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World Game Universe

Chapter 2

TL: Choctea

ED: FortuneEternal


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I just sigh, it seems the only status can be incorporated into this game. All armor, money or reputation I have in the previous game cannot be moved into this game. Only the Role of Demon can be combined and my level who reached number 99 in this game.

I decided to use these items and pretend to be a beginner to learn more about this game. While inviting my other friends to come together and make a Guild like our previous appointment. Be the strongest, the best and the richest in this game. Hopefully, our trip will be easy later. Our adventure in the Universe Games is now starting.


I took the Phone out of my pocket and sent a short message to my friends.

“I’m online now, what’s your level?”

“Shit!!, I’m level 80.”Awan Said.

“Hehehehe…. I’m a little lucky Wan. The result of transferring my account from Dooms Day is level 90.” Putra Said.

“Hahahaha… it seems that I’m the only one leveled up to 91 here” Riki said proudly.

“What about you Dy? What level are you ?” Ask Riki.

“Wait for a second, I’ll take a picture”

I screenshot my laptop screen and send it. The photo showed Level 99. After that, the negative response comes out from my friends.

“Shit, How lucky you’re level up that much Dy” Awan Said Angry.

“This game is Unfair,” Riki say

“Hahahaha Enough guys… , We’ll help each other to level up later.” Reply Putra

“but, there’s something we forgot,” shout me slowly.

“What is that Dy ?”

“have you forgot, even though we’re a high-leveled player we’re very poor ?! Money and Item can’t be transferred ‘(Combat attire which could be clothes, weapon, or jewels). Even I’d only had a common combat attire like a common wand, a magic book, and a rag” I say slowly.

“indeed. I’m only having a rusted sword, some food and also a wooden shield. how poor I am in this game, ” groan Putra.

“You guys are just complaining !! How are about me? who only get a small knife and some bread? In fact, I see the damage resulting from this weapon is only 10 no more. ”

“What if we scattered and then explored the Universe world together? We will regroup when all our combat attire is ready and create a Guild like in DoomsDay. We’ll Re-build our “Black Cloud” Guild and bring the glory back. How about that my friends? Do you agree with me? ”

“I love your way of thinking Leader of Black Cloud Mayhard”

We agreed to split up at that time. I am now in a town called Kuna, a small town used as a place for beginners to come from. The city is quite beautiful, with beautiful panoramic hills which had glittering city lights at nightfall. I went around meeting people in this game. In this game their artificial intelligence that resembles a human called the NPC.

The NPC are tasked to give a Guide on a mission or a request. Usually giving rewards, depending on the difficulty of the mission we received. I was curious and go to a Weapon’s shop. Where there are plenty of weapons for beginners sold in this place. After saying hello, I go into the store.

“excuse me, Sir”

“Yes..,  can I help you?”

“ can I take a look for some item in this store ?”

“Be my guest Sir”

My eyes inspecting each and every item in the weapon’s store. Because basically I’ve had been given Job as a Mage a.k.a. Witch. All I see is magic wands and magic books that are called Griamore. The old man approached me who was looking at his merchandise.

“you work as a Mage, right Sir ?”

“I am, Sir.”

“Oh.. By the way what level you are now Sir? Sorry, we don’t know how much your ability to take this magic item like this Sir.”

“my level is about 100, Sir.”

He’s shocked with what I said.

“Are you Serious Sir? Ahh… you are joking right, Sir? Impossible your level is that high, while, you are still wearing rags and wooden wands like this.” He said shocked.

He still looks unconvinced and sneers what I’m wearing at the moment. Then I unfold my hood. Seeing rows of pointed teeth and red eyes. And not to forget, the frightening face of Demon. that shopkeeper paused both legs begin to shake.

“Sir you are.. you are… ahhh Demon!!”

“Shh … don’t scream, sir. I’m just a player in this game. But, indeed my Race is Demon. Don’t be afraid … because I never hurt NPC like you Sir. Watch this carefully, ” I say a word by word slowly.

“Status! ”, Then look Level 99 above my head. which I’d disabled since. In order to cover my identity from other players.

“I didn’t realize you are an amazing person, Sir,” He says amazed.

“in that case… can I ask for your help, Sir ?”

“What is it?”

“I have some Mission to you Sir”

Eventually, this NPC started believing in me and giving me a request. I hope, that what I’ll get later will be worth a request given. with the reason to replace my disappointing combat equipment.

To Be Continued…