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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 121: Mentor

E Chapter 121: Mentor



“Hey, Claude… do you think it’s a good thing to make the dragon your pet?”

Isolte, who was accompanying him on his quest, asked, gripping the handle of her sword while warily looking at the surface of the sea.

“Chill, chill, my dear wife! I’ll make some accessories from the falling scales for you later!”

Claude said smugly, his face smug.

“You know that what Douglas said about having highly intellectual eyes is not wrong, right?”

“So what? I’m as strong as a good title holder already! There’s no way I’d be beaten by a mere monster!”


She’s speechless at his pridefulness. Isolte has a bad feeling whenever she looks at the cocky Claude. Did the kiss make his reasoning stop?

Different people had a different reason, but Claude seems to have stopped thinking after getting excited about having a dragon as his pet.

Was this what Fred and Alex said about Kuro’s influence?

The childish part is where Claude becomes an unreasonable idiot.

When he saw something he liked, he began to think with his emotions rather than logic.

‘heck, was he also like this when he proposed to me at that time?’

Isolte questioned her decision about choosing him as her life partner at this time.

Claude’s inconsistencies are a double-edged sword.

While at a certain point it can help him imagine things better, it can also divide his focus, causing more mistakes than before.

One of the faults in his early choices in life comes from this; without Mike, Claude might even have failed to fulfill the quest in the first place. In addition, Arbalest might have a slower growth rate.

Without the help he received from Mike, Claude will try to do everything by himself, disallowing his confidants to work for themselves and help him.

Thankfully, his lackadaisical nature isn’t as heavy as Kuro’s, so it’s still manageable.

In any case, as soon as he arrived in front of the dragon, Claude said a cringe-worthy line that made Isolte hide her face in embarrassment before attacking the dragon.

With a scoff from the dragon, Imbued with Dragon Aura, Claude is slapped to death.

Collapsing on the sandy ground without being able to do anything makes Isolte remember their times on the journey back to Fittoa.

Their sizes might be different, but their strengths might closely interlink with each other.

The sea god, Leviathan

The Dragon God, Orsted

Both of them came from the same Dragon Race, and it seems that Orsted already knew of its existence, but Leviathan refused Orsted’s invitation to destroy the Human God since their era had already ended, even if in the end, the Human God’s death is necessary. It’s not going to come from its prehistoric self…

Wandering around the seas with his scheduled time to portrait all kinds of change within the seas and the nearby lands, Leviathan took a glance at the sight of a death-seeking human.

It witnesses far too much suicidal behavior and has already learned that killing them will only cause more problems. As a result, the dragon simply bludgeoned Claude to death to keep him from approaching; after all, the human will not outlive the dragon.

Leaving the beach for some decades will be enough to stop the human from seeing him again, however, after beating him to a pulp. Leviathan realized something new, hidden within his eyes. He can, however, see the aura, which is distinct from that of normal people.

“Kid, are you a Miko?”

The dragon asked as it squinted its eyes.

Unable to respond, Isolte, who was hiding behind her, panicked when he saw Claude beaten to the ground.

Isolte was surprised that the dragon initiated the conversation when he heard the dragon’s question.

So, to stop it from attacking further,

Isolte answered, “Yes, yes, yes, he’s a Miko. So please stop your beating!

Her words were imbued with mocking as she looked down towards the youngest Emperor, trying her best to save him.

after standing before Claude and bringing her sword before her. Isolte gauges the dragon and does her best to protect Claude from any sudden attack.

Scoffing, Leviathan ignored her stupid stance and inquired, “What kind of power do you have?”

“It’s a trade secret.”

“Young female, I see your vigilance. But beating him is a way to stop him from being reckless. I’ve seen more suicidal maniacs than you in my entire life. If I wanted to, I could have killed him several months ago when you tamed the sea Serpents”

Leviathan was calmly explained.

Even though she acknowledged what the dragon said, Isolte kept her sword stance. waiting for Claude to regenerate himself…

“I see; my reasoning feels to a deaf ears. I can see that he’s regenerating himself; is that his power? No, your eyes aren’t wavering. which means you already know about his regeneration ability, and it’s not really a secret to hide. Based on his aura and mana, huh? It’s a nice thing to learn that you can actually combine the mana and aura in usage, huh? It’s pretty close to Dragon’s Aura in usage, but not apparition wise. They are different, huh?”

“I see, so that’s what makes it different. Interesting, but what makes you different from your male counterpart, female?”

Cloud Style was easily deduced by the dragon within a few seconds; that soliloquy astounded Isolte and even the regenerating dragon. Claude couldn’t help but remember what D said at their acting practice that day.

Did Douglas really see that and not act?

So he’s not trying to act funny at all?

Who would think he actually meant what he said?

is what Claude thought while lying on the sandy ground, as he regained his sanity.

He never passed out, and even Fred, Alex, and Kuro had already been summoned within his soul space. trying their best to understand the situation.

The sheer power of the dragon brought them despair.

Even Kuro remains silent in the presence of the dragon, having heard the dragon’s deduction. Nobody can say or think anything at that time.

“Alright, since you don’t intend to answer me, I’ll just wait for the human male to start our conversation. No, I prefer to call it an exchange, a knowledge exchange…”

Thus, what happened later is consistent with what you’ve learned from the previous chapter. Where Claude taught Leviathan what he knew based on the knowledge he received from Alex, Fred, and Kuro In exchange, Leviathan will spar with Claude to increase his experience.

unexpectedly, rather than with Alex’s and Fred’s knowledge. Leviathan preferred Kuro’s knowledge, making the said person smugly sneer at the other two.

Even so, Leviathan still chose to learn the compilation of both Fred and Alex’s knowledge after hearing an unexplainable story or image Claude shared with it.

It works both ways for Claude, because sharing his knowledge allows him to better understand it.

While Claude goes to train with Leviathan, Fred and Alex will take care of the Crossbow’s business. What about Kuro?

He’s chilling with R01, Bloody Kant. As a couple, they actually spent more meaningful time than Claude and Isolte while being accompanied by Roxy and her party members.

It’s already weird enough for a clock needle to date a human, but with a world filled with magic and demons?

Most of the people in Begaritt just see Kuro as a kind of fairy.



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