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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 120: Sea Dragon

E Chapter 120: Sea Dragon





As the flame hit him, Claude couldn’t help but roll around on the ground.

Despite the scorching heat, his skin slowly regenerated, filling his body with burn.


Isolte calls him, but Claude still focuses on attacking the enemy in front of him.

The sea dragon, Leviathan

“Gruff, it’s astonishing that a human can have regeneration that is equal to demon kings. Are you really a human?”

The dragon mocked him as the fire in its mouth stopped.

At the end of the word, Claude’s body had already healed. He took a card from his dimensional storage, equipped another armor, and tossed the tattered armor card, which was already beyond repair.

Pointing the blade at the dragon, Claude gathered the aura and mana at the tip of his blade.

Unable to accommodate the massive amount of energy, the blade chipped slowly, little by little.

Looking at the small figure in front of him, Leviathan couldn’t help but feel threatened. In the surrounding air, a magical circle formed one after the other, eventually covering the sky and the beach.


The ice spear appeared before Claude, assaulting him from all sides.

In the end, the energy he gathered under him was used to defend against the barrage of icicles. However, as he evaded the icicle, Claude’s dance created a magic circle on the sandy beach.

accurately creating the best pattern as he blocks the icicle.

“Now, eat this, water slug!”

Claude shouted as he poured the combination of aura and mana toward the ground, filling the magic circle.


Magma, the magical combination of earth and fire, erupted into the sky. The sheer amount of heat decimated the magic circle covering the sky.

Facing the magma, Leviathan scoffed at it and used the sea water surrounding him to neutralize the magma.

The dragon stopped its attack when he realized Claude couldn’t do anything because of the depleted energy.

“It’s your loss, young man. Stop your stupidity.”

Leviathan stares at the young man in front of him; even while trembling, he refuses to fall.

“Claude! just stop already; this is not a death fight; didn’t you promise to stop before it got too bloody?”

Isolte complained as she pulled Claude away from the danger zone.

A month after the beast’s taming was complete, Claude chose to fight the dragon and tame it.

However, it seems that his sudden increase in strength clouded his judgment. so much that the dragon that he looked down upon is stronger than any practitioner he ever knew.

The monster that had the title of God was Leviathan.

a being that was feared by people, not just because of his power.

but also his intellect.

Understanding that Claude didn’t mean harm, the dragon left him alone after some beating.

Accepting his defeat after a while, Claude just stared at the sea, looking at the departing sea dragon.

It took him weeks to understand the dragon’s schedule. After knowing that, he stopped trying to tame the dragon.

What he needed was not a tamed beast but a companion.

Knowing that it is not possible for him to get acknowledged by the dragon, he could at least sharpen his technique and gain battle experience with the dragon.


That’s what he started when he met with the dragon again.

After annoying the Dragon for two months, Claude finally got a chance to hold a conversation.

an equivalent exchange with the dragon.

That is what one needed to do when making a deal in exchange for Claude’s information. The dragon that was filled with curiosity will spar with Claude, although the dragon already warned that it couldn’t hold back.

Claude smiles broadly and requests that the dragon attack him with the intent to kill.

They had already sparred five times, with Claude becoming stronger with each one. Scaring the Dragon of the Human Race’s Growth Progress

“Now, tell me about the electromagnetic field theory.”

Leviathan said as it rested its head on the sand. closing its eyes to focus on the explanation Claude said, while behind him, Isolte helped him sit.

Gasping for breath, Claude was slowly recovering his lost stamina.

“Wait… huff, let me breathe for a while, huff…”

“Scoff, what a weakling!”

Leviathan insulted him, but it let him do so.

Its scoff is enough to intimidate Isolte. They’re getting too close, and her instincts told her to keep her distance from the person in front of her.

The danger she felt might not be as strong as when she met with Orsted, but it’s still enough to make her understand that she could never reach the power to defeat the monstrosity.

Isolte couldn’t help but admire Claude’s courage to face the monster and even have a deadly spar with the dragon.

Even her grandmother, the current Water God, might not be able to defeat Leviathan.

“Chill, little girl. I won’t eat you.”

Hearing the monster’s words, she just nodded and accompanied Claude to finish the explanation when he thought that it was already enough. Claude stopped his explanation and said his goodbyes to Leviathan.

The dragon wanted to hear more, but a deal is a deal. Respecting each other, Leviathan stood straightly, memorize the change within the surrounding land and uses magic to keep the scenery archived within his mind.

One of its reasons for occasionally appearing on the land is to take a photo of the continent. keeping tabs on the knowledge of geological change every other day.

A strange dragon, but a gentle one.

Leviathan, the same as Orsted, had a curse.

As the last dragon from the lost era, they had a massive amount of power, which scared the human god.

However, this is different from Orsted. Leviathan chooses to have its own peace.

Leviathan, exhausted by the war, is simply building a library in his mind.

Keeping a record of his surroundings by circling the world, he enjoyed his time traveling the world. He wished to know how this world would evolve during his infinite life. Will it continue with the trajectories of the previous worlds, or will it create another trajectory?

Leviathan has met with more people of all races than one could count. More often than not, people with high aspirations would die early.

It doesn’t know why, but knowledge evolution appears to be a harsh thing to do in this world. An unknown force tried its best to stop the progress of the world’s knowledge.

The first destruction happened when the world collapsed. As Leviathan sees it, he couldn’t help but understand how fragile a life can be.

Which is why, rather than spending its life to deal with supremacy.

Leviathan chose to enjoy its life, creating the library like the one he had—no, even better than the one it had on the Dragon Palace.

In those chilling moments, a change suddenly occurred as the teenager appeared and pointed his blade at it. while smugly saying

“Dragon! Be my pet!”

So Leviathan just beat the kid black and blue and leaves after it finishes its dinner.



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