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I received my test results, where two words stuck out in devastating clarity. [No Talent] It was something I’d already known, but it stung a little more than usual today. Was I lacking in effort or talent? Or both? Was it my fault that I was living like this, or was it society’s? In the…

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A face is a face, a song is a song, a composition is a composition. Beautiful, talented and hardworking upcoming idol Sun Woojoo. One day, a miracle came to him! “I’ll become a star who shines more than anyone else.” His dreadful dancing wasn’t an issue anymore. At last, an idol with everything prepared. Now,…

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Stranded World Chapter 24: Chunin Exam

Chapter 24: Chunin Exam

In the training fields, there stood a shadow that continuously swinging his wooden swords and throwing a kunai at the same time.

From morning till sunset, that’s what he always does for more than a week.

He didn’t stop for even a little break.

From morning till sunset, he either swing his swords while stand in a form, running and dodging while swinging his swords, or even swinging his swords in one hand while throwing his kunai with another hand.

2 days after his coma, Hotaru train his body everyday like that. Unknown at what kind of experience he had in those 2 months he spent in the hospital. The others only watch him training like a madman.

There’s definitely something that happen to him.

Flynn said, there’s always a purpose for what Izana does.

In addition, the awakening of Erika and Hiura’s bloodline limit is the proof. However, they know nothing of the result.

There’s no exact proof of Hotaru’s awakening like the others. But, there’s an exact change in his attitude.

Hotaru became stricter in his conduct, and start to learn anything with more zealous than before. There’s something weird with his gaze when he sees the scenery surrounding him, and stars in his eyes when he hears Flynn name.

But, he’s still as caring and kind as before.

After sunset, he always helps Teuchi’s ramen shop, and utilizing his Chakra thread, it became a main attraction in the shop.

The, scenery that a bowl of ramen floating in the air astonished the customer, and bewildering them. They even ordering a ramen only to watch the scene.

Teuchi and Ayame warn Hotaru to not overwork himself, and hotaru answer them with a smile.

A loving father, and sister…

The great ties he makes with his teammates, and others…

He can’t say he hate them, it is the exact opposite even.

He loves it, however, the vision in his coma tell him many thing… too many to tell, and the most important part…

Is that…

Change always happen…

No matter what you do and what kind of things you try to preserve the thing, it will always change. However, you should never try to revert the change, otherwise, it’d be destroyed…

Someday in his little break days after being warned by Ayame and Teuchi, he wanders around the village. Seeing the scenery while letting his chakra string roaming in the space surrounding him.

“Ah… right, the Chunin exam will be starting in a week huh…”

Seeing the ninja with a different symbol on their bandana, Hotaru remembered that the exam will be held in Konoha.

Suddenly someone grab him by his shoulder.

“You… that…” a boy in purple make up and black attire in a hoodie said to Hotaru wide eyed.

Hotaru glance at the man, and seeing the sand emblem in his he looks at the boy with a questioning look without saying anything back.

The man then set a chakra string, a kinda thick one and suddenly dolls springing up from his sleeves. The boy suddenly attacks him, with a swish the dolls cackling with its mouth and attacking in the middle of the village.

Without even a need of him to act, the thin mana string in his surrounding locking the dolls movement.

“You… you can materialize the strings?!”

“Eh… I can’t?”