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E Chapter 131: Headmaster


“What do you mean by the troops been decimated?”


Hearing the word that his mages had been completely vanquished by a kid under the age 17, Ranoa’s headmaster became enraged.

“Are you insane? That is the number of troops that could easily annihilate a county! How can they lose to a single squad?”

“I… I’m not sure, sir, I’m just reviewing the report from the allies…”

“Damn, just leave the room!”

The headmaster rose up and looked out the window as the secretary exited the room.

He can see the prosperous Academy and the surrounding city; it’s a lively and wonderful environment where he can accommodate them.

Someone burst into his room.

“Who the hell gave you permission to come!”

The headmaster was enraged by the unexpected entrance and turned around to see someone he didn’t want to see.

The second person who hears the shout simply smiles at the headmaster as he walks slowly and relaxes on the chair.

“What do I owe the renowned Cloud King for being here…”

Headmaster stated as he took a step back and looked around.

He has been surrounded by professionals.

“Pleased to meet you, Ranoa University’s president. Though I don’t particularly want to meet you, I couldn’t stop myself when someone tried to backstab me, right, headmaster?”

“I find it amusing that you are considering being backstabbed; what did I do?”

As he sat at his table, the headmaster said.

“U, don’t…”

As U was about to cut the headmaster’s throat, Claude uttered something unusual.

Following Claude’s request, a knife flashed before the headmaster and fading back into the shadow.

The headmaster loses his strength and comes to a halt in his seat.

“Don’t force us to conclude our chat before we begin, headmaster…”

“I… Please forgive me. I will listen attentively to what you have to say.”

“I’ll make things simpler then, those that targeting us already earned their retribution. We’ve punished them by either killing them or removing them from their positions and replacing them with someone more reasonable. We don’t need someone who simply follows orders, but rather someone who can improve the lives of citizens…”

Claude pauses for a moment to show the headmaster the list on his paper.

“While you’re horrible, you’re not the worst. With what is about to happen in the future, we will require all of the power we can muster. Rather than eliminating every threat, we choose to tame and educate them.”

“educate them?”

“We already know what you’re looking for, headmaster. So, here I am, giving you the opportunity. Do you want to join our research group or continue as a teacher at the university?”


Giving the headmaster the option of becoming a teacher means he will be demoted. He doesn’t care who the next headmaster is, for the kingdom under the university has acquiesced under Arbalest.

Arbalest had already forced them to follow or fall.

Because Arbalest did not want to turn them into puppets, they all chose to follow and granted Arbalest the freedom to do anything they wanted.

This is something they learned by sharing the horror that may occur in the future; but, because the future is still unknown, the royals remain skeptical. However, because Arbalest did not want anything, they agreed to give him some power within their country.

The headmaster was already given the options; what he chose isn’t very surprising.



“So, the present principal became one of Arbalest’s R division researchers, and he’s currently studying magic circle like crazy?”

Rudeus murmured, perplexedly, as he went around the institution, staring at Clara.

“Yep, he’s one of the fanatical researchers who is avidly examining everything down to the fundamental… It was strange to witness the old man respectfully asking master Claude questions. But, maybe, he will provide us with some results in the future.”

“I see…”

Rudeus couldn’t help but wonder as they continued their tour.

“However, why would you choose to be vice-principal? If you become principal, you will undoubtedly gain more power…”

Carla couldn’t help but sigh as she looked at him, bewildered.

“You see, Rudeus… even if I appear easygoing, there’s a lot of work waiting for me to do. As a member of C division, in addition to dealing with information exchange, I must deal with the aristocrats of this country. Do you suppose I’ll bother to be the principal?”

“Do you not have enough persons to fill the position?”

“None, even now, we still lack a lot of military power. Aside from dealing with the tracking task to find any ruins or dungeons that may have escaped, we are still looking for the missing individual from metastasis… There are also persons who were given orders to conquer and investigate the labyrinth within the world, as well as map it. You know how crucial a globe map is as a reincarnator, right?”

“Does globe mapping then take the most people?”

“Certainly, even now, they have received 30% of our budget. The Central continent and Millis are fairly straightforward to map, but the other three continents are essentially undiscovered area. Because we prioritize safety, it would take longer than necessary…”

“Can’t you wait to map the world after the dungeon outbreak? I believe you are too eager to discover the truth.”

“It’s our plan B to cope with, in case if we fail to defense the Central continent, we need to find the safest area to hide. You will not believe that we can survive something that could engulf the entire globe, but with more knowledge, we can. We can make more plans.”

“That’s a fantastic idea… I understand your reasoning for not killing coalition bandits,” Rudeus scratched his chin.

“Obviously, master Claude and Boss Mike aren’t the only ones in Arbalest who can think. We have a lot of intelligent folks! Hahaha!”

Soon, they reached their final destination.

“Don’t hit on girls in your dorm. Concentrate on gaining knowledge and increasing your strength; we require more assistance than we currently have. But, do you truly not feel anything from that brilliant student from this institution you fought with before?”

“Is this Fitts-senpai? What should I feel, he doesn’t even know who Ran ma is… I think it’s strange to refer to him as a genius with that kind of spec…”

“He’s already best within the best if we put her on average standard, don’t put her on the same level of the people on Arbalest thought. We’ve been trained differently.”

“I suppose so?


“Anyway, I’ll see you later.”

Clara waved her hand as she walked away from Rudeus.

Rudeus couldn’t help but sigh as he looked around the dorm.

They are the same individuals with the same memories, yet look at Claude. He had not only become one of the world’s powers, but he also had dependable subordinates.

He barely made it to the grade of King while still suffering with his own mental illness.

“Well, moping isn’t going to help you get stronger. Let us continue to learn and improve. There’s still plenty of room for improvement…”


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