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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 89: Awakening




In this battle, Arbalest had 200 casualties and 30% of the goods were damaged. When they think that a savior has come to their rescue, he suddenly stabs their beloved master in the chest.

stabbed him exactly in the heart. At that moment, the world seemed to be frozen.

For the people of Arbalest, Claude is their savior. The only person who ever gave them a helping hand and nurtured them to be the person they are right now.

Their feelings towards him were deeply etched into their whole beings. Especially for those intermediate ranked and above, they feel the care Claude gave them and the fame it brings in the end. As he’s grateful to him, they also feel indebted.

Claude always gave them the best. Although the work might be hectic, they all knew that it was for the future.

Claude never abandoned them, and Arbalest is a bond beyond family. the slaves that once sold by their family, to be in Arbalest was their salvation. As the person that nurtured them for the last 8 years and trained them to be what they are today.

Claude is the person that they respect the most.

“Master Claude!” Even with their battered bodies, they all felt something hurting in their chests as they saw Claude’s lifeless body falling towards the ground.

The blood was flowing slowly from the wound as the member started to run towards Claude, and the perpetrator looked at the gathering people in wariness.

He doesn’t understand why, but the bloodlust the members of Arbalest sent to him wasn’t something he ever felt.

“I’m a hero, as the one who received the commandment from God. I only did what I was ordered to…” He said, trying to reason with the more than 900 people locking their eyes with him.

Alexander Ryback locked eyes with the people, and unexpectedly felt some cold sweat and trepidation from the gaze they sent at him.

At that moment, he felt so small.

Healing magic was cast one after another by the people that gathered in Claude’s surroundings. Looking at that, Alexander Ryback felt amused.

How can they save a dead person?

There’s no way he can be healed just from a normal heal.

As he took a step back to see what kind of miracle they wanted to perform, Alex tried to understand his standing. Although he might be the villain, he doesn’t want to perceive himself as one.

Which is why he allows the members of Arbalest to try to heal Claude.

Each of the over 1000 members of the survivors eyed Alex with extreme animosity, although they knew they couldn’t defeat the person in front of them. They all gritted their teeth and once again realized that this world is a place where a person can decimate an entire city by themselves.

Claude is the famed strongest king in the continent, and Alex’s technique to kill 50 bandits using a sword beam was something they were already aware of. Not to mention the power to control gravity, which made Furk, the one that had higher mastery than Claude, defeated in a matter of a second.

They are smart, which made them stop trying to attack Alex and instead guard Claude as tightly as possible from Alex.

For this mission, there were several positions given to each person, and the one leading the Vice Commander position on this mission was Oga.

“Who are you?” Oga said while pointing the spear in his head at Alex.

Looking at the pointed spear, Alex chuckled and introduced himself, “As the Hero appointed by God, I’ve received a mission to kill Claude.”

Oga’s face was red with fury. “What gibberish… Which God desired the assassination of our commander? Which style are you from? ”

“Oh my, it seems that you’re mistaken about something. Let me introduce myself again. My name is Alexander Ryback, and the title I have is Kalman 3. This should be an explanation enough for you to understand that I’m not some assassin the other style sent” Kalman 3 explained with nonchalance, resulting in boisterous and panicked behavior.

Oga had a bitter expression, gritting his teeth so hard his gums were bleeding. At that moment, he once again realizes his powerlessness.

The one identified as a threat by Claude, the immortal North God, and Kalman, the third official North God of the founding ancestors.

They feel fear and trepidation at the introduction of the hostile person before them.

They now fully understand why Furk was so scared when the person appeared.

Oga growled and stabbed Kalman 3 in the chest, but Kalman just flicked his sword and sent Oga 10 meters away.

“Ugh!” Oga grunted as he was sent flying by a flick of the sword and slid onto the ground.

“Oga!” the other members shouted in surprise.

Kalman was being light with him, as he didn’t slice Oga at that moment and just send him flying.

“That’s rude,” Kalman said nonchalantly, and let his aura wreak havoc in the surrounding area, pressuring the other members, making them kneel on the sheer pressure alone.

At that moment, Claude coughed.


Hearing the cough, Kalman felt surprised.

“Oh my, what kind of miracle is this? Was he someone that had the same ancestry as I am? ” Kalman said in puzzlement.

At that moment, the pressure Kalman sent to his surroundings became denser. Those with less than upper intermediates pass out from bloodlust, and those with upper and peak intermediates gouge their wounds to stay awake and aware of the enemy force in front of them.

Clap, clap, clap.

Kalman gave them 3 claps, showing his attitude towards them.

Kalman was amazed by their will. Even those in Peak Advanced would lose their fighting will when he unleashed the combination of Aura and Demonic pressure. However, these guys, who were all below Saint rank, were able to withstand the pressure.

That alone shows their quality.

“Amazing. I want to applaud your teacher. But, sadly, I need to kill him now. ” Kalman said, as he suddenly vanished from the spot and appeared within the barricade of humans trying to protect Claude.

In a mere second, Kalman had already swung his sword towards Claude to cleave the person in two. He wants to separate Claude’s body, so he doesn’t need to deal with any miracle that will come. However, his attack was deflected.

“You’re being annoying now.” Kalman said, as he stared at Oga. Once again, brandishing his weapon at Kalman.

“Men! Run and bring Master Claude away from this place as soon as you can!” Oga roared, commanded the others to run away immediately.

Without even replying to Oga, 10 people immediately ranked from there, ignoring the heavy pressure Kalman sent towards them.

The remaining people help Oga to attack Kalman, and a single glance is enough for Kalman to understand the situation.

“This is getting annoying. I don’t want to kill you all since most of you have good karma in your surroundings.  Be thankful for that, and sleep… Kalman said so, and the gravity was increased in the surrounding.

Everyone started to fall, and they were crouching on the ground. They did everything they could to resist the excruciating pressure.

In the end, no one can do anything.

The other 10 wanted to get away as soon as possible but failed. They were still crawling with the best of their ability, trying to get away from the location.

When Kalman approached them, they used a self-explosion by igniting the mana within them to stop Kalman on his track and try to at least injure him.

That method allowed them to injure Kalman and stop him in his tracks. However, his immortal blood can heal his injury in a matter of seconds.

Only 4 succeeded in the attempt, and they lost their lives in vain as Kalman had already healed when he arrived at Claude’s location.

“Now this is a goodbye,” Kalman said, as he swung the sword down.

However, his attempt was stopped by a barrier of flame that suddenly appeared in Claude’s surroundings.

He knows that Claude is still unconscious, so he looked at the surroundings, but he didn’t see anyone.

He swings his blade once again towards the flame barrier, using all the power he can unleash.


However, it’s stopped once again.

“I tried to let you have an intact body, but there’s someone refusing to let have one it seems” Kalman said while charging the Aura towards his blade, when the charge was finished, Claude suddenly opened his eyes tiringly while scratching his back head.

“Gya, gya, gya… So annoying…”



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