see the world as fiction or something, but don’t deny our existence and past. We are living beings, and we have lived our lives normally. Don’t take things in an extreme way, and just think of this world as normal.”

Gulping, Rudeus tried his best to comprehend the matter.

As he doesn’t really understand what happened, Rudeus can only question the woman in his room for more information.

“Chill, man. Our informant only knows the situation before your first night with the Boreas girl; he’s kind of useless in that matter. Nonetheless, he had some wiki-sourced trivia.”

“I see. What’s the title of the fiction?”

“It’s Mushoku Tensei…”

“Jobless. Reincarnation. Fuck, don’t tell me…




Giving Rudeus a clap, Carla sat up straight and positioned herself toward Rudeus.

“That’s right, you’re the main character of the said work!”

She made a mocking remark.

“The book is about your adventure, and master Claude said that his incarnation knows you from the animation created years after the book is completed. Though he didn’t really like your adventure, he still watched the seasons!”

Gulping, Rudeus tremblingly asked her.

“Does everyone know about it?”

“No way, only the alphabet and one digit of the C division know about it. Either way, because of the information, we already understand your perverseness and the fact you worship your teacher’s panties…”

Rudeus rolled around the bed, his face hidden in his palm, groaning in embarrassment.



He falls to the floor, still groaning in embarrassment.

Snickering at the figure, Carla watched the boy until he finished as she offered her condolences.

“Even so, I can’t help but take a liking to your way of enjoying every situation you experience. “That mental toughness is admirable, but what makes you an emo boy after being abandoned by your baby?”

Even though she knew that Eris never dumped him, Carla still hides the fact because she’s amused by the boy.

In a way, she helped Rudeus meet with Sylphy and stopped him from impregnating other girls.

“I thought of this world as my playground, and knowing that the girl I spent my years with suddenly left me made me feel dejected and worthless.”

“Is that a reason to make you fall and have erectile dysfunction?”

“I don’t know, I guess so.”

Nodding, Carla wondered about the psychological trauma she experienced based on the slaves they saved in the past.

Different people dealt with their mental trauma in different ways; some succeeded while others failed and became lunatics.

while others have seizures or become aggressive when they see their past happening to someone else.

There are plenty of cases that can be studied, and Carla, as a person from Division C, had people suffering from mental trauma.

“In any case, since your adventure wasn’t really helpful, Master Claude created Arbalest along with Boss Mike! Isn’t that awesome?”

Nodding at her words, Rudeus can’t help but ask.

“Does that mean he already started creating the group when he was 6?”

“hahaha! There’s no way that can be possible!


“Master Claude never intended to create Arbalest before the metastasis in the first place. He focused on our training—the alphabet.

Sighing, Clara couldn’t help but reminisce about her past.

“The Alphabets… no, the originals are people that were saved from slavery. You know how dreadful this world and their slavery are, right?”

Seeing that Rudeus nodded at her, Clara continued.

“It’s the work of fate! The passing slavers suddenly appeared before him while he was busy dealing with monsters. Master Claude eyed the thief like a person and saw how inhumane those slavers are. In rage, Master Claude used the darkness of the night and decimated the group of slavers, saving the slaves and giving them a safe place to grow!”

“Master Claude gradually but steadily trained us to hunt those slavers, one training after the other!”

Anger and hatred can be seen in her eyes as she told the story of the original group of the first team of Arbalest. Carla spent more of her time together with the folk from Arbalest, spending her time getting to know them and living with them as her family.

Knowing the dangers of the world, Claude not only taught them how to keep themselves safe. But teaching them the knowledge his incarnation had within his mind

while they might have thought that it was Claude’s way to let them survive. It’s actually one of Claude’s ways to understand the information better, since they also give him feedback in one way or another.

There’s a saying in Fred’s world: the more you teach, the better your knowledge will be.

With that as his basis, he continues to teach his people.

Rudeus couldn’t help but be mesmerized by the story he heard, unlike him, who focused on his growth. Claude, who should be way younger than him, is actually helping others grow alongside him. Is this what a real adult is?

Unlike a NEET like him, Claude does better in his approach and preparation.

Even so, mistakes were made.

“Unlike you, that has already had time to organize your memory. Master Claude only needs to decipher the information he received; after all, what he has already done is great. However, there is still some work to be done. Which is our job as his assistant, to help him!”

Clara said as she clenched her fist.

“I see…”

Rudeus couldn’t help but nod at what Clara just shared, a new version of a cheeky but capable big brother like person.

‘Based on his attitude alone, Claude is a better brother than me.’

‘I guess it really is something, huh… No matter what, my way of thinking is too constricted. After all, I am a person with more knowledge than the natives of this world, so I need to let my imagination run wild.

As Rudeus pondered his situation, Clara stood up and patted her buttocks. Grinning at Rudeus, she waved her hand.

“Our chatting time is over; I need to continue with my work now! “I’ve said what needed to be said, so I trust that you can deal with your situation better from now on, right?”

“Yeah, thanks, Clara.”

Hopping out of the window, Clara dashed into the night.

Her timely visit helped Rudeus to focus; what’s important isn’t actually that necessary for him. Currently, aside from searching for his lost mother and curing his ED, Rudeus also needed to improve his skills.

Stalling in a dangerous world full of lethal monsters and events could cost him his life—or, worse, the lives of others.

Rudeus retrieves the letter from the drawer and opens it.

“I guess I should head towards Ranoa now.”

What’s written in the letter is an invitation to study at the prestigious magic university.

As the cogs of fate undeniably started to differ from the actual timeline, the checkpoint still settled on the same path.

Fate is a mysterious thing that will always follow the same line, no matter how many changes you make.

No one can change their fate, but they can change themselves to fight against it.


On the roof, Clara wrote a letter and tied it to an item.

“We’ve made contact with the target, while I got a little sidetracked to have a chat with Master Claude’s little brother. There shouldn’t be any change to the main plan. “I hope no more unexpected things happen with this plan.”




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