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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 105: It’s been a while [3]

E Chapter 105: It’s been a while [3]



“Well, well, well… If it isn’t, miss Roxy. It’s been a while, “Claude said as he saw the approaching Migurd.

It’s been a day since he sparred, and the people from division D had already fully healed. On the way to his break, he finds that Roxy is acting suspiciously outside of the Guild house along with Talhand and Elinalize.

Although he never met with both Talhand and Elinalize, he already knew both of them from Kuro’s memory and Paul’s boasting.

He knew pretty well how famous the kinky elf and abnormal dwarf were in the adventurers’ guild. He had already received a report about them.

With a simple polite nod to both of them, he returns his gaze to the perplexed Migurd.She never met with him and didn’t remember who Claude was.

Roxy just stared towards the guy that was holding his girlfriend’s hand outside of the guild house.

She’d never realized that this teen would be the same person as the one beating up people the day before. The aura around him was so different.

While they continue to maintain silence, R01 suddenly comes out of the Guild house to give both Isolte and Claude a bag for their outing.

“Leader, here’s the bag…” Kant said, as she handed over the rattan bag to the couple.

“Teacher Bloody!”

As soon as she saw R01, Roxy immediately ran to her and grabbed her hands.

“It’s been a while! Are you alright?”

“Oh, Roxy. I’m fine, of course. What makes you think otherwise?”

“I mean, just the day before today, when we felt the tremor and investigated the epicentrum. We knew it came from Crossbows’ guild house. Well, a little bit of peeking and I see you from the distance. Which makes me come here to meet you.”

“I see. As you can see, I’m doing fine.”

“What made you come here in the first place, teacher?”

“I’m hired by the guild as a researcher here, well, I need the leader’s permission to tell you more about my circumstances here.”

She said, glancing at Claude.

“Wait, Leader? This young’un is?” Talhand was astonished by the sudden revelation.

“Now that you look at him closely, I see his resemblance with the person that won the bout the other day.” Elinalize said, squinting her eyes at Claude, looking closely at the smiling young man holding Isolte’s hand without being embarrassed.

“This blatant show of affection makes me somehow irritated.” Elinalize said, closely looking at the young couple.

“Pardon me, but we are going to have a date right now. If you please head straight to the point?” Claude said, refusing to release the hand he’s holding.

Isolte’s face was reddened by his affection, while Claude just continued his conversation with the other.

“Go on, you can have your conversation while I’ll have a date with Isolte… See you later, miss Roxy” Claude said while smiling, pulling the embarrassed Isolte.

Seeing his back moving away from them, Roxy can’t help but mutter.

“Is he really the leader? He looks tamer than Douglas, whom I met the other day”

Talhand and Elinalize just nodded at Roxy’s statement as Bloody chuckled at what she heard.

“What kind of tame person is destroying Douglas’ ribs? It’s just yesterday that he entered the Emperor’s realm, and you say he’s a tame person?”

“Wh… hwat?! Emperor!” Talhand stuttered at the revelation, while Elinalize asked again to reconfirm.

“That young one is?”

Roxy’s eyes opened widely as she said, “I don’t think teacher would lie, but an emperor? What specialization?”

“Both” Bloody grinned at them as she said another bomb.

“Wait… How old is he again?”

“He should be 17 right now, a year older than your disciple. Now that you mention it, did you never meet him when he was young? If I’m not wrong, he also comes from Buena Village. ”

The elf suddenly interrupted, “Isn’t that where Paul was?”

“Paul, oh, right. Paul is the leader’s former teacher. He should be the team leader in Millis. Hadn’t you met with him in Milshion?”

“We’ve met him, but he’s from Arbalest. I don’t think we’ve heard anything about a young Emperor expert being the leader though?”

“Wait, teacher. Do you mean that Crossbow is a division of Arbalest?”

“It is, you never heard of them? Arbalest should be well-known throughout the central continent.”

The others, aside from D, weren’t in contact with the people from the main continent, and the information they got from the Begaritt continent was scarce, almost nothing even.

Not to mention, R01 wasn’t the person that took a liking to anything other than her own research project.

Knowing that, it isn’t weird for R01 to not know about the development of the world.

While R01 was puzzled, the other three couldn’t help but shudder in revelation. Although they don’t know about Claude being the leader of Arbalest, since it’s commonly known that Mike Arbalest was the leader of the said group, and the group had disbanded.

“Is it just me, or did the whole world get duped by a group that they look down upon?” Talhand said, as he gulped his saliva.

While Elinalize can’t help but shiver in fright once she realizes what will come out of this movement.

Roxy can’t help but look at her companions’ sudden weird reactions. She doesn’t understand what it meant, and the words didn’t register in her brain to think of.

Although she’s smart, Roxy didn’t have the same experience as Talhand and Elinalize, who had lived for centuries or even longer. Although they are younger than Ruijerd, they have a keener mindset than the Spear Emperor.

Bloody and Roxy just look at each other and leave them alone.




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