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Stranded World Chapter 22: Fury

Chapter 22: Fury


It should be a normal day after their mission in Guy’s team, it’s been 1 year since their graduation and they all know their leader really well.


Said the man in green tights, while using a vest and the belt with Konoha emblem became his accessories. Leading the team of his cheerfully in his days.

The sour Neji, and full of heat Rock lee, and the only girl in the group Tenten, make the scenery. Their leader that always laugh out loudly and cheerful for the first time in their life, full of wrath.

The air around him threatening, it’s something that never they thought they’d felt towards their team leader.

The surrounding ninja and citizen backing off, while the one that received the full brunt of his bloodthirst smirked.

The saw-like tooth shown out of his smirk, then…


“oh, is this a greeting for me” said the man while receiving the punch…


But then knocked back

“Zabuza-sama!” Haku shouted at the man buried in the rubble


Zabuza stand from the rubble, while the still enraged Guy fearsomely glare at Zabuza. He then stands up with a long sigh. The opposite controlling his breath and steadying his emotion, killing the rage hidden within.

“Haku, I’ve tells you and you must already know about the mist 7 swordsman…” Zabuza suddenly spoke

“Yes, Zabuza-sama…” Haku answer

“At that time, 7 mists’ swordsman get an order from Mizukage to attack Konoha by destroying the surrounding village secretly. They continue to attack the village surrounding, and leave none alive, making them able to easily destroy the village, slaughter, massacre, leaving none alive…”

Neji, Tenten, Lee, even Haku eyes widen at the statement. While Guy glare hatefully at the man, stand barely able to stand up…

“Ah… that’s surely bring back memories…” Zabuza sigh… “at that time, do you know what Konoha do?” He asked

Given no answer but a glare from Guy, he continues “they let a Genin team to reconnaissance the location, and met with us…” And smiled “Of course, they’re being played when they arrived there, at the same time, many were injured…  there’s a man in green suit, fighting alone with against the 7 jounin expert, he alone stood protecting the Genin…”

“Do you know that something that want to make me laugh out is, the fact that the incoming man is a Genin himself… he’s a Genin with over 40 years of age. He moves so fast to protect the son, that deployed in the mission. We laugh at him, he’s so weak, he can’t even use a transformation jutsu. Receiving the blade of ours, the explosives, even weaker than the team of Genin…”

“However, we’ve lost 4 of ours against him…” Zabuza then laugh so loud, the voice reverberating in the surrounding place. He’s laughing so much that even more Anbu and Jounin in the surrounding gather, and point their Kunai around his surround.

Encircling him there.

“It’s really a sad thing… but, I am now the same as the past where we couldn’t even kill your father with our blade… I have regressed…” His gaze then became distant, and his sight move to the person close to him.

“However, the same couldn’t be said to my son… I believe he can defeat you, and your team Might Guy…” that statement, make Guy became softer.

His gaze became like always, and smiles blossoming from his expression. He moved towards his team, and hugs them.

“There’s no way you can defeat my protegee! Hahaha!” Guy then laugh and leave the site, while Lee, Neji, and Tenten following him like a duckling.

Neji’s eyes sharpen, and looking at Zabuza’s figure. Tenten’s Gaze then looking at Haku, while Lee’s gaze became a star, he bothering Guy to tell him the story.

While Haku tears rolling down from his socket.

