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Stranded World Chapter 7

Chapter 7:  Academy (3)


“Hotaru-kun, can you help me with this question?”


“Oy, Hotaru! Help me with this on!”


“Hotaru! Get your… ah, help me with this jutsu hand seal… please”


Dependable, that’s the word that define Hotaru, the class representative… however, the funny fact that the other didn’t see him as a person in their generation… they see him as an older brother…


“Right, right, let’s just come here all of you… let this big bro Hotaru help you all…” he said smugly.


While the other just smiled wryly at that, they let it go…


“Okay, Furu, you’re good in Ninjutsu theory, Help Ginki and Shizu for now. Let’s see… there’s 6 of you here… Furu will teach Ginki And Shizu, in ninjutsu theory, while Aruru and Subaru will take care of each other, I’ll take care of Ruu. If you’ve got any you guys don’t know, you can ask me…”


“What… the heck, I ask you to teach me, and you just gave me order? Seriously?” Grumble the big guy named Furu


“Well, shorten our time isn’t it?” Said a boy with white eyes smiled, called Subaru


“shoo, shoo, it’s my time with Subaru, you guys can go away…” said the chubby girl, called Aruru


“Fufu, alright Furu, Ginki, let’s sit behind,” said the purple-haired girl, called Shizu


“Ah… whatever” answered Furu, while the brown-haired boy called Ginki only nod with a little smile


“fufufu, you really want to be alone with me, right? Hotaru-kun…” giggle the girl called Ruu


“Gah! Can anyone tell me why this dumbest girl in the class try to act like a graceful girl again?” groaned Furu


“and why do the delinquent in the class want to learn from Disciplinary founder again?” Reply Ruu


“You want a piece of me, huh? Dumb girl?” Glared Furu


“You want to dance around naked again? Ah? Exhibitionist?!” glared back Ruu


The 7 of them, has a different personality. While they do haughty, they’re all smart in a case…


While Hotaru himself is good at almost all courses, he sucks at genjutsu specialization. While Ginki Inuzuka adept in combat, especially with his Inuzuka-clan’s special art and tracking he lacks in another aspect.


Furukawa Shuu, is a brute, however, this brute adept in theory of ninjutsu and art of war. Shizuka Uchiha, although she’s only a quarter blood, specialized in genjutsu and Ninjutsu. None can doubt her capability, but she’s shadowed by the glory of Sasuke and Itachi that famous in the academy.


Aruru Akimichi, the girl’s a normal chubby from the Akimichi clan, although she’s chubby she’s a smart girl. Subaru Hyuuga is a collateral family of the Hyuuga clan, unlike Neji and Hinata, he’s someone that only have the white eyes, without byakugan. An orphan that bounded with the seal of Hyuuga, but specializing himself in Ninjutsu and theory.


While the last not least, Ruu Shiraishi is a girl from the Shiraishi conglomerate. The girl shouldn’t that learn in Genjutsu and Theory didn’t choose to go to academy in order to became a ninja but make a connection with the soon to be ninjas in the academy.


Learning business from his father, she chooses to build a connection herself so she can learn better use of human resources. A wise girl she is, but grouped up with the others she started to learn the emotion a girl her age should be, and became closer to the act she should do as a child should be.


Times spent well, as the day ends. They’ve all done with their study group. It’s funny that the teacher that entered the classroom only sees them while having a wry smile, as the students they want to teach already learning, and communicating with each other.


As if being affected by the group of 7, the other in the classroom also learned from the 7. Because they’ve done their works, the teacher changes the schedule to a study group. The classes became boisterous, yell and cries of the debate make the place more colorful.


Even the teachers come along in their debate, and some taught even the hidden jutsu they had. Like a teacher from a Yamanaka, family demonstrates his jutsu and taking over Ginki’s body. While they had fun, the same could also be felt by the teachers.


Will of fire, that hidden beneath the Konoha citizen inside their hearts lit up, and the world seems happier for them. Although the world still dark out there, at least some memories they could hold dear still there, resides…


“Only 3 months left huh… I wonder if the next batch of student will be the same or better than this…” ponder the Yamanaka teacher


“Well, there’s still be a kid that shouldn’t be graduated. But, like always they’d choose to drop out and work in the village… however, at least this batch won’t be a mercenary that kill like the others… they at least have the knowledge to work honestly…” said Iruka while looking at the students back…


“Indeed… surely, this is the first time I hate they’d be died in the battlefield somewhere without me can help…”


“Yes… that’s really a shame, but… let’s just do our best…”




“Teuchi-Ossan! Get me the surprise meal!” said Furu while shouting his order to the noisy crowd in the shop “oh, and don’t ever make Hotaru the chef!” add him


“Be right there!” answer Teuchi”


“I won’t mind Hotaru, but please don’t mix something in my miso Ramen Hotaru!” Spoke Ruu, while the other order the same as her.


