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World Game Universe

Chapter 3


TL: Choctea

ED: FortuneEternal

Previous Chapter

“What is it?”

“I have some Mission to you Sir”

Eventually, this NPC started believing in me and giving me a request. I hope, that what I’ll get later will be worth a request given. with the reason to replace my disappointing combat equipment.


“Previously… you should have some crafting skill first, Sir”

“crafting skill? What’s that ?”

“A craft skill is a basic Skill to make things from other materials, it could be clothing, weapons, or jewelry.”

“seriously? Hmm Interesting”

“you’ve already had a high level but you don’t know everything about this game. Where did you come from? ”

“Previously … I playing another game and just combine the amount of experience I had in that game into this game. Therefore, I got Level like now. Without know everything about the other abilities in this game. ”

“You can say it’s like cheating, sir. Ah … sorry! I don’t mean to sneer to you. ”

“It’s Okay, Beside… I’m not too happy to show off that kind of thing to someone else. I’d rather if you don’t keep on discussing it! ”

“Okay Sir, it’s better to keep hide that thing. Because as far as I know in this city the highest level just 78. All NPC in this city know about that and calling it most beautiful Goddess of the Human Race. She’d an ability of an Archer and her class is very impressive. “

“Yes … I know what you mean is social jealousy. Not just the woman! My friends just feel this is unfair. It would be good if keep it hidden. ”

“By the way, sir could you meet someone named Rinda. He’s a famous Craftsman in this city. You’ll find him right in the town square and bring this thing, Sir ”

The shopkeeper gave a pin symbolizing two large Axes facing each other.

“This symbol of our brotherhood. Just ask him how to become a Craftsman and he will teach you how. After that please come back to me for the next task. ”

“Okay,  I’ll be right there.”

Then I leaving the Weapons Shop. And I forget about my magic Skill. Then I tried to open these Skills one by one. It seems only passive Skill which I can raise in this game. Because some of the active Skill such as Fire, ice, water, and Earth skill required additional costs to be raised and there are some magical abilities that can be bought at the magic shop. I see one by one passive magic Skill that I have.

Mana Creation Level 1

A Skill to regenerates or increases MP. MP  is an energy in the body of each Race to cast magic. Add regeneration by 10 Mana in one second.

A message appeared on my laptop screen.

“You want to level up this Skill? Yes or no.”

I am confused to level up or not. Because my level is 99, and I have a point to level up the skill as much as 198 times to add my Passive magic Skill. Because every 1 Level, it looks like I get twice chance to increase the level of skill. I’ll check the skill later.

Wizard’s Strength Level 1.

A Skill that can add magical abilities issued by a Witch. Increases magic power by 15% of total Intelligence.

” You want to level up this Skill? Yes or no.”

“Hmm … next skill.”


Cure Magic Level 1

A Skill in which can dispel all bad magic or curse that concerns the body. Can also neutralize toxic or magic attacks and increase blood regeneration by 5%.

” You want to level up this Skill? Yes or no.”

At the moment only 3 skills are already open or can be added. Because I haven’t changed my basic Job at all. Now my job listed here is Mage. Before playing this game, I had to learn all of this game from the guidebook I got from its official website.

I see the Skill then raise each of 30 Points from the Total Point for all three passive skill and save the other for another Skill. Maybe I’ll do it later after I learn other magic.

My feet stepped into the town square, it was very easy to find someone named Rinda. Because there is a large shop with a wooden carved dragon in front of the door, and don’t forget a name Craftsman’s Rinda. I knock on the door of the store and then go inside.

The first figure I saw was an old man wearing glasses and white clothing. Seen is sewing a garment made of silk fabric. I greeted the old figure.

“Good day sir, I’m a traveler. I was given the task by the owner of the Weapon Shop to see Mr. Rinda and submit this, ”

He removes the gold pin given by the Shopkeeper earlier.

“Oh … you are the messenger of Ranid. He is my own brother. What can I do for you, Kid? Just unfold your hood. I already know that your Race is Demon. There’s no need for you to cover again from my old eyes. ”

“Sorry … if I’m making you uncomfortable sir. I just don’t want you to be bothered with my ugly appearance, ”

I opened the Hood and showed my scary character’s face.

“Haha … I’ve lived like this for a long time now. Although I am a Craftsman. but my main job is a Warrior or Swordsman. You can see that from this ceiling, right? ”

I looked up and I saw a long Sword about 1 meter with a handle made of stone. It seems that the sword is strong enough to use by a Warrior or a melee fighter who uses a sword.

“Sorry, if I don’t realize it, sir.”

“You always say sorry, Kid! How polite you are. I’m not supposed to judge you just because of your Race. ”

“It’s because of the system sir, I don’t choose the Race properly and end up as the Demon Race. ”

“Your hometown is the Tomb of Kings? It’s so far you to be able to get here. ”

“The Tomb of the Kings Sir? In fact, I didn’t know where it was. I just started in this city and all the Race that I see is just Human, not Demon or even giant race. ”

“Oh … is that so. Well, that’s probably your fate, Kid. Now, what is Ranid asking for you to come here? ”

“I want to learn to be a Craftsman.”

“Are you sure? I see you are a Mage I don’t think that’ll fit with your skills right now. Can you tell me what your true motivation is to become a Craftsman? ”

“I don’t have that much desire, sir. I’m basically a poor man in the real world. I only intend to save my expenses by making my own Item or combat equipment and might be able to gain a bit of profit from selling some combat equipment later. ”

“Haha … it turns out you’ve realized that being a Mage definitely needs a lot of money, isn’t it? ”

“Yes … as you said earlier, can you teach me to become a Craftsman?”

“If my Brother Ranid gives this pin and asks you to come, surely you are a good person. You passed the test and I’ll teach you some Craftsman’s Skills. ”

I finally taught by Mr. Rinda about how to make clothes, forge weapons and also do not forget how to carve jewelry. He taught me patiently until the end, I can make a wand, a pair of bracelets and also a cloak of magic. I was curious to check the equipment that I have made myself.

Magic wand

Terms of Use: Level 30

The power of magic: 50-80

Consumption Mana: 0

Special effects: Increases blood regeneration by 5% equipped.


Terms of Use: Level 35

The power of magic: 30

Consumption Mana: 0

Special effects: Increases Mana regeneration (magical powers) by 8%.

Magic Cloak

Terms of Use: Level 25

The power of magic: 15

Added Armor or defense: 15 defenses.

Special Effect: Increases attack power by 15%.


I am quite satisfied with the lessons given by Mr. Rinda. He then approached me and said.

“Congratulations, Kid. After three days you finally managed to make good stuff. You have talent, therefore I’ll give some reward for you. Now your Title is a Magic Craftsman. Come back and see my brother, and tell him on the weekend I will visit his house and this is a little money for your supplies later. ”

A notification appeared on my laptop screen.

“Congrats you’ve completed the request from NPC Ranid prize: 15,000 Exp (Experience) and 200 gold. ”

Finally, I get a nice reward I think. 200 gold in this game, if swapped in money, is about Rp.200.000, – it’s very real enough, to buy a pretty fancy dinner I thought. I thanked him and went to the Mr. Ranid’s Weapon Shop to complete the next quest.

To Be Continued….