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World Game Universe Chapter 4   TL: Choctea ED: FortuneEternal   Previous Chapter Finally, I get a nice reward I think. 200 gold in this game, if swapped in money, is about Rp.200.000, – it’s very real enough, to buy a pretty fancy dinner I thought. I thanked him and went to the Mr. Ranid’s…


World Game Universe Chapter 3   TL: Choctea ED: FortuneEternal Previous Chapter “What is it?” “I have some Mission to you Sir” Eventually, this NPC started believing in me and giving me a request. I hope, that what I’ll get later will be worth a request given. with the reason to replace my disappointing combat…


World Game Universe Chapter 2 TL: Choctea ED: FortuneEternal   previous chapters I just sigh, it seems the only status can be incorporated into this game. All armor, money or reputation I have in the previous game cannot be moved into this game. Only the Role of Demon can be combined and my level who…

Dunia Game -Universe- Chapter 1

World game Universe Chapter 1 TL: Choctea ED: FortuneEternal   I’m just a lazy kid who was forced to go to college to fulfill my parent’s ambitions. They hope I will be a bachelor and make it easier to find some job. I was born as a child from a simple family who aspire to…


Hello Guys ^-^ This is my first time to translating some Novel. I hope you guys enjoy it. Here take a Look my first translated novel :  

World Game Universe

World Game Universe Author: Mayhard205 Translator: Choctea Synopsis The year 2025 is a period in which the popularity of a game made by Energy Corporation exploded in various parts of the world. This game is called Universe. Do not miss Indonesia where this country is the distributor country of the game. A normal college kid who…