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Stranded World Chapter 19: Spar

Chapter 19: Spar


With a slash, Hotaru and the others slammed to the tree behind.

Bruises could be seen from their bodies, their bodies ragged. Even so, they continued to move forward and brandished their swords, they move to the man that bites his swords with his mouth and slash his sword to the Genin.

The Genin tries to dodge it, but get distracted by flying needles. They got stabbed and having kunai at their neck, they hold their hands high, and drop the swords to the ground.


Falling bottom first, Hiura sigh “Damn! This is so hard! Why can you guys coordinate this efficiently?! And what the heck is wrong with that power! I hurt my back!”

“I agree! Is that kind of force was something that can be felt from a broke sword?!” Yell Erika

“Sigh… for something this heavy to be countered with a kunai… Kakashi-sensei sure is odd…” Distress Hotaru

“Gahaha! You guys are too green to be my opponent”

Zabuza laughs out loud while bragging to the Genin, without a sound, Haku comes and stood beside Zabuza.

They then tend up their wounds after some rest. The spar they had is something that agreed by Hayate, and looking at the wound their patient had, they also itching to have a fight with a strong enemy like Zabuza and Haku.

Knowing the power held by those 2 is something hard for them to encounter while doing so in their journey is an idiotic idea…

The journey between village from the land of waves might not be a long journey, however, one can never be too cautious in their vigilance while doing a mission.

Not only a chakra beast but also a missing ninja could appear in the bush.

You might say something like, are you thinking that a missing ninja is some pebble?!

However, that’s the truth.

In this generation, although the war hasn’t occurred as easily as the era before. The mood is still tense, it won’t be weird if a war commenced once again.

That’s the reason why, 3rd along with Danzo always at their neck, thinking a way to preserving and attacking at the same time. That is the reason why Danzo let his ‘Root’ to merge with Konoha’s anbu.

There’s also more reason behind that, but that’s something shouldn’t be share for now.

“Oooh, you’re here!”

Naruto yelled at the resting group, he then asked them to train along with them and bragging at his accomplishment in tree walking.

Hiura laughs at it, and show something else that’s more amazing that a tree walking.

“And that is how you shunshin’d!”

Hiura says while looking at the brats below him. He stood tall vertically in the tree without any preparation and arm akimbo looking smugly at Naruto and Sasuke.

Sasuke feels embarrassed, but he still looks at Hiura in annoyance and dashed to Hiura to kick him. Hiura, of course, stays there proudly and see the kick, only to kick a tree trunk.

“Haha! As if something blatant like that can touch me!”

Sasuke that pissed at the remark then throw a kunai at him, and the kunai then grabbed by Naruto, with their combination the smug Hiura feels threatened, then running away from the 2.

While he’s running, he prepares a trap after another in his course, and Naruto fell to the trap one after another. While Sasuke learned after step on the trap once and making a countermeasure against the trap.

Exploring the place, while catching up with Hiura, the 3 not long after missing from their site and entering their own world…

“Ah… what a brat” Sighed Erika

“Okay then! Let’s us girls play with ourselves!” Said Sakura

“I agree! Let’s go Haku!” Follow Erika

“Eh, but I’m…” Haku wanted to refuse but ignored by the 2, they then also gone to their own world leaving Zabuza and Hotaru alone. They then look at each other and laughed out loud.







The sound of the hammer and nail, along with shout of the people echoing in the bridge. The construction continues after 2 days.

Kakashi and Hayate helping out with the construction, using their clone they help in many dangerous places like the place below the bridge, and the base of the bridge below on the foundation.

Although the foundation already completed since long ago, several damages could be found and be fixed immediately. Their help increases the speed on the construction, not only the jounin but also the thugs that survived in the onslaught even helping the construction.

They chat with the villager, and working honestly, although some of them became disabled after the strings cut them, no one dares to complain as they know that’s is something they need to bear with, not to mention that they’re scared of Zabuza that stood behind the young Genin.

Days after another spent.

The old man’s grandkid got closer to the Genin, and learn many things from them. How to handle a kunai, how to throw a shuriken, if the child has chakra, they’d teach him about jutsu, but alas, he doesn’t…

Hiura took a liking to the widow, to be exact, Old man’s daughter…

Hotaru palm faced, and smack Hiura in the head several times after seeing the brat flirting with the old lady. He never knew that his friend had a MILF as his sexual preference…

“Fufufu, what a cute boy,” said the daughter, while the grandkid eying Hiura with a cold gaze, and Hayate sweat at the gaze of the old man…

Erika somehow feels dejected, while Sakura and Haku accompany her.

In 2 weeks after their rest, they already became friends with one another. After waving and saying their goodbye, they then depart to go to Konoha.

“Now then, with this, we’ll call this bridge as the great Naruto bridge!”

As the old man officiated the bridge, he named it as Naruto bridge since Naruto took a great part in lighting their ambition. Although the one that gets the best part is Hayate’s team, as they’re the one doing the clean-up, they aren’t doing anything else for the early part, hence the name focused on Naruto the same as the canon.

The other villager clapped.

The thugs crying in tear as their sacrifice, and hard work bear fruit.

Furthermore, having the yellow-haired brat as the bridge name is better than the strings brats, not to mention Zabuza’s name…

They’d curse it if the former or the latter took part in the name…

After some time, they come back, and a letter with a rose etched in the door, in their house.

In the letter, Hiura makes a nice poem that having the intention of courting the widowed daughter of the old man, while the person blushing, her son took the letter and shred it in pieces, while the old man facepalmed…

“you what?!” Yell Hotaru

“you’ve got a problem with your ears Hotaru? I say I leave a love letter at the house!”

“Oh, Gawd! Sensei, please reject any request to the land of waves in the future… I’m too embarrassed to come back…”

“Don’t worry Hotaru… I have the same feeling as you…”

“Hey! I put my hearts into the letter!”


With a smack on the head, Hiura yelp at the angry Erika, and run away from the girl’s wrath, while the other in the group laugh at the silly action Hayate team had…

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