“I’ll do my best, father…” He replied to Zabuza’s statement

“I’ll also do the same, Haku…” Zabuza pat him in the head then, raise his hands up while looking at the surrounding Anbu and Jounin “you guys over reacting you know…” Zabuza sigh while stating so, and move towards the Hokage building along with Haku…

Meanwhile, over training Ground number 7…

The time Hiura under genjutsu…

“Damn it! Hiura!” Hotaru Shouted

“Kai!” He tried to dispel the illusion, but failed

“Hahaha, if someone without many chakras like you can dispel my illusion, I might need to train more!” Mock Hayate

“Who are you?! Hayate-sensei won’t attack us like this!” Hotaru shout, and shot a glare while using his blade in defensive form

“Me? I’m *poof* this guy” The man hidden within the mist for several second until he became a person, they never know…

Black eyed, white haired, young man with a pale skin. Smiled kindly at him…

“Who… are you?” Hotaru shocked at the newcomer that he never sees

“See, you won’t even know me, so what’s the need to know who I am *poof*” with another poof, he became Hayate once again. Then assault Hotaru…


With a slash, Hotaru pierced by the blade, coughing blood, he kneeling on the ground coughing blood. While Hayate smirked, and once more stabbed at him.

Hotaru dodged, but he’s late and pierced in his right arm.


“You still can move?”

Hayate want to attack him again, but, the fact that Hotaru can’t even stand and crying in pain. He ignores him, and move towards Hiura.

Hayate moves slowly as if expecting something, and smirked while stabbing the eyes of a person stood before him.


Hotaru screamed, his bloodcurdling scream make Hiura flinched even while unconscious. “Gyaaaaa” Hotaru held his right eye socket, that still showering blood, continuously, while Hayate move his body towards Erika’s location.

Hotaru still screaming his lungs out at the time, while Hayate pointing the tip his blade towards Erika’s forehead.

He slowly but, surely, move the point of the sword closer toward her forehead. The unconscious Erika of course didn’t feel anything and move…


The blade dug deeper into her forehead, and Hotaru bloodcurdling cries became a scream of rage. His voice filled with hatred, regret and sadness.


Hotaru rampaging, and move faster than before. Forgetting the pain, he felt in his right eyes, he moves towards fake Hayate.




He’s unable to retaliate the kick from the fake Hayate, and buried in the tree near the place. However, he stands again with murderous intent in his eyes.

“Yo…u bast…ar…d…” he spoke raggedly

Fake Hayate smirked then move closer with shunshin, and punch him in the face. But Hotaru stand still with the fist planted in his forehead, although his forehead bloodied. He glares at the man soaking in blood, the man clicked his tongue and pick a kunai from his pouch.



Another one of his eyes stabbed through, he then fell to the ground, listlessly…

At the same time, Hiura wake up and awaken his Sharingan, looking at the sight. Not long after, he beaten down by the man, and losing his consciousness.

“Weaklings…” The fake Hayate mocked and spat at the ground.

Then kick at Hiura while saying “Hotaru lost his life defending you, Erika lost her life while you’re under Genjutsu… while you? A trash like you is still alive?” He paused, looking the boy that glaring at him with that accursed eyes, he stayed silent and kick Hiura hard.

Hiura sliding until he arrived before Hotaru’s corpse, looking at the empty eye socket, and rage in his expression, Hiura cry, tear after another choked him until his throat sore.

The man stayed silent, and leave him be.

While suddenly…

“You’re doing thing too much… Izana…”

Flynn suddenly arrived out of nowhere, and spoke to the man.

“But you’re the one tells me to do this…”

“Putting a Genin under such Genjutsu?”

“I’m digging their potential…”

“Sigh… Kai!”

With the word, the scenery surrounding changed. Erika stood there along with Yugao, eyes widen at the illusion she just sees…

While Yugao glared at the man named Izana, and grinding her teeth at it. She hugs Erika, and move closer to Hotaru and Hiura.

The injuries gone like a magic, but they’re all still unconscious, the worst of all is Hotaru that’s convulsed, even bleeding from his eyes.

Seeing Yugao, Izana look annoyed and glared at her while menacingly threaten “Know your place, woman…” while putting pressure of some unknown energy…

Even while surrounded by the energy, she stood still and glared at Izana menacingly for some time, and ignore him after, tending the injury Hotaru and Hiura suffer mentally

Izana only glanced at the man, while Hotaru sigh he point at a pair of man and woman.

