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Only Me – Prologue


“We can’t last longer than this! if we aren’t involving the other races and those in the lower stratum, we’d be enslaved!”

“I know! but if we do that, there’ll be an enormous consumption just to make those newbies to become warriors!”

“Still! it’ll be better than being pushed back like this!”

“Don’t you see that in the case of the thing we do are being leaked, then… then…”

“the enemy might use that and create their own army to battle against us?”


“Even so! If we don’t use them, we’ll the loser! At most, the enemies will be a little larger if they do so, but for us, that doesn’t have much importance! Since we’re on the losing end here”

“Yes, and that too will make them wasting their time, and possibly lessen their siege for us…”

“That means?”

“the proposition accepted!”

“We’ll start from earth… that place has the highest potential and there, the people who could use the power of external energies were too low… we can say they are the weakest of all and easier to be used…”

That statement astonish the people at the conference and left many of them had their enlightened expression.

“but… that means… “

“Even so, they have the greatest potential of them all… after all, THAT person comes from that place…”

“You mean THAT? Person”

“Yes… That person…”

“Since that’s the case, then please give the people a connection with the Akashic records and link the planet with the Grimoire…”


“no! all of them, all of the entity that had yet to get connected with the Akashic record and linked with the Grimoire…”

“Understood! When?”

“As soon as possible, and transmigrate the earthling to the other worlds for them to learn about the external energy there for 10… no, 20 years! And don’t forget, in that time, let the world stop their growth, as that time will be used for them to train…”

“But.. but sir… that will…”

“I know! But if we don’t do that, then by the time the Earthlings come back, the world will be in a much disaster, that’s why use a mana of time space attributes for that!”

“ Ye… yes, sir!”

With that, the fate of the earthlings have stamped, and their participation in the battle against the invader from the Void will soon open the curtain of the story… which would bring glory and shame for the peoples in the world…


Meanwhile, at a certain time on earth…

“Guys… hey, guys… father! Mother! Teachers! Please come back! I’m alone here for a damn 20 years already… I miss you guys, I won’t hate you guys again just because you forgot about me, so, please… come back…”


A middle-aged man cries, sobbing, and full of snot in the middle of the town, which has no sign of life in there…