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Stranded World Chapter 21: Gift

Chapter 21: Gift


The world is a weird place, there’s chakra beast wandering around the place. A threat, but at the same time a wonder, and helping hand.

It’s undoubtedly a dangerous animal, however, at the same time, it’s also the best companion a ninja could have.

The example could be seen to Inuzuka clan, and Aburame Clan, they used dog and insects as their companion. Rearing them and accompany them in their mission. The same could also be seen to the Summoning beast.

The summoning beast, although not as strong as a tailed beast, they could also be said humongous existence that dangerously threatening.

They’ve got intelligence equal to a human, maybe even better.

No one shall belittle them or they’d be decimated by the beast.

Then, why don’t they attack human accommodation? They have the force to do so, not only force but also lifespan.

Even the youngest in the family of the summoned beast can be an adult in a mere 3-6 years, with their humongous size, they can barehandedly battle against a Hokage fist to fist. Obliterating a village or two won’t even bring the summoned beast trouble.

They have their own area, they rule the place and focus on governing the place.

Then why don’t they try to take the human dwellings?

The reason is simple…

Because human dwellings have no source of Nature Power.

The energy that enables a person, even beast become a sage. The power of a sage is something even the beast fear, a Hokage might be strong but, undoubtedly a sage is something else that can easily surpass the title holder of Hokage.

“I wonder what’s the thing Flynn-san gave us the other day…” Erika asked

“Yeah! That thing created over a letter was sure weird… even after we opened it, there’s only flash and none in it…” Add Hiura

“I’ve also had the same opinion as you guys… there’s really nothing wrong in my body though… you guys have any difference?” Hiura reply

“For me, I guess there’s some heat in my eyes…”

“So am I!”

“Then, it might be something with your doujutsu… knowing the perverted way of doing things, he might give you the ability of your doujutsu, or awaken the talent dormant within you guys…” Hayate nonchalantly said

“Eh?! Since when you’re here sensei!?”

“Right?! You frighten me!”

Erika and Hiura shocked seeing the sudden appearance of Hayate.

“It’s only Hotaru that sees me I presume… you guys need more training!” Said Hayate while glaring at the boy and girl that moving their eyes around, avoiding the gaze of their teacher.

“Well, is there something you need to inform us sensei? I mean, you’re suddenly ordering us to gather here in our weekend…” Hotaru asks while rubbing his chin

“Oh, right. Hokage-sama ordering us to stop the mission, since he roughly knows the power hidden by Flynn. Also, the council has judged that further espionage will only bear nothing but a deficit in the mission, knowing the target can nonchalantly give their shinobi a mission…”

“Ah… well, what next?”

“Hmm, there’s nothing else, for now… however, since we’ve already gathered here, let me test your sword mastery”

With that as his sentences, Hayate draws the sword in his back and slashed it towards the group. They astonished by the sudden attack, however, Hiura deflects the slash, and falling back.

Hiura jumped backward, while Erika assault Hayate from the front, in the opposite Hotaru, stab Hayate.

Glancing at the blade in front and back of him, Hayate ducked and spin and slashed clockwise.

Hotaru and Erika blocked the sudden slash but knocked back 1 meter long. The force behind the slash is great, but Hayate nonchalantly followed it with another attack towards Hotaru while using another of his hand to throw a kunai to Erika and shuriken to Hiura that attacking him from above.

The 3 of them blocked the attack, while Hotaru knocked back further, Hiura continues his attack and make a big swing downwards.

Meanwhile, the knocked back Hotaru letting out a Fuma shuriken from his pouch and threw it to Hayate. While Erika threw 3 kunai, 1 towards Hiura and 2 towards Hotaru, of course, the way the kunai went is Hayate’s.

Knowing that the kunai pointing towards him, Hayate dodged the kunai while Hiura using the kunai that heading towards him to jump even higher. Thus, he flew backward using a bit of force left by the kunai, but the kunai fall to the ground.

“Fuh, nice teamwork”

Hayate compliments the group while stabbing the place that should be Hiura’s landing spot.

In the air, someone can’t change their trajectories unless having a hold. And the kunai can be held for him to change his trajectories.

The group of Hotaru, stay back at their position while the Fuma shuriken that flew stopped and coming back to Hotaru.

“Gah… my hands still trembled…” Hiura shout

Then, Erika suddenly focuses her eyes then…

“Awaken…” Hayate astonished

Her eyes… vessel of blood protruding from her surrounding eyes, byakugan then awakened…

“What is…” Erika mumbled then, following the doujutsu that awaken. She sees the chakra inside the surrounding, trees, birds, ants…

There’s chakra everywhere, the highest in form is unexpectedly Hiura, followed by Hayate by a slight margin while Hotaru has a bright but small, even smaller than a bird’s chakra.

Even though everyone is astonished, Hayate used that lapse and attack, knocking Erika out of her consciousness, and move to attack the nearby Hotaru, of course by the time Hayate turning back, Hotaru has already ready himself and be wary.

“That’s cheap sensei!” Hiura shout

“I see, so this is what sensei mean by the awakened Doujutsu…” Hotaru mumbled while eying the incoming Hayate

Slashing his sword downwards, Hotaru receives the swords with his blade.


The sound of the sword clashing loudly echoed in the training ground, following after, Hiura stab towards Hayate’s back.

Hayate glance at Hiura, and use the force behind Hotaru’s swords to move him, he then jumped backward.


A shuriken lodged at Hiura, but with a transformation jutsu. Hiura changed to a wood, and appeared right behind Hayate, he then kicked Hayate hard in the back.


Hayate then is gone, leaving a smoke of broken clone in his stead.

They knew that the person beaten by them is only a clone, then Hiura prone on the ground, while Hotaru inspects their surroundings, with another Hiura bringing the unconscious Erika in his back.

Hiura stands up, and ready himself in battle form, then after the clone lay down Erika in the ground it went off with a poof.

“damn, she’s able to awaken her Byakugan?! Can I also awaken my Sharingan with this quarter blood of mine?!” Hiura shout

But suddenly, the scenery surrounding him changes…

“Oy! Hotaru?! Where are you!” He shouted

“This isn’t funny! Damn it?! Sensei! Is this genjutsu?!”


Hiura then try to release the genjutsu, and he thought it is a success, but what he sees at the time the genjutsu faded…




Undefined fury breath out of his every pore, his body heating up and eyes sharpen.

Hotaru stabbed gruesomely in his body, and his eyes gouged from the lid. The scenery of that churning his stomach so much he wanted to puke, the heat in his stomach makes him dizzy, but the hatred inside makes him feeling nothing but power in his body.

“HAYATE! YOU BASTARD!” Hiura shout

“Ah, you’ve awakened huh? …I guess a painless death won’t come with you” Mock Hayate while freed his sword from Hotaru’s body

“You see, I want to kill you first but this guy here tries to protect you… even after slashing his back, stab his stomach and gouged his eyes…” He paused

Hayate then kicked Hotaru’s body, and slashed the sword in the air cleaning the blood in his swords and said: “Well, now he’s dead, and you’re the only one left…”

Hiura astonished and look around, only to see the pale and listless Erika that being stabbed in her forehead, eyes closed…

Tears of blood coming out of his eyes, and his Sharingan…

“Awakened, *whistle*” Hayate whistled at the sight.

While Hiura didn’t even realize at the new sight he perceives, his only reasoning is…

“DIE! YOU BASTARD!” he said, rushing towards Hayate’s position

Meanwhile in another place, different from Hayate groups’ location.

“Why are you here?!”

“Ah… the green body suit huh… sure take a nostalgic moment to reappear in my eyes”

Guy and Zabuza met with each other

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