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World Game Universe Chapter 4   TL: Choctea ED: FortuneEternal   Previous Chapter Finally, I get a nice reward I think. 200 gold in this game, if swapped in money, is about Rp.200.000, – it’s very real enough, to buy a pretty fancy dinner I thought. I thanked him and went to the Mr. Ranid’s…


World Game Universe Chapter 3   TL: Choctea ED: FortuneEternal Previous Chapter “What is it?” “I have some Mission to you Sir” Eventually, this NPC started believing in me and giving me a request. I hope, that what I’ll get later will be worth a request given. with the reason to replace my disappointing combat…


World Game Universe Chapter 2 TL: Choctea ED: FortuneEternal   previous chapters I just sigh, it seems the only status can be incorporated into this game. All armor, money or reputation I have in the previous game cannot be moved into this game. Only the Role of Demon can be combined and my level who…