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Only Me – Chapter 7

Chapter 7: The transmigrated 20 years [2]


“Fuck it! Grim! Faster! We’re gunna be dead when they catch us!”

“I know! I’ve already run as fast as I could Fred!”

“Noy fast enough! Faster!”

The man which running in front of me is Fred Alnoya, he is my partner in this god forsaken place for more than 2 years. He might be a little bad in his words, as he is a person which stutters when he’s in a hurry. Well, after a while I could almost guess what he says even when he did stutter~

Anyway, that’s not the problem we had now. As we are now, running for our lives…

If you’re asking me about why am I running away, and from what, then the answer is from other transmigrate. Why?

You see, after 1 year of transmigrated into this god forsaken world, many build their own community. Not long after, the size increased not only by community, village, and town until a nation by itself…

I know it sounds strange; after all, we just need to wait for 5 years until we’ve come back, however, those 5 years is a hell by itself…

Have you ever imagine, that every minute, seconds, and even millisecond of your life being hunted? Once we dropped here, not only there is no human in here, we even get ourselves haunted by a goblin like things or even more frightening the zombies…

Wait, it’s not slow zombies, it’s the fast one. They could even make Us*in bolt being in shame because he left in the dust by that zombies… oh, wait… Us*in bolt did cry when he defeated by the zombies in the run, eh? Why did I know? He was beside me when he’s being chomped by the zombies!

We were immortal, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t feel pain, as in fact, this immortality of ours could be said as a curse by itself. As the reason why is because we were treated as a livestock. just think about it, a meat that will regrow as soon as the meat’s holders’ die? even the most idiotic monster will kill us in order to gain the never-ending resource… I mean, food…

Being kept to be eaten once we captured, many have a mental break down, but that… by all means not saving them… it’s just all become an amusement for those monsters…

As we are on a running day after day, the day we killed a monster here we received a level up sign…

[Congratulations you’ve level up] and then the status became…


[Grim Sherlock] [LV-4]

[Ki] 60/100[Mana] 100/130[Chakra] 200/200[Karma] ?/?

Atk: 100  Acc: 95
Agi: 90Def: 140
Int: 50Res: 60

Unused point: 30

Exp: 0 / 40000 until the next level up




I mean seriously, only by killing a mosquito I get a level up, just how weak am I. Still, the XP that needed for another level up became scary… it’s suddenly multiplied by 10! The scarier thing that is, the unused points that should be able to use for increasing the stats is unusable! Just how crappy this thing is?!

Then again, many seeking for a safe place, and those people at the military are able to give them a safe space, those who are nice give them a place to feel peace, but they soon be incapable of doing that cause the people increased more and more that left them too busy to even defend others, that they aren’t even able to defend their selves, furthermore the monsters became more and more vicious as they see the community as a livestock ground.

Then, the community seeking another shelter to defend against the horde of beast/monsters that always pillaging them… seeing every one of each person became a livestock that treated even worse than a cow in a barn, they all felt hurt…

Moreover, their powerlessness made them feel fear, fear that the next one will be their turns…

Thus, the community starts to build a village, the village soon crumbles and creates a town, until the town that successfully able to defend against those hordes of monsters start to have a rescue mission to save the others human that treated as a livestock in the monster dens…

The rescue mission differs that normally success then fails thus make them suffer more casualties, however, soon the humanity learn about another thing that named as ‘Skill’.

[Grim Sherlock] [LV-20]

[Ki] 460/1000[Mana] 1200/1300[Chakra] 2000/2000[Karma] ?/?

Atk: 300  Acc: 235
Agi: 400Def: 440
Int: 250Res: 360



Sword art            LV 11 [45/6000]

Run                        LV 14[10/12000]

Unused point: 190

Exp: 0 / 40000 until the next level up






Until the time when we were all upgraded to the 2nd order, that is 2 years after our transmigration here, we’re all being only a livestock…

However, that’s also was the start for our skirmishes, it is also the reason of war between humanity… It’s laughable when you think about it… I mean, it’s only sometimes after our freedom, our bond as one as humanity regained… only to make war between another again…

The start of the conflict is that the difference between the leaders of each country, or could I say race, that have their difference in a resource.

Thus our war advanced, not only the monsters, we even had to battle against each other… there are of course those who seek for equality and those who can live with each other, and have a harmony… sadly, they’re just the fraction of humanity.Furthermore, each day, they’re hunted and become slaves or even a bait to attract the mindless monsters.

Furthermore, each day, they’re hunted and become slaves or even a bait to attract the mindless monsters.

Hell, their immortality was the only reason why many keep sane, and not feeling sad as their loved ones still alive… however, their sanity can’t keep intact, more start to regress into a child’s mentality, more fall to being a meat toilet, or even more sad is the fact that many choose to battle against the one who makes them feel anger the war increased more and more.

Even mine and Fred life in the run were all became tiring… the group lessened, at first we have 1000 by each month it’s lessening until now, there’s only me and Fred alone…

“Hey, Grim… is wrong… were our choice is wrong?”

Fred says to me, with a tired voice…

“No… it’s just that, the person we choose is not right…”

“They’re all the same as us, brought to the incomparably disgusting place like this, survive for 18 years without much more help, and tired… from the constant roller coaster ride, they felt… I mean, only 18 years ago… they’re all just a normal civilian…”

Thus, Fred left me, and gone to the country which his countrymen reside in, and be a person who disgusts other in facade even though all he wanted to do is live a peaceful life…

Thus, my life is without any contact with people… day by day, my only job is killing the monster and saving other humans that captured, only to be hunted by another human… the cycle repeated, until the day I could feel… the 4th external energy… Karma…


“What’s the progress?”

[It’s still the same father…]

“What’s the same?”

[Well, the gund*m size were too big that it can’t enter our base…]

“Damn… Right! make them like the Me##zords! pieces them apart when entering the base, and make them combine when they’ll start to battle!”

[Ugh… well, I don’t see the possibility of battle in this world though…]

“Shut it daughter! look your siblings over there, they work in silence! now, go and work! I’ll continue playing the VRMMO-full dive system over there!”

[Eeeh… you’re cheating… I want to play too!]

The man which receive the angry glare from the machine only wave his hands and go to the full-dive capsule VRRMO game, which he himself created in his boredom.

[Grr! damn you Freedom! why can’t you get smaller! I really will torn your damn big asses apart, G*dam Freedom!]

utter the machine to the big machine that could only see its creator’s daughter? being angry at him…