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Stranded World Chapter 25: Doll user

Chapter 25: Doll user

“Have you received the contact? Danzo…”

In the middle of the room, the elders of Konoha held a meeting. With the suddenly entering Danzo, they all make a way and start their discussion.

“what’s the plan, Danzo?”

“Just as expected… the bastard tries to entice me with some benefit like giving the Hokage seat to me…”

“heh… like he can…” Homura sneered

“Indeed, even if Hiruzen died, I won’t choose Danzo over all…” Komura adds,

“that’s hurt me…”

“Fuahaha… I presume both of you will either choose, Jiraiya or Tsunade… however, knowing Jiraiya, he’ll refuse that, and tries to convince Tsunade… well, I can’t say what Tsunade’ll choose though…”

“Hmph… you say, that pervert and gambler better than me?”

“No… They’re younger than you.”

“Yes… younger”

“Damn you all geezers!”




Playing with his fingers, the boy in black using his puppet to attack Hotaru. While Hotaru dodges each attack with ease, as expected, he’s still injured, after some time he receives the attack.

Although he’s only receiving some scratches, blood still coming out of the lacerated skin.

“So, a sand ninja will attack someone suddenly in the middle of the town, huh…”

He was mocked, but Kankuro said nothing but moving his puppet in the way.

The ninjas in the village being soo busy, and they can’t act as soon as possible, but, the police from Uchiha came not long after.

However, they see no need to stop the performance of the two kids in the street. Kankuro that at first mad, then realize the existence of the Uchiha clan, in the village of Konoha. Knowing the fame of copy cat ninja, he realized the foolishness of secret technique is nothing because of that, and the fearsomeness of Konoha village, once again reverberating in his mind.

When he calmed his mind, he also realized that the boy before him is injured and knowing that he lessens his power.

“to battle against an injured Genin and still in a stale… I need to train more huh…”

“wow… you’ve calmed down already? That’s cool.”

“Thanks for the appreciation, but, as an offspring of kazekage, I wouldn’t let shame painted in my father’s face, because of my childishness…”


While they held their conversation, they still playing with the string in mid-air, while Hotaru’s string became nimbler, Kankuro’s puppet act with more force.

Not long after, a string of chakra lost its color and becoming transparent.

“it’s my lost…”

“I’ve received a good spar…”

As expected, with his injury and low chakra capacity, Hotaru lost the bout, and he weakly sat on the ground catching his breath. But, still, he smiles at Kankuro and grabs the hand offered to help him up.

Hotaru stood with the help of Kankuro and stood beside him.

“Let me help you go back…”

“Sure, I’m Hotaru”

“Nice to meet you, and sorry for suddenly attacking you Hotaru… I’m Kankuro of the sand.”

Kankuro the Genin from the sand village, while doing surveillance in the village of Konoha, found himself a comrade, that unlike his little brother the Jinchuriki of sand. A person that much weaker than him, but, at the same time stronger than him.

When Kankuro arrived at Teuchi, Hotaru offers ramen to him, but Kankuro shook his head, rejecting the offer while handing him to Ayame, and bid farewell.

What he thought right now, isn’t some little thing like reconnaissance anymore. But training, so much stronger, that he’d not even need to break a sweat when he fights another time when he fights against Hotaru again.




This is a new job for me, and for the Uchiha to receive a member in Konoha police force aside from their own clan member is unique. So, it’s whole new things for us…

Uchiha police force is something we say in the past, it’s unknown what change happens to the clan, but the truth is transparent.

The Uchiha clan that Uchiha clan which closes his household to outsider similar to the Hyuuga clan opened his department-wide enough for others to enter the place, of course, many feels suspicious of it and try to think about it in reverse psychology, considering what kind of scheme the Uchiha thought off.

But, there’s still many that looking forward to it.

To be able to enter the place where many genius ninjas of Konoha, and learn from the famous kekkei genkai user. Is not something open but, many like me, that’s feeling adoration to the clan like Uchiha, that unlike the Hyuuga that’s known to imprisoning their own family member to keep the eyes to themselves, the Uchiha is live in harmony.

Though we knew that they somehow or other dislikes us, but leave that alone for now, since this time, what I’d like to tell you is something different…

You see, the world is vast…

No, no, no, I don’t talk about philosophy or some utter nonsense, but I really am thinking so, since a Genin can battle against a genius from other villages…

I know him, the other day when I eat at a ramen shop, I see him playing with the technique he used today, using the string of chakra to bring the ordered ramen to the consumer, he looks just like some street performer you see here and there.

Further, he’s still bandaged.

Although we knew how hard making a string like that and use them, we never thought something like that is usable as a tool for attacking, furthermore, a Genin from the sand village, I assume he’s someone that’d join the chunin exam.

He’s using that string to move a puppet!

Can you believe that?

I am a Genin myself, but using chakra like that is something I believe as very hard to do.

It’s something that I’m unable to do.

By the time we arrived, the surrounding villager already backs off, knowing that’s something the brats do is dangerous, while I do, along with the newbies want to interrupt. The Uchiha leader uses his Sharingan to see the battle while stopping us with his eyes.

At first, the sand Genin attacking hastily, and recklessly.

I know the fatigue the ramen boy feels, as he is someone that’s not famous. And the fact he’s not renowned, tell me that he’s not someone as crazy as the Jinchuriki brat, and Uchiha Itachi-like person.

However, I am astonished as…

How could someone that has this level of chakra control could be undetected, all this time…

A Genin, that able to make even team leader having a cold sweat.

Not even the Uchiha can have that type of control in chakra, moreover, to battle a puppet with a pair of hands and legs…

After their fight, they’re reprimanded because creating ruckus in the middle of the village by the team leader, while hiding his jealousy.

Later that day, I can see team leader training chakra string like the ramen boy, but unable to conjure it, not to mention use chakra to move puppets…

Even though he’s a chunin…

After our works’ done, he visited Ichiraku, while putting his focus on the thread that being played by the boy in the shop…


The world is vast indeed…