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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 107


107 Christoph’s Nichijou (Daily life) 3



At year 515, 9th month of the sacred calendar.

People gathered at the square in front of the temple enshrined God of magic (Magishin), the next most prominent building in the capital of Eastwood.

Many people with good clothing entered the chapel preferentially, but not everyone was.

It’d be nice to have everyone enter the temple, but it’s impossible to accommodate everyone since the place had a limit.

There are people with animals ear, elven and dwarf ears, and others. 60% of the inhabitants of Eastwood are non-hyuman races.

If you count the combat slave from the Nation, the ratio will increase, but it seems that slaves and residents aren’t in the same class.

Even so, Eastwood requires everyone to be registered, including the slaves.


There’s a gathering here because Christoph issued a decree that he’d appoint the chief priest of the temple.

Until now, the temple’s chief priest was Christoph as he was the apostle of the magic God, but as he couldn’t serve as one, he decided to appoint one concurrently.

Christoph’s name also brings the mass, but the appointment of the chief priest is a meaningful ceremony many would like to see.

The number of believers is steadily increasing. In Eastwood alone, 80% of citizens are already believers, excluding the combat slaves from the Nation, while more believers rose throughout the Kingdom.

There are plenty of believers of the God of creation and the other good God in the northern and eastern part of the central continent, and there’s also more in another continent.

On the other hand, the follower of the God of Sorcery centered around the sacred Kingdom Vandamme, especially in Eastwood. (TN: Fixing God of magic to God of Sorcery from now on)

The Kingdom is the 3rd largest in terms of population within the continent after the Bossam Empire. Orion Saint Nation and Christoph focused on raising more awareness within the Kingdom.

As his number of believers increased, so did his strength. Even so, a believer that committed a crime needed to be punished strictly.


「Everyone, today is the day we appointed the chief of the temple of Sorcery god. As this happy day needs to be congratulated, we need your agreement at the celebration!」


Christoph gathered the attention of the public with his short speech.

In his hand were a microphone and a loudspeaker behind him. Astonishing the audience with the newest magic item he created.


「now then, let’s introduce the newest chief priest to everyone!」


Even while they are puzzled by the speaker’s sound, they still focus on Christoph.

Thus, at the same time as Christoph’s sign, a woman dressed in a priest robe gracefully walks from the guest area.

The figure looked as if a goddess descended, and the gathered guest couldn’t look away from the figure.

While the new chief priest walked towards Christoph, everyone could only sigh in astonishment as they fell in love with the mysterious beauty.


「Let’s introduce her! She’s the new chief priest of the temple, Dorothy von Bruteis, my wife. And the new apostle appointed by the God of Sorcery!」


After Christoph’s introduction, the cheer burst in the air.

Dorothy’s cheek slightly reddened as she was enveloped in the tsunami of cheers.


「now, please respond to them」


Christoph urges Dorothy to respond to the cheering crowd.

Dorothy stares at the people below the podium.

And when she raised her hand, the voice of people fell silent.


「This time. I, Dorothy von Bruteis, have been appointed as the new Chief priest. I will do my best for the dear God of sorcery and for everyone who believed in him――――――――」


Dorothy speaks to the crowd with a breeze-like voice.

The audience seems to be delighted hearing Dorothy’s voice and her inauguration as the chief priest. Some kneel and pray, while some listen in silence.


「thanks for your hard work. From now on, you are the head of this sorcery temple. I hope you can do work on your idea」


「thank you, since the paper has been signed, we will start immediately」


As Dorothy became the chief priest, her first work was to create a treatment center.

Currently, there’s no treatment center in Eastwood. Most of the sick were treated using folk remedies or drugs from the pharmacist.

As expected, some people couldn’t keep up with the treatment, and Dorothy wanted to minimize such things.

Christoph also thinks the same, and after a conversation, it leads to the decision to appoint Dorothy as the chief priest.

Christoph needed to decide the chief priest of the Sorcery temple early but had yet found the right person.

Thus, he set Dorothy as the arrowhead because she already knows his power and can use her abilities to help the people, as she is also firm in her decision.

Even so, as one of his family members. Even if she’s become the chief priest, she won’t be protected from the lousy gossip behind her back.


There were some initial roles given to Dorothy before.

As the wife of a noble, she needs to attend the tea party and gather information, learn the management as an officer in Bryut firm, and entrust the firm’s management in the future.

Christoph gave her several more roles, but she chose to be the chief priest firmly.


「I am a noble for the people. A noble should think more towards the people, and I wish to think along with the people !」


As Christoph remembers the day Dorothy chose to be the chief priest, her smile is charming.







Dorothy’s first project is creating the treatment center, and her next project is the creation of a School.

A school is a place where the nobles attend at a certain age, but not something a penniless commoner can attend.

When Dorothy married Christoph, she knew that commoners weren’t going to school, so she started to think more about it.

She was given choices by Christoph and chose to be a priest without hesitation but never expected to be appointed so soon.

Still, as the chief priest of the sorcery temple, she’s the one on top, as the budget can’t flow without the approval of the chief priest. It’s something that Dorothy wants the most, the authority.


「now then, let’s start the school construction! inform the citizen that children within the age of 7-11 years old can attend them for free, and excellent children will be given the scholarship to participate in the academy in Royal Capital」


The budget of the sorcery temple was from the believer’s donations and the subsidies of Bruteis Duke and Bryutzel margrave’s house.

At this moment, the system was applied because the temple was located in Eastwood, but since the creation of another temple in another city was being planned. It’s a matter of discussing how things will be started.


「I shall do so immediately!」


The priest of the Sorcery temple was usually called Priests, but, even among them, there’s a rank.

There are eight ranks. The first will be the chief priest, followed by the General priest, assistant general priest, first to the third class priest, priest, and priest trainee. (TN: should I use Catholic priest’s hierarchy? Though it’s not the same…)

It can also be said as President(Chief priest), vice president

(supervising priest), the staff (assistant priest), director (first-class priest), section leader (second class priest), team leader (third class priest), a regular employee (Priest), and a part-timer (Priest trainee).

They usually call a priest for the non-trainee.

Therefore, the trainee was not a real priest but only called so in name.

Currently, the seat of the general and assistant General priest are vacant, and dozens of people, including the first-class priests, are spreading the teaching of Sorcery god under the order of the chief priest.

Even so, there are only three teachings from the sorcery god.


The first is to be curious and not be afraid of failure when creating a magic tool.

The second is not to bring others down but to bring yourself up.

Third, treasure the woman and children.


As you can see from this, the God of sorcery gives extra protection for children and women.

Thus the woman that followed the teaching got abundant breasts, and the children were filled with curiosity. (TL: abundant breast lol…)

From these things alone, the proportion of women following the God of sorcery is overwhelmingly large, and their children would also be believers.




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