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Stranded World Chapter 6

Chapter 6:  Academy (2)

The day flowing just like time, Ibiki getting busier going around to Academy and his Ninja division. Training the brats in the disciplinary group didn’t go smoother as he thought it’ll, the pup makes mistakes one after another.


Unlike the devilish Hotaru, the other brats aren’t that tough. Most of them disappear after some time, but there’re several of them, which bear through his training and overcoming the first hurdle. The training goes over a week already, but the group dwindling to only 9 people.


“Oh… look at what you do, Ibiki-sensei…” spoke Hotaru, while looking at the small group in front of him.


“Bah, you won’t get anything from the running away brats. And look at them! They’re a ninja! Such eyes, such form! You can go out and feel safe about this group of yours after you’ve graduated… I assume”


“well, it’s amazing that… there’s only 1 person from Uchiha, and 1 person from Hyuuga, while the Akimichi and Nara family only has 1 and the others from a normal villager’s upbringing… what kind of lackadaisical brats are the clans’ people do to have such a weak-willed brat…”


“I agree with that, however, unlike the normal villagers. The clan person tends to think that their Clan is superior, and having even 1 of them here can be shown that not all of the brats from the clan is a puny… pardon me, weak-willed… anyway, what do you want to do after my training over?”


“Well, becoming a Genin is a must, so… I guess, nothing…”


“you really don’t think of doing anything?”


“What else should I do? I’ve got a caring family, good friends, and most of all a good life…”


“Indeed… but you must always train, becoming stronger and stronger, so you won’t feel regret over time…”


“that is something branded in my mind and soul… however, doing something stubbornly won’t help… won’t help at all, so I think of doing it moderately so I don’t lose myself like before…”


“Hmm, I won’t say anything in something you choose. However, I’m giving you some advice…”


“Please do”


“There’s nothing wrong in losing your mind sometimes, as that might be the faster way to power up. While doing something half-heartedly won’t help you at all, if you want to do something, do it thoroughly…”


As if being enlightened, Hotaru’s face lit up, and he bows to the teacher in front of him. Although he sees the person as a good friend of his, he respected him more as he is the person that opened his world. Like the first time they met, he resolutely eying the person in front of him and turn his body around while running to the village’s library…


‘Indeed, why do I always think of it as my weakness, I can do something with this small reserve of chakra! I mean, the whole world isn’t based on how strong your chakra is, and knowing I’ve got control of chakra way better than Shikamaru, I can seek for a jutsu that have lower need of chakra, while more on control…’


Kageshibari’s jutsu from Nara clan, as the need of chakra it weighted less than some high-grade jutsu, but the control that needed on the jutsu is more than some. However, it’s not something a normal ninja can try. As that is a kekkei Genkai of the Nara-clan, along with the jutsu from Akimichi and Yamanaka.


There’s many kekkei Genkai, and even something higher like Kekkei touta and doujutsu isn’t something even a person from the same clan can copy. Dual element and a triple element are something that a normal person didn’t have, however, by all means, that isn’t something to make them scary.


To counter that, many create, and even learn about nature change jutsu. A normal Kage can easily do several natures transformation jutsu, while a jonin can do 2 or 3, while a chunin can do 1 or 2. Nature transformation/change isn’t an easy thing to do, you can imagine that while a taxi driver may be able to drive some normal car, can he drove a racing car?


While the parameter that used above is normal, there’s some chunin that is below average, and above average.


“there’s no jutsu I can learn?”


“OF course, there’s none…”




“I am”


“But this is the village library, right?”


“it is”


“Why there’s no jutsu I can learn here?”


“Why would you find a jutsu in the village general library in the first place?”


“Where else?”




“There’s none there aside from clone jutsu”




“I am…”


The librarian and Hotaru kept converse like that, one after another, exchanging dumb question after another…


“so, do you know where can I see jutsu library?”


“Why do you ask a normal worker like me? I don’t even know the simplest jutsu you do…”


“That’s true…”


Knowing he won’t find any jutsu in the library, he felt dejected at first, but he started to wander around the library to find something that can help him. There, he found many books about the biography of many Hokage. From the 1st to the 4th. He read one book by another, he knew how amazing the history of theirs.


Tobirama Senju, a little brother of the founder creates many jutsu by some experiment. The place he grew up isn’t something like now, even if the war still continued even now. The scale difference too big, that this war just classed as a skirmish.


Death after another filled his childhood, his little brother dies in the hand of the late Uchiha clan. The late Uchiha clan’s first elder, Hashirama Senju’s best friend, Uchiha Madara lost all his siblings in the war, whether it’s against the Senju clan or another.


“They all have sad past… even worse than mine…”


Each and every leader has a sad past, even the great 4th Hokage, have a sad ending that all know… died while protecting the village in the claws of the 9 tails. The Kyuubi, wreak havoc and murder the leader of that time, along with his wife… his pregnant wife…


The history told, that he, as the Hokage had the saddest ending. While the only surviving Hokage until now, is Sarutobi Hiruzen. The 3rd Hokage takes his position again after the death of 4th Hokage, Namikaze Minato.


“Indeed, the village chief said the truth… there’s always sadder people, and unlike them, I’m having a better life…” Hotaru mumble while continue to read the book


Each one of the books he read, the more knowledge he receives. Amusingly, after reading through the book in the library, he found several great books like, how to create ninja equipment for dummy, or how to create a talisman for dummy in the bookshelves.


And, funnily, the book is as hard as a mathematics theorem…


“What the heck?! They say it’s for a dummy! Heck, this book!” he shouted, only to get a glare from the others inside the library. Especially the librarian…


‘the heck is wrong with that librarian; do I kill her parents or something…’ grumbling Hotaru


For some time, he’d spent his time in the library.


Helping Teuchi in the shop preparation, he’d done with being the disciplinary groups’ leader and his successor already inaugurated. It’s funny that the successor isn’t someone from the Hyuuga nor Uchiha.


“Hmm… It’s really a wonder as to why do another commoner became the leader of the group and none of the members feel wrong with…”


“He has the guts after all, and he’s… well, not smarter but I can see the potential within him…”


Sneering at the capped ninja beside him Hotaru said “I bet there’s nothing else better than him, and you’re too lazy to train them and just torture them, and the person lasts longer win the game…”


The man uses Poker face no jutsu and not even answering Hotaru’s remark,


“Well, anyhow, that means I’m free of the duties, right?”


After he said that…


“Oooy, Hotaru-kun. Can you put the brats in my class to study seriously!” said Iruka


“I guess not huh…” Said Hotaru dejectedly


“Good luck babysitting!”


“Ibiki-sensei too!”


“What do you mean by…” before he even finished his words


“Ibiki-sensei, Good luck in becoming the disciplinary groups’ tutor!” Said Iruka


“Damn it!”