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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 91: Interlude


To understand what’s actually happening, we need to return to several hours before the battle Claude had with Furk.

While he was fighting with his life, unknowingly, there were two people hidden within his mind. They converse with each other as if they’re seeing a movie in Claude’s head.

“Old sword, isn’t he forgetting plenty of things he learnt from you?”

“Damn this kid, once he learned something like Aura, he suddenly stopped developing new techniques and just relied on his battle sense and magic; this is your bad habit, you old staff, sticking to him.”

They complained because they saw Claude only using his ability in a way that was too roundabout and taxing on the body, referring to each other with the insulting ‘old stick’ according to their mastery.

When they see how Claude tricks Furk and gets him to send his exploding knife to his subordinate, they all clap their hands amusingly.

“See, this kind of deviousness definitely comes from your teaching, Old Sword!”

“how could you blame me when you’re the one making him delve into that deviousness? I’m not the one teaching him enchantment! ”

“Who do you want to fool? Each and every part of your memory always tells him to scam others to win a battle “in a smart way”! I never once had that kind of thought. ”

“Ha! You scientists are always trying to be saints, blaming this old soldier for your true nature. Just shut up and watch… ”

Time after time, Claude was cornered by Furk. There were several times when the two of them complained about how stupid Claude was. He chose not to use several skills that could definitely help him deal with Furk better.

At the end of the battle, when Claude’s forehead was almost cleaved

“Old staff! Use the barrier to protect his brain! We’ll both die if he dies! ”

“On it”

Then, a thin barrier of fire erected above his skull. The fire wasn’t harming Claude at all; he didn’t even feel the barrier erected so suddenly to stop him from being killed.

Even so, the shock Claude received stopped his body from working the way he wanted it to.

“So stupid, he used too much forced regeneration that his body was unable to keep up with it. He should stop training his body like he can heal it all at once. ”

“What kind of stupid gibberish are you saying, Old Staff? What makes him like that isn’t because of injuries. It’s because of his fatigue! How could he force his brain to work on both enchantment and sword training like it was nothing? Even if he can heal his injury from training, he can’t heal fatigue without good rest. ”

Claude is always forcing himself to do all the things he can do at once, making his body fatigued from all kinds of exercises.

Not only did he start experimenting on Enchantment on his days off, but even his daily exercises and teaching his subordinates never stopped, not even a day after he arrived in Arbalest.

The only time he rested well was when he was trapped in the dungeon. Even then, it’s not proper rest at all.

Since 5 years old, he never once stopped thinking about the best way to train his body since he was 5 years old, and always studied the memory of his 1st and 2nd incarnations, while occasionally stressed by the experience of his 3rd incarnation’s numerous ways to die.

In the end, when they see Furk’s stupidity, he actually jumps on the trapping enchantment Claude makes to bind Orsted. He showed one of his prototypes when he met with Orsted again, which he cast to safeguard his treasure, and they laughed out loud.

“Fuahahaha! How anticlimactic is this conclusion? Old Sword, this Upper Emperor’s stupidity was slightly above yours! ”

“If you want to laugh, laugh! Why would you attack me while I’m this happy seeing a comedy? ”

As they continue with their skit, a presence that is hidden within the bush alerts the old sword and he calls for Old Staff to prepare for any emergency measure.

“What is it? “Are you overreacting over nothing again?”

“Focus, this person has his eyes on the brat, and his presence was like that of those old veterans I see on the battlefield…”

“What an exaggeration…”

Then, Kalman appeared from the bush, speaking to Furk about his misdeed and using gravity to make Furk pass out.

A slash of his sword beam to kill 50 people alerted Old Sword once again, focusing all his mind on what the person was going to do.

In the end, without any sign

“Protect the heart!” “Old Sword yelled.

Startled, the old stick failed to protect Claude’s heart. allowing it to get stabbed by Kalman.

“Old stick! I’ve already told you to be alert! ”

“I can’t move that fast! The surrounding mana can’t be moved as easily as using my body! ”

“Fuck! Heal him ASAP. That man still wasn’t aware of Claude’s super regeneration. I’ll keep an eye and will take over when it’s necessary. ”

“Alright, keep an eye on the outside! I need to focus on the mana to let Claude heal faster! ”

It didn’t take that long to heal the injured heart. However, Claude’s still losing consciousness because of the accumulating fatigue.

“I’m already done, but we can’t do anything as the accumulated fatigue won’t allow us to wake him up…”

“Sigh, It’d be a backlash if we forced our way into his body… but, what can we do? ”

“Well, you’re the one who will get the backlash. I will stay and help you from the inside…”

“I mean, how could this brat be so stupid? He doesn’t study his ability but always trains himself like a stupid moron. Isn’t he aware that he can use his ability actively? Did he think that his ability was a passive skill or something? ”

“Stop grumbling! The subordinates were all taken care of. You need to act fast! ”

“Protect me, I’ll takeover.”

“Just go.”

And, that’s how… Alexander Cromwell takes his part and deals with the North God, Kalman 3…



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