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World Game Universe

Chapter 4


TL: Choctea

ED: FortuneEternal


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Finally, I get a nice reward I think. 200 gold in this game, if swapped in money, is about Rp.200.000, – it’s very real enough, to buy a pretty fancy dinner I thought. I thanked him and went to the Mr. Ranid’s Weapon Shop to complete the next quest.



Shortly I arrived at Ranid’s Shop. Seen some new Player bought magic equipment or weapons, used for hunting. Many of the Player stared strangely at me, seeing a wizard holding a wand. But covering his face with a hood. After the store left with a fewer player, I met Mr. Ranid at the cash register.

“Oh … you’re back, Kid. How is it, have you meet with my brother Rinda? ”

“Yes sir, he told me, he will visit on the weekend. ”

“Haha … it’s been a long time since that brat visited me. How about it? What did you get after learning from Rinda? ”

“A lot,  sir. Mr. Rinda taught me the way of life as a craftsman and this is what I produce. ” While showing some tools I’ve made with Mr. Ranid.

“Hmm … pretty good, for a beginner you have talent, Kid. But, I still have another Quest, would you take it? ”

“Okay sir, I will accept your Quest. ”

“Well if it’s like that, go north near the hill there will be a lot of wolves. Hunt them one by one and take the skin, try to get the best skin for the best craft quality as well. If you manage to get 20 nice skins, I’ll gift some reward later. ”

“I’ll be on my way, sir.”

“Before that, take this.” A book was given by Mr. Ranid.

Then the system notification of the game Universe showed on my laptop screen.

“You got a magic book. there is some basic magic, which you can learn. Price: 100 gold. ”

“Thank you very much, Sir.”

“Your welcome, just Try to not destroy the wolf skins with your magic. So please decrease the damage power from your magic, so it isn’t to damage the wolf’s skins, Kid. ”

“I’ll try Sir.” I checked and read the book.



> Basic Magic Book

> A magic book containing basic levels of magic. If studying this book, players will be able to use basic magic and also some elemental magic such as Water, Ice, Fire as well as Earth. Skill support for battle could also available later. this book is rare Item, please keep it well.

From the book, I can activate some basic element magic. Such as fireballs, electric attacks, water attacks as well as rain stones. Not bad, I think I’ll use it for a hunt.

Fire Ball Level 1

A power of the fire element, which gives damage to various monsters. Allow people who use this ability to release fireballs to attack enemies.

Damage: 350 damage.

MP: 100 Mana.

Water Attack Level 1

An attack that allows users to release a whirlpool to drown the enemy.

Damage: 150 damage.

MP: 180 Mana.

Electric Shock Level 1

An attack that allows users to release lightning to hit the target.

Damage: 200 Damage

MP: 150 Mana.

Rain Stones Level 1

An attack that allows users to rain down stones. Can make more damage if Level of this skill is improved continuously.

Damage: 220 damage.

MP: 80 Mana.

Not bad, I think this skill will be useful later on how to choose which Skill I take first. In the last page of the magic book, it also teaches some magic to ensnare enemies such as root’s trap. I’m interested to learn this ability.

Root’s Trap Level 1

An ability that causes the target can’t move, because of the root of the tree that ensnare his body for 5 seconds.

Damage : 10 damage / sec.

MP: 150 Mana.


After I think enough, then I’m heading towards the hill which Mr. Ranid said. After passing guard, I go to the hill. In front of the entrance has appeared poisonous plants, which is a monster Level 1 to 10 for beginners.

Followed by a few ugly and short-looking creatures that look like Tuyul, Seen they’re carrying sacks, usually these monsters are hunted at levels 10 to 20 and the last one is a herd of wolves, they inhabit the hills around the mountain and I think the level of this creature is 30.

Hopefully, I did not meet the leader of this troop aka boss. Usually, the Level will be far above the other Wolves and have unique abilities and drop a rare item of course.

Seen in front of me there are some Wolves are relaxing. These animals don’t seem to be aggressive with my presence near them. There are about five wolves in front of me. I intend to wield my magic to these Wolves. But, before that, I want to check my current Status Character.

“Status !!! ” a display of character status shown.

Name: Mayhard

Job: Mage

Degree: Magic Crafter

Level (Rankings): 99

Experience: 15,000.

Total Blood: 49,000

Quantity: 28,000

Amount of Money: 200 gold.

Looks like, I have a lot of MP to defeat these creatures. I immediately put on the magic equipment I had. Starting from a wand, a magic bracelet as well as don’t forget the magic cloak, which I made myself with the help of Mr. Ranid.

Then I quickly go into combat mode, then pulled out my wand and cast a spell. The magic wand I made was made of medium-quality magic wood, which on top had a red crystal stone. The function of the crystal stone is to strengthen my magic ability. then I quickly cast the spell.


“Water attack and Root,”

Then a wave of water appeared in front of me and tried to drown the Wolves. They look conscious and start acting strangely because swallowed by the whirlpool. About 10 seconds later, I cast a second round of attack of Root. Where this magic attack can stop the movement of the Wolves and the last I came forward by using my last magic attack that is:

“Rain Stones!” A bunch of strange clouds appeared over the Wolves.

Then it drops the rain of water, which turns into ice crystals. Then dropped the bodies of the Wolves. Shortly, the Wolves were killed. Then I quickly picked up the knife in my bag and began to skin the wolves. A message reappears on my laptop screen.

“You get 5 Wolves’ Skin with good quality.”

“You get an Experience of 0.5% requires another 98.5% to Level up.”

It seems hunting Wolves only makes me raise very little EXP. It still takes more experience to quickly level up. Later that day I started hunting Wolves, as Mr. Ranid’s order. Until finally my magic mastery increases, each increased by 10 levels. It made me happy because I only have a high level, but my ability is like a mage who is in Level 20.

due to lack of mastery of magic abilities as well as magic equipment makes my character weak. Maybe if I meet a mage on Level 50. Then he tried to kill me, surely I would be a soft target for him. Being cool to hunt and skin some wolves. Suddenly a heavy voice came from behind me.

” Grr ….. Grrr… Grr ….”

A large white wolf appeared from behind me. He was different from the gray wolf I had been hunting for. There was a golden yellow name on top of his head.

“Alpha Wolf Level 50.”

“Shit, the Wolves Boss came out at a time when I didn’t want to, What am I supposed to do against this creature?” The wolf glaring me slowly while showing his sharp teeth. It seems that this creature really must be defeated first.

Alpha Wolf is 2 meters taller, with white fur. Since he is the boss of these wolves, his existence is certain to be followed by the coming of other wolves. From the wolf’s face, it was very convincing that he didn’t like me at all. He still growled and looked at me intently.

Maybe for him, I was as good as a lunch. Alpha Wolf then growled towards me.

“Grr ….. Grrr… Grr ….”

Followed by other wolves who started to surround me. Not giving me some space. Looks like, I’m really going to be the lunch for the wolves. It didn’t look enough, that Alpha Wolf started moving forward. While showing a row of sharp teeth. It seems that today I will be busy with this carnivore, or so I thought.

To Be Continued….