“Hmph! You guys don’t understand my skill!”


“Yeah, poison skill…”


The guys then laugh out loud, while Teuchi and Ayame chuckled at their jokes… that include truth in it…


“I’ll ordered Pork slice Ramen then…”


“Oh, I’d have the Salt n Spicy Ramen!”


Ordered the two that suddenly sat before the 6…


“I… Itachi-sama?! Shisui-sama!” Shizuka suddenly got up, and bow at them. Looking at the girl’s attitude, the 2 wave their hands and smiled at her. While the other’s eyes shined at them…


“Just act like always Shizu, we’re here to dine in after all…” said Shisui while smiling thinly


“Y, yes, Shisui-sama”


They then feel silence for a while, feeling shy to the jounin in front of them. While stealing glances here and there, Hotaru then came dropping their meals on the table and smirk at them.


“Who knows that the Great Itachi-sama and Shisui-sama can be such a shy boy in front of some academy brats”


“Hmm, indeed… we may be shy out huh” smile Shisui


“While it’s true you’ve became shy, I never even thought that these guys can only steal glances… ah, since when you guys became a sissy? No offense girls…”


Their face reddens and Subaru chuckles at it, they then converse to each other. The only one that has a big gap in age’s only Shisui while Itachi only differs several years than them. Knowing they can talk normally to Hotaru they soon clicked.


Sharing their experience in their mission leaves the brats to admire them even more, while they share each other experience the gap and shyness they have to lessen. They then began to eat while converse.


“That’s nice of you Hotaru-kun” spoke Ayame


“It’s nothing sis, they all my friends after all…”


“Oh, my brat had grown huh!” delighted Teuchi while scrambling Hotaru’s hair

The lunch hour, at last, comes to an end, and Hotaru left the work, and head to the library while waving a god bye to the brats that are smitten by the Uchiha combos.


Meanwhile, in another place.


“Firefly… ah, my dear firefly… you’ll leave me?” said the woman with glassy eyes, as if they hold the tears off from the eyelids of hers.


The man named firefly can only nod at her, while not knowing what to say. He smiled honestly and peck the girl’s lips…


The girl’s eyes widen, and smiling in sorrow, circling her hands in the man’s neck, she once again closes her lips and the man’s, locking their lips in one another, while shutting her eyes. The man enjoyed the taste of her amateurish kiss.


Parting once again, the man could see her tears glistening in her cheeks, licking the tears off her face, he locked another kiss and adventuring the cave-like a pro. Making the girls’ flushed and once again closes her eyes. Savoring the taste of the tongue that invaded her mouth.


As if the time freezes around them, they continue with their wrestling tongues, not knowing when it happened, the man already twines her hips, and their skins already met with others.


Arousal is the only thing they felt, however, knowing their situation, the man stopped and once again smiling at her.


“my dear, dear let us meet again when the times come…”

Nii Yugito, the holder of 2 tails is a woman with blonde hair. In the manga and anime, she’s depicted as a woman with a stoic expression and smile less. Truthfully, she’s a kind and caring woman that waiting for the ‘prince’ to come to her, only to have killed by the extraction the Akatsuki did to her.


While the man distancing from her, Yugito melancholically looks at his back. Thinking how long will she wait for him to come back to her…


As the time passed, even after he no longer be seen. She still stood there, with tears glistening in her cheeks.


“One more woman, that waiting for you right? Mr. Prince…” Tease the man that suddenly comes from the dark forest.


“Whoa there, you startled me Izana. I’ve got the bijuu, what’s next?”


“There’s a deviation in our plan, based on my spider, there’s a massive change occurring in this time and part…”


“Is it bad?”


“I can’t say so, but… I guess more intel needs to be gathered…”


“So, come back to Konoha then?”


“It is…”


“Sure! I miss my darling purple…” exclaimed the man


“Hmph, you sure don’t think that your woman won’t be in another man’s bed by now?”


“I believe her…”


“Okay then, let’s go…”


Thus, they went deeper into the forest. Leaving the howl of the beast and hoot of the birds reverberating the forest like it always does. Knowing nothing about these passages, Hotaru whistles while punching the batter they need for tomorrow’s ramen…