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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 93: Tutoring 101

Chapter 93: Tutoring 101


[Claude POV]


Within the darkness, I can hear sounds. I don’t know where these sounds came from, but I remembered whose voices were these.

“Oh, he’s linked to us now…” said a gruff voice, with a tint of manliness and satisfaction.

“It’s just as we expected. He’s currently in a deep sleep. It’s normal for him to extend his mind deeper while in this state” said a gentle voice, with intellect trying to reason my existence.

“But why’d he goes mute? Did you forget to turned the volume up, old staff?”

“Nope, what kind of joke are you trying to utter… it’s not funny, Old Sword” the other person retorted, then he instructed me, “Just try to think of anything. You can also have a conversation with us, Claude.”

I try to say something as I hear the voice.

“Uhm, testing, testing, Claude the handsome here. Can anyone hear me? ”

“Ugh, how’d his personality get closer to Kuro rather than the two of us?” The Old Sword grumbled, which means they can hear me.

“Kuro had more share out of the 4 of us in his memory lane, heck, can you believe that 345 deaths of his creating 345 personas in itself? If they’re not currently fighting each other in the deeper mind, we’d be killed by their hullabaloo already…” The old staff complained.

Wait a second…

“Just how many people live inside of me?” I retorted, asking both of them about my mental condition.

“Oh, you wanted to know that now?” Old Sword, Alexander Cromwell asked him back.

“Of course, I wanted to know about my brain’s wellbeing. Is there something weird about it?”

“It’s not about the brain; what we reside in is in your soul. Or your power by itself. ” Old staff, Fred Alphonse said.

“Soul? I thought you don’t believe in something fictional like the soul…”

“Hah! He got you on that one. Who’d have thought the old staff would have started to believe in fiction? ”

“What can I do? It’s being there in front of my face. It’s not like I can explain anything about reincarnation if I don’t believe in souls in the first place! ” Then, Fred adds, “Anyway! It’s not about what I believe and what I don’t. Right now, your soul harmony has been disrupted. ”

“I don’t understand. Can you explain more about this?” I don’t know what soul harmony and disruption are…

What the hell is happening? Wasn’t I dead?

“No, Claude. You’re not dead. That Old Sword took over your body when you shut everything down… as a result of it. Your soul and body were in disharmony, which means your soul and old sword’s soul were tugging on each other to get into your body. ”

“Why don’t you just enter it then? I’m tired already.” I want to have some rest. ”

“Hell no! I don’t want to get troubled by some shit you crack! ” The old sword suddenly yelled in fury.

I am quite surprised by this. I thought everyone wanted to have a second chance in life.

“What’s that look? I’m already satisfied with your work on saving the children, but I’m disappointed in your way of handling things outside. ”

“What’s wrong with my way? Every part is necessary! I’ve planned it all perfectly! ” I am offended by what he said. I’ve built Arbalest from scratch, creating more opportunity and almost succeeding in taking over a continent’s economy from scratch.

If only there was no Furk and that Kalman III, I’d definitely succeed in this mission.

“Perfectly my ass! Do you think you’re the main character in some misunderstanding or narcissistic novel? I’ve already taught you to live your life incognito, but you just want to develop Arbalest above ground! Don’t you know that fame brings nothing but trouble? ”

“But you were famous in your previous life!”

“Mine don’t have Gods and Dragons loitering around the ground and sky! Not to mention I had the capability to develop myself! Look at you, at 5 you try to act like a boss, and at 6 you want to learn enchantment and magic! At 9, you’re in a hurry to overcome the bottleneck you never had, and waste a mana burst just to unlock your capacity to achieve Advanced grade… Fuck, so dumb!”


Wait, I don’t have a bottleneck?

“What’s that fucking dumb face? You don’t have the Laplace factor, yes! But, you’re a damn Miko! You don’t rely on mana but another source of power to develop! ”

That’s my first time hearing this.

“it’s because you’re in too much of a hurry… Kuro Sadogashima’s memory is attached too deeply to you. So much you forgot about mine and Fred’s existence! ”

“There’s no way I can remember you guys when all his deaths always haunted me at night!”

“Argh! That’s true, but… sigh… Old Stick, switch” Alex takes a step back and lets Fred do the talking. I don’t understand what he meant by this. I know I’m at fault, but is it really all my fault? I’m just trying my best to fulfill the request you made to me…

“First, let’s take a step back and understand what is currently happening.” Fred said, while opening his palm.

From there, fire danced in the surroundings of his palm.

“Mine and Alex’s existence here, in the depth of your soul, was created from the Miko ability you had. That’s a fact, and you need to know about this. ”

I nodded, as I understood this explanation.

“Then, the question will be, where did this power come from? What kind of ability is this? ”

Huh, now that you mention it…

“Exactly… We never know where this power comes from. And based on the information you received, Zanoba of Shirone and Miko of Milshion have power different from yours, mine, and Kuro’s. The people in this place don’t have Miko powers. Alex and your 4th incarnation…” Fred stopped, and looked at me in the eyes.

“Before, you only think that the memories are what your powers are all about. Which stopped you from thinking further about the main point…”

“Which is?”

“If I had the power to control Fire, and Kuro had the power to revert time unlimitedly… how can you just have the power to only receive the memory? Isn’t that weird?”

Now that you mentioned it…

“Exactly! Alex and I have 2 years more in teaching you from the memories we sent you, at that time we’ve yet to materialized on your body. But, we’ve already made sure to deeply etch rational thinking and modern knowledge into your brain. That is one point to help you overcome the difficulty…”

Fred always takes time to stop his explanation and make sure I understand what he meant, so I already understand where the problem lies.

“Rapidly growing in strength and developing wariness towards the villagers isn’t the answer… Running away from the inflicted tragedy should be what I should do…”

I mumbled and received the answer to what I should do.

My way of empowering the villagers was wrong.

When I am already aware that the tragedy will surely happen, and there’s no way I can overturn the situation. What I should do is simpler than what I’ve done.

It’s to either run away alone, create a disturbance big enough to make the village run away from the Fittoa region, or seek a way to find Perugius to ask him for help…

“You’ve already found the answer, right?” Fred suddenly asked me

I can’t help but nod in embarrassment.

“Then, we will head to another problem…” The flame in Fred’s palm danced again. Now it shows me how Mike and Arbalest developed. Like a flame puppet, dancing in a theater.

“Arbalest should never have entered the fray in the first place. Even so, it’s entered the fray and is trying to take control and monopolize a continent that you have yet to fully grasp. Do you think the people in this world are dumb? ”

The puppet holding the flag of Arbalest was surrounded by people wearing crowns.

“The merchants and the people may find the space inventory enticing. But, do you think you can fool the regent and the old folks who have lived for more than a century? ”

I see, so the ruler of each kingdom and the old monster actually tried to sabotage me.

“Nope, they’re not trying to sabotage you. But, they wanted to make you their slave… The one saving you on this front is actually Hitogami. ”


Wait, what?




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