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Stranded World Chapter 23: 2 months?

Chapter 23: 2 months?

Not long after Izana left, Erika wakes up. seeing the unconscious Hotaru and Hiura she didn’t think about her body, and get to their side as soon as possible and uses a first aid.

She didn’t she Yugao nor Flynn beside them. She’s still remembered the genjutsu they fall under, and the bad thing Hayate do, although blurry.

“Don’t die… don’t die on me….” Erika teared up, she continues to dry her already dried up chakra to help Hiura and Hotaru.


“Yugao-san… Hotaru and Hiura is…”

“There’s no problem with them, you should rest….”

“Flynn-san… but, what about Hayate-sensei… did someone impersonate him?”

Flynn astonished with Erika’s quick wit.

“Yeah… he’s my friend, I ask him to awaken all of your talent, but… it seems he did it savagely huh…”

“Uh… that bastard…” Hiura mutter while try to sit

“Stay there”

“Lie down, Hiura…”

“Yugao-san… Flynn-san…”

Hiura blinked, while his pupil turned red with 3 magatama in it, fury and fear hidden within.

“I am… so weak…”

“I’m even weaker…”

Yugao and Flynn can’t say anything but look at them sadly, and profoundly.

“I’m the first to break, even so, Hotaru tries to help us… even though I should be the strongest based on bloodline…”

“Hotaru’s the weakest in term of chakra… but how could he… how could he be that strong… I’m hurt… I’m hurt that I can’t be his help even after my Sharingan awakened…”

Both of them sobbing, while looking at the still unconscious Hotaru.

““Flynn-san”” Erika and Hiura said at the same time

“Please teach us” “Please train us”

Flynn sighing and nod at them, while warning them “a whine, and I’ll stop train you…”



Hokage receives his report from the anbu, he can only be frightened by the report without any words to say.

“Has the barrier breached? No, by the time Flynn entered the village the barrier already useless… not knowing someone that so strong entering my turf leave a bad after taste in my mouth…”

“Indeed… an unknown entity just entering out turf like their own home…”

“Ah… Danzo, you need to knock when you entered my office…”

“Cut the crap Sarutobi… it seems that chunin Exam will be delayed…”

“No, the Chunin exam will stay as is… that snake already called you right?”

“Indeed… Orochimaru seems to have some plan in that exam, moreover, the tailed beast from sand will go to the exam…”

“Having you might be the best thing possible for me…”

“You disgust me…”

With a slam, Danzo getting out of the room. While Sarutobi’s face became gloomy.

“that traitorous step son of mine… sigh…”

Days after another Hiura and Erika train under Flynn, while continue to receive mission and done it along with Hayate. Although they lack a member, with Hayate’s help they done the mission successfully.

Their mission always inside the village, and completed under 1 hours. In a mere 2 week, they’ve already completed 20 D class mission, and 1 C class mission.

The mission center astonished by the count, but they said nothing.

“Well, you guys only do some light mission after all… 20 in 2 weeks is somewhat many, but something most elite Genin can achieve easily…”

“but an elite Genin is someone that already in their second year… Hayate-sensei… *woosh*”

Hiura said while dodging the slash of Hayate’s blade

“What? You feel it isn’t worth it?”

“Of course, not! *clank*” Erika replied while struck Hayate’s blade with hers.

“WE need to be strong! So much that we can be the one to protect him!”

“That’s right! Erika and me… won’t be the dead weight for Hotaru anymore!”


Their swords pushing Hayate’s sword back, Hayate slide back for several meter back after receiving the slashes.

“Is that so? *whish* let’s end the training. It’s time for Flynn’s” Said Hayate while slashing the swords in the air, and struck both of them using the air.

Erika and Hiura blown several meters back by the shock wave from the slash Hayate create.

“that is, Moon wave… try to learn it for a month that I’ll gone…”

““Yes sensei!””

The day they spent for weeks, and days continued like that. Although they sometimes won’t do the mission for a break since Hayate gone doing an A class mission. Their training never stopped.

Training with Flynn everyday increase their chakra control and jutsu speed, while training with Yugao mostly relaxing, as they only need to take care of the kids in the orphanage.

Sometimes, they’ll visit Hotaru in the hospital, and see Ayame or Teuchi tending Hotaru beside his bed. While sometimes, Naruto will talk about his experience in the mission.


2 months passed, and Hotaru woke up…