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Stranded World Chapter 20: Orphanage

Chapter 20: Orphanage




“Ew… take a room please!” the kid complaining to the couple that without a shame kissing in front of the kids

The couple became more and more brazen in their affection, that they don’t even care about their surroundings, even more so after the spy leaves them.

“Hahahaha! You guys will take a liking to the feeling in the future!” Said Flynn shamelessly, while Yugao then smacks him in the head.

Looking at their slapstick, it can easily be known why does Hayate team like to smacking head, the couple is the main perpetrator while some comedy gag can be faulted too.

“eWWwwwW, run!” the brat in the orphanage disgusted with the statement and run away like their life depends on it.

While Yugao looks embarrassed, a smile can be seen in her expression, the same can also be seen from the children.

An orphanage, no matter how good the orphanage is, the kids will sometimes feel sadness and loneliness beneath their smile. However, as if having a parent.

Flynn’s figure acted as their sole figure, in exchange for their father, the shameless and kind Flynn became their example.

A gentle yet caring, and a strong yet kind man they dreamed off.

And Yugao as their caring yet strict, and easily embarrassed yet bold mother.

Although they’ve become a figure that includes bad and good ones inside, some want to have a relationship like them. Yet others want to have the opposite of them.

They have a varied opinion of relationship and have a goal for their self. They learn many things and feel many things from the man that called Flynn. Although now, they had yet to understand it in the future, the figure named Flynn will etch deep in their consciousness teacher and father…

And that’d be the key, of great changes in the future.

Sometime later, pigeon comes to Flynn’s side. He grabs the pigeon and gently pats it while taking the letter in its leg.

Opening the pigeon, he read the letter from Hotaru and smiled.

“Mission success?” Asked Yugao

“Barely… at the time they arrived some trouble happens, and the brat even almost losing his life…”

“Gasp… is the kid alright?”

“He is, but taking care of him seems to be trouble. Lucky Hotaru had the original jutsu, at least he can take care of it with a faint or two…”

“You belittle a chakra depletion too much…”

“I might be, but the brat had yet to know the full potential of a good chakra Quality is…”

“And you do?”

“I don’t… that’s why I can’t help him, but something that happens had a purpose in it”

“You really can’t do anything about it?”

“I really can’t my dear… although I can battle against the Hokage toes to toes, even beat him… I don’t have any idea about the brat’s disorder…”

“leaving aside battle, you’re the best medical ninja I know of, I don’t think Tsunade-sama better than you…”

“I am better in some aspect, but Tsunade-sama has an overall quality and experience that vastly different than mine… Although my companion might know something about the disorder, he’s somewhere far away right now…”

“that’s a shame…”

“Well, leaving that aside, what do you think I’d give to them?”

“I know that you know better about that than me…” Yugao then gave Flynn a kiss, and move towards the kitchen “I’ll preparing the dinner, make sure you’re done with the thing before I’m done”

“Okay~,” said Flynn

After he gave her an answer, he took some time to think, and then opened a new scroll.

He then scribbling some seal in the scroll, then took some box out of nowhere. While so, he then makes a hand seal and “Kai” with a word the scribbling come alive and gathered in a patch of paper, the box vanishing and the letter shown a ‘Mission Cleared’ sentences there.

Flynn then ties the letter to the pigeon, and let the pigeon fly towards the sky.

“Should be helpful on their way back” Flynn spoke, then move towards the kitchen…








The body of the chakra beast exploded gruesomely, blood splattered in the surrounded and gore stench filled the place.

“What the heck is wrong with these beasts?!” Hiura yelled

“It’s the first time something like this happen to me, hah!” Zabuza said while slashing his already recovered Executioner sword

After days they move fast to Konoha, they took some rest only to get surrounded by frenzied Chakra beast in the surrounding area.

It’s a blessing that the worst chakra beast hindering their way is C rank, but even so, the quantity of the beast makes them tired.

Lucky for them, that there’s 3 jounin and a chunin grade ninja there, otherwise, count on 6 Genin will make things worse.

“Ha! You bastard! I’ll slaughter you all Dattebayo!” Shout Naruto

“Shut your mouth and move your hands you idiot” yell Sasuke

While the 2 quarreled, the ragged Sakura can be seen becoming listless and scared as the time goes on. Lucky that Kakashi and Hayate backing Sakura up while continue to lessen the Genin burden with killing the C rank beast.

After some time, the tide of the beast stopped. Leaving bodies of the slaughtered beast there, for a precautionary means. They left the place and look for a clean place, clean from the bodies of the beast, and only taking the best part from the beast to be sold in the village.

Using their sealing scroll, they keep the most valuable in the place.

“Sigh… if only we have more sealing scroll, these mountains of fortune will be back with us…” sigh Hiura

“Don’t be greedy you bastard… know that behind your back, Uchiha named etched. Don’t bring shame to the clan!” warn Sasuke

“Heck, those from the clan would be happy to have more money in their hand!”

Sasuke didn’t answer him, and they then leave the place. Running away from the scavenger that comes to their way.

As expected, not long after they left. The roar of a tiger could be heard, and they move faster than before to seek a safer place.

They found a cave nearby, and hide there for the night. They then discuss the event before and search for a plausible answer.

While Zabuza doesn’t care about it, he also felt threatened by the horde.

Hotaru thinks that the horde afraid of the tiger, while Kakashi believes there’s something wrong from the inner forest, while Hayate and Haku though that they’re migrating to another place.

Knowing their discussion fruitless, they sleep that night and stand guard in turns.

The day after, they moved out while carefully inspecting the area they took.

Sometimes the horde of beast pops out, while sometimes they found nothing. However, the closer they’re to the village, the less beast they see.

Feeling that’s a good thing, they increased their pace, and it took them 2 days longer than their plan. And tired Genin goes to their respective home to rest afterward.

While the Jounin part their way.

Kakashi goes to the Hokage office and report about his mission completion along with Hayate, while Zabuza spent his time in the inn, with Hayate order.

“There’ll be an anbu that guide you to the inn, me and Kakashi-senpai will report to the Hokage for now…” said Hayate

“Sure do, let’s go Haku” answer Zabuza

“Okay, Zabuza-sama”

Thus, their journey from the land of wave ended…

Knowing nothing of the storm that’d come after…

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