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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 88: Intruder

[Claude POV]


“What a scary bastard. The wound has already started to close already. Oh well, see ya” Furk said as he stabbed downward at my wounded forehead.

Even though the stab was slow, the sword will reach my brain in less than a second.

At that time, I activated a barrier artifact from my pocket.

The transparent dome materialized before me, and it blocked the sword stab.

Furk was shocked when the barrier appeared out of nowhere, and he stumbled back as the broken sword broke into pieces.

“What the hell, fuck! What a brittle weapon! How can you use something like this?!” He was mad at the weapon I used. Throwing away the handle, he ran towards his scimitar that was flying several meters away from us.

As he held the scimitar, I did my best to stand and grab another weapon from my storage. Even the regeneration on my skull stopped for a while as I used the mana to open the storage. From within, I don’t just grab one thing.

All the items within the storage were dumped to the ground.

“Haha, you really are something. It’s really magical to have this kind of arsenal with you.” Furk said, as he grabbed the scimitar in his hand and got into his stance.

“Fuuh, I can’t talk too much because of my injury. Let’s just end it quietly, okay? ” I said, trying my best to continue to recuperate my skull.

We’ve been fighting for 3 hours, but within a minute. We’ve already reached the climax. It’s do or die right now. Neither can run away, since he’s on his last breath, and I should be the last winner.

Even so, I can’t help but worry. There’s something wrong. I can’t grasp what was wrong, but I know that something will definitely go awry…

If he could just wait 5 minutes, I would definitely be able to in my prime and defeat him with ease.

“Hahaha! Eat this, Boomer!” Furk flicked his arm, and the scimitar in his hand was once again thrown towards me.

This time, the speed was a lot slower than before. I can see where it went and easily avoid it. Still, I know that he was definitely targeting something else. What was he targeting?

Where would he attack me, and when would he arrive at my side?

As I calculate any possible scenario, I did my best to control the situation, but sadly,

“What the…” Furk said, as he was trapped in my formation.

“Huh?” I am really shocked by what I see.

“You can go anywhere, and even kill me. Just why’d you want to ransack the item I put on the ground again? ” I uttered in dismay, how can he be so stupid to fall for such a cheap trick?”

“Bastard! Who put a trap in a pile of weapons he dumped on the ground?!!” he shouted madly at me.

Furk knew that the trap wasn’t something Furk could get away easily, so he dropped on my butt and sat there. Quietly meditating to control my healing factor

Furk was infuriated by the sudden event. He gritted his teeth and yelled to his comrade to help him because he couldn’t do anything but stare at my visible healed injuries.

But, what he saw was only his decimated group.

There were no more than 50 people left, and even two Saints were killed in the skirmish.

After 10 minutes of meditation, I felt no more injuries left in me. And I smiled at Furk, a wide smile that scared my members in the back.

“There are several things that I want to do to you, as my family was murdered in this battle… However, I still need to deal with the intruder now. ” I said, as I looked towards the shrubbery.

At that moment, Furk’s expression changed.

“What the hell is this monster coming here for…” Furk said as his teeth clattered, the fear on his visage told me all I needed to know.

The man that came out of the bush was young; he appeared in his twenties, wearing gold armor and a sword of unknown pressure.

As he slowly comes to our place, he glances at Furk. “Furk Fullace, I thought you had already changed your ways. How come you are captured again? ”

“I’m not pillaging the village anymore! I’ve really changed myself! ”

“Then why were you captured?”

“That guy is a bad person; he stopped my business!” Furk pointed at me, and the man stared at me. He smirked and used his sword to create pressure in Furk’s surroundings.


The trap I laid was destroyed, and the item I let out from the storage space was buried under the ground along with Furk.

Furk has lost his standing and can only groan on the ground, unable to do anything.

Is this person able to control the gravity of the pointed space? Is he an ally or an enemy?

“Pleased to meet you. I am Claude from Arbalest. May I know who I’m talking to? ” I said as politely as I could, slightly bowing to the young adult.

“Oooh! How polite, sadly… I’m not here to have a polite conversation with you…” the young adult stared at me and casually slashed at the remaining bandit.

His simple sword slash sent a sword beam towards them, and killed the remaining Kings and Saints with just that single swing. Clearing away any trouble we need to take care of later…

“I see that you’ve healed, since all the rats were taken care of. Let’s have a nice fight,” he said while smiling at me. The sword beam was so refined that I could see the person before me was already at the stage where he’s at the Perfect Emperor rank.

Before I was even able to utter anything, he continued, “I’m sorry, you can’t refuse our fight. As this is an order from the one above ”

My eyes widened, as I was still processing the surrounding information. His sword suddenly plunged into my heart, stopping my heart from beating…

“Master Claude!”




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