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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 107: Counter Arrow

E Chapter 107: Counter Arrow



“O dear Goddess, Roxy, I hope you bless me for today as well.”

Rudeus said, as he prostrated towards the white but slightly old underwear in front of him. After doing several undecipherable things in front of the underwear, he put them back in the box again.

After parting with Eris in the Fittoa region, Rudeus started his journey to find his mother and seek information about his impotent cure and Claude. It’s kind of demeaning to put Claude’s importance with his impotence, still, as he continues to act haphazardly. Rudeus never found out about anything on his journey.

After notifying the guild about the disbandment of the {Dead End} party in tears, he hopped from one party after another to help each other out.

Along the way, he was titled Quagmire because of his adept usage of Quagmire magic to trap the monsters and make it easier for his other party members to act.

On one of his journeys, he met with a party called Counter Arrow, which had 5 people. The party consists of 2 vanguards, a ranged fighter, and 2 rear guards.

It’s a normal party where you can find anyone. Counter arrow itself is a B-ranked adventurer. which is obviously way lower in standard than Crossbow and Dead End.

The majority of adventurers’ parties will lack even a saint-ranked expert. Not to mention the King and the above expert, while the bandits have them.

It’s weird, right?

In fact, the number of Saint Rank and above was small, small enough that a region might not have had one in the first place. Which is why Claude’s luck is just horrible, to meet with Emperor experts like common thugs on the street and God’s title candidate so often.

In the main timeline, Rudeus should only be a Saint-ranked water mage, however, because of Claude’s effect. Rudeus is also an intermediate swords master, making him a desired member within the guild.

Sadly, not many had the chance to have a party with him since he’s known to go solo most of the time.

Is it wrong to go solo?

No, but sometimes having a companion in your adventures will bring more joy than being alone.

And right now, after facing his trauma, Rudeus slowly stepped away from being a broody person and opened his heart towards the members of Counter Arrow.

“Rudeus, watch the enemies in the south!” Sara said as she knocked an arrow onto her bow and aimed the enemy in front of them.

“Got it! Quagmire!” Rudeus said, as he cast the magic below the monsters, stopping them on their track.

It took a while for the battle to end, and they returned to the guild after dealing with the auxiliaries to report the completed quest.

On the way, Rudeus took a glance at the traveling minstrel.

“Even when he’s despised by the villagers, the child perseveres and learns to be a great mage! Every day, he exercises both his body and mind. Even if he’s bad at controlling his mana, he continued to learn how to deal with the situation better!”

The minstrel told the story as he played his instrument. Interested by the story, Rudeus and Sara stopped while the other four went to the guild.

The melody of the said instrument brings nostalgy to Rudeus, as he can’t remember them. He feels some queerness in the melody.

He never hears his Greyrat house play an instrument, and there’s no way he can feel nostalgia for a song he first heard.

“Unknown to the orphan, he’s actually a hero! Someone that brings prosperity and fear towards the village! ”

“Although the villagers hate him, he always wished to be the best and lead the village to greater things than now!”

“The kind young mage is always failing! No matter how much he trains and uses all of his abilities to control his mana, the mana he possesses is constantly wreaking havoc within his body.An untamed mana different from what the others had! ”

“Of course, different from a normal mage within the village. The boy actually held some incredulous monster that rivaled the strength of the Demon King Laplace! ”

“The boy is a vessel that contains the almighty nine-tailed beast! That beast created destruction in the village and killed countless civilians at the time, creating tragedy! ”

Amused by the story, Rudeus chuckled as he thought, “This is somehow resembling a story from my world, but what is it?”

“The fourth leader of the village was killed in that tragedy, and sealed the monster within the boy’s body! That’s the reason why the boy was feared and despised by the villagers. No one wanted to get near the dangerous monster! ”

“As he continued to grow, he showed the village that he could control the beast within him, and in the end, he would become the Hokage!”


“What the hell, man, where do you get this story from?”

Rudeus suddenly shouted at the man and questioned his story. There’s no way he can’t remember it after hearing the keyword. Even if the hexahedral world can have a nine-tailed beast, there’s no way a Hokage that comes from Japanese will be popular in this world.

Annoyed at the sudden interruption, the other listener booing Rudeus asking the minstrel to continue the story.

Smiling bitterly, he can’t help but let them continue the storytelling.

The more he listened to the story, the more he became convinced that the one being told was the story of Naruto. How can they know about this?

Does this world have a reincarnated individual like him?

Rudeus had not yet learned that Nanahoshi Shizuka had transmigrated to this world, and the fact that he had never met anyone from Earth in this world makes it even more intriguing to him.

Is there anyone that comes from Earth aside from me in this world?

Rudeus even suspected that the minstrel was a transmigrator in the first place, and continued to listen to the story.

In the end, the minstrel can’t complete the story in one sitting and cuts the story short. asking the listener to come back tomorrow to hear the continuation of Naruto’s adventure.

Rudeus waited for 2 hours, and Sara, along with the other listeners, clapped their hands as they gave some copper to the minstrel.

As a travelling troubadour, the minstrel was happy at the warm clapping and thanked the audience. Even though he was tired, he still left some time to have a chat with Rudeus.

“Can I be of help to you, mister adventurer?” the minstrel said with a smile.

Without wasting time, he immediately asked the person, “Where have you heard about this story?”

“Oh, I heard it from a comrade of mine! This is a great story, and I asked him to allow me to share this with the world!”

“Can I know where your friend is located currently?”

“Well, you know about our work. There’s no way we’d know where our destination is, since we follow the guidance of the breeze to head to our destination!”

Trying to stop the minstrel’s charade, Rudeus gave him a silver coin.

Receiving the silver, the minstrel grinned and answered his question “I heard that guy went to Begaritt. In Begaritt, there’s plenty of town, as it is a dangerous place. I don’t know that he can survive there in the first place, but if you want to look for him. If he’s still alive, he should be in Maze City, Rapan. ”

“I see. Thank you for the information.”

“It’s a pleasure to work with you, mister adventurer!” the minstrel said as he moved away from the place.

Seeing Rudeus deep in thought, Sara couldn’t help but ask, “Do you have any intention of going to the continent to search for the troubadour?”

“No, not really. I don’t think that’s a necessity for now. ”

Rudeus said, as he walked towards the guild, followed by Sara.




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