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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 87: Battle 2

[Claude POV]


1 hour after the battle commenced, as I was playing catch and toss with the North Emperor, who later named himself Furk. The number of casualties Arbalest had was over 30 people, and the damage we created to the enemies was over 600.

That’s a great number indeed. However, you must know that 600 deaths of a beginner master do not have the same value as 30 upper intermediate masters.

In a battle where we were surrounded by 3 kings and 10 saint masters, it’s by no means an easy thing.

Thankfully, the array worked wonderfully, and we succeeded in trapping 1 King and 3 Saints. Although they were incapacitated, we still needed to deal with the Upper Emperor Master.

My exploding knife only succeeds in killing half of the enemies, and it’s already the last one in my hand. Right now, I still need to deal with Furk and give my order to my subordinate.

Meanwhile, Furk doesn’t need to do anything but deal with me.

He trusted his subordinate and believed that in the end. Even if all of them were dead, as long as he could kill me, he could collect the money from the merchandise I had created and then create another bandit group.

As he thinks so, I can’t do the same calculation.

The members of Arbalest are my family, and even one dying has already hurt me. Not to mention letting all of our over 1000 members die because of my mishandling.

This is really hard for me.

“Getting a cold sweat now, Cloud King?” Furk snided at me while pressing the scimitar.

“Guh… Furk, Damn it! ” I growled at him after seeing another member die in the hands of a king expert. I felt the blood in my head moving very fast, trying to think of any way to solve the trouble I got into.

I am struggling, as the exploding knife had a limited number, I can’t spam them like a boss. I need to find a way to mass produce it.

Killing some Saints’ experts with the exploding knife is possible. However, with a king expert beside them, it’s not a good way of fighting.

The cooperation of the King and Saints’ experts was almost impeccable. As of now, there are only several openings they created, which I can deal with. There’s no way the others can use it, since they don’t really have the understanding to do so.

Even so, I can’t.

Furk is good, he might not be as good as Emporio is. However, as a God title candidate, Furk didn’t lack any of the basics.

Not to mention the fact that he can deal with me using close to mid range. While long range wasn’t applicable to his weapon, he can still do more damage to the members than the Kings and Saints that are currently fighting with members.

There’s no way I’d leave the boss alone and let him slaughter his way into my family.

While a long fight might be better for me, it can’t be said the same for the others. As of now, I have the highest stamina in the field.

My stamina and regeneration ability increased tremendously thanks to the trolly that I ate in the dungeon. Even a 5cm piece of gouged flesh can be regenerated in an hour.

If I had a status panel, my mana and health regeneration should be at 10% of the total status within a minute.

“What a cockroach… huff”

After another hour of fighting, Furk started to breathe heavily. Using that opening, I unleash more magic.


As I used the beastman’s magic to stun him, Furk’s movement stopped for a while, his eyes wide open.

It’s the first time the beastman’s magic has hurt him, and I remember how annoying it was.

I can see that the sword in my hand can’t handle the scimitar Furk is holding. I don’t know what the scimitar was created from. But, it’s tough.

It’s almost at the same grade as Ruijerd’s spear.

Within that little timelapse, I throw the last dagger at the center of the enemy’s circle.


The enemy was left with only 190 people, including the King and saint.

Furk’s was furious. The stun duration that should have lasted for 5 seconds was cut to a bit more than 1 second.

Even then, I succeeded in stabbing him with the broken sword in my hand. At the same moment, I opened my storage magic to grab another weapon.

“You bastaaard!” Furk yelled at me as soon as the stun wore off and unstabbed the sword. while he threw the scimitar like a boomerang.

As soon as his hand released the handle, the scimitar was already in front of my eyes, ready to cleave my head into two.

My mana eyes were activated at the same time. It was so sudden that I directly activated Time Square at that moment.

“Time Square!” I said rapidly, and the flow of time slowed down.

The scimitar already penetrated my forehead, 3cm into my head.

As I back stepped to unclog the scimitar and dove to dodge it, the time flowed again. As the time flowed like normal again, my head spurted with blood.

It was like a fountain and made me dizzy.

I lose my bearings and have a slightly dazed look. I can’t see the surroundings well enough, but I know that Furk was staggering because of the high amount of aura he unleashed for the boomerang technique.

Both of us on our heels as we dropped to the ground. Furk is on his knee and I’m lying on the ground. I am looking at the sky while using all my mana to increase the speed of my regeneration.

“What a monster… Damn, you’re the second person to succeed in avoiding my ultimate technique… huff, “Furk said, breathing heavily.

I can’t even reply to him, as the damage was more dire than I expected. My skull was damaged in an instant. Normally, a person would either be dead in an instant or die of too much blood loss.

Some of my cerebral fluid was flowing out of my skull.

What a scary technique. It’d be able to kill someone in the blink of an eye.

In a few seconds, I could already see my surroundings as the wound started to close itself.

However, Furk already stood atop of me. He held the broken sword and was looking down on me, in a stance to stab me in the head.

“What a scary bastard. The wound has already started to close.” Oh well, see ya” Furk said as he stabbed downward at me.



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