The man size is about 190-200 cm, while the woman is about 160 – 170cm, the man holds off a gallant aura that bring the air became stale, while the woman has a cheerful air surround her. With a smile in her face, she stood straight like a flight attendant. While the man stood straight like a soldier.

Unlike ninjas, those 2 have a feeling of a samurai within. An unsheathed blade, and a humongous canon.

Looking at the 2 of them, a chuckle comes out of his mouth. Izana then wave at the group that close to each other and move to the 2 of them, and suddenly flickered.

What is this…

After Hayate gouged out my eyes, the world suddenly became dark. The surrounding became so noisy, and my body… unexpectedly feel no pain.

“Cadet! Wake up Cadet!”

I suddenly hear a voice coming off of the darkness. There a man stood in a green suit with a metal helmet in a weird mashed up branch in his head.

“What? Stop dozing off! The Nazi’s army will come soon! Prepare yourself!”

Not long after a hailstorm of bullets like fireball jutsu in a small size launched, and blood showered the battle field.

Small-sized fire-ball.

Big sized fire-ball.

The sound of cries of despair and agony reverberating in the field. Many of those so called ‘Cadet’ ‘Sergeant’ ‘Colonel’ ‘Private’ died in the field. More even being shot by the small sized fire-ball.

It’s unknown what happen after, as the scenery I see stuck seeing the gray and disgusting sky above the trench.

Not long after darkness surround me.

“Ah… he’s waking up!”

As the scenery brightened, the surrounding changed to a hospital room. There stood a nurse, holding a paper in her hand with a mat below. She yelled and called a doctor, that come with stethoscope over.

I seem to be blinded half…

What does that mean? My left eyes stopped functioning, at the same time, my rank increasing to a Captain…

“What? Can that one eye really leads us?”

“I don’t want to die under an incompetent leader…”

The words of worry and distrust filled the place; however, the captain said nothing and prove his ability by leading the team to success after another.

Mission after another he leads, he achieves perfection. Although most of them, is a success with a barely success rate, the death count he make is 0.

What is that mean?

It’s that he never let his subordinate dies in the battlefields.

Still, that don’t mean they can leave unscathed while they’re able to kill hundreds in their mission. Many injured, mortally wounded, and became handicap.

Most of them still grateful at the one-eyed captain, because they can still leave alive. Working in the logistic, and learn to command using the best way possible while thinking how to let their comrade leave the place alive.

“Thank you Major! Even though we became a cripple, we’ll always be thankful to you!” with a salute the man along with his other comrade, that injured and bandaged all over his body, leave the battlefield and gone.

Entering the car that pick them up, they left to the office in the camp. Along with their family, in the town trying their best to help those in the frontline.

Even though the superior look at him condescendingly, they can’t doubt his ability to command and let the mission succeeds.

What they wish is a great success, not a barely successful mission.

However, thinking about the failure others create, they decided to promote him to a major. Having a major rank, he’s given a control over a camp. Leading 1000 soldiers on the battlefield.

A captain Lead 150 soldiers. Using that as a comparison, from hundreds to thousands is a big responsibility he has.

However, knowing that he still continues to success in his mission with the least injury over his battalion.

Unknowingly, using his plan they successes in destroying 3 camp of Nazis army in a mere 5 month, with 100 soldiers with light injury and 20 crippled without a dead soldier in total.

A camp usually holds 800-1200 soldiers, but what make a camp formidable isn’t their soldier but the supply within. Having more supply either in weaponry or food is a blessing, that’s why not long after his rank increased to a colonel.

His rank increased by 2, skipping a lieutenant colonel rank aside.

There, he met with a pair of amusing cadet and teenager named Steve Rogers and Bucky…






His dream ended, in front of his eyes Ayame and Teuchi worriedly look at him, and help him to sit…

Not long after, Hayate come inside the room “Has our sleeping ninja awake after 2 month